Chapter 5: Sandwiched



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Chapter 5: Sandwiched.


teen·ag·er (tēn'ā'jər) Pronunciation Key n. A person between the ages of 13 and 19; an adolescent.

"Miss" a familiar voice called to her while she was putting a book 'on hold' away. Turning around she stopped for a second as golden eyes pierced through her sights. Pulling herself together Kagome smiled, sliding the book against the back of the shelf. She rose to greet the Dai.

"Yes. Can I help you?" She offered with her usual customer service tone.

"These will do. And they are gifts, so would you mind properly securing them as such?" Sesshomaru asked, holding some books in his hands.

"No, not at all sir." With a smile she took the books from him. She was looking down at the book and noticed they were all Hisashi Isao's Karma Sutra series.

Sesshomaru watched as the Miko's blood flooded, her cheeks began to glow a rosy pink. Dressed in a frumpy pair of slacks and loose blouse, her hair was tied in a ponytail with a few strands falling across her face. She also had on a pair of 'librarian' glasses, making her look far more different than any of the other images she had morphed into.

Feeling his eyes on her, Kagome kept to herself chanting 'he doesn't know' over and over in her mind as she continued to scan the books. "Will that be all?" Kagome asked, lifting her eyelids to catch the DaiYokai staring intently at her – just as he had that day in his kitchen.

"No, there are these items to go along with the books. I'm afraid it would have to be a bit of trouble for you since they are three separate gifts" Sesshomaru announced, as she looked at him with curious eyes.

Setting the items on the counter, his fingers carefully picked each of the trinkets and set them on top of each of the books. The first book he laid a novelty navel ring. The second, he laid a small replica of an antique hand mirror. On the third book, a pair of silver hoop earrings - he remembered she'd worn one that day at the restaurant. Lastly, he set a Chanel lipstick in Rouge Hydrabase creme lipstick - the exact one she wore that night in the hotel.

"It's no trouble" she smiled. "If you don't mind waiting, it's going to take about 15 minutes while I get them wrapped."

"Very well" Flicking his wrist over, Sesshomaru glanced at his watch.

He stood surveying the little book store with its amenities. Over in one corner was a small coffee counter with another sales girl taking orders from various customers. On the other side, there were small tables and chairs for customers to sit and read if they needed to. It reminded him very much of a 'Borders' store he'd visited in the States. Of course, the place was much smaller, more hometown friendly and not as loud. It was a nice little niche store, and different, but it seemed to work.

"Would you like some cards to go with your gifts sir?" Kagome asked offering a tray of tiny 'to and from' labels.


"Which ones?" She pushed the tray a little further out toward him.

"You do the honor of choosing them for me, as this Sesshomaru knows nothing of the ladies' tastes."

Giving him an odd look, Kagome grabbed the three nearest cards out and set them on the table. Putting the tray back in its place, she picked up the pen and joked. "You don't want me to have to write your note for you too, do you?"

"You've read my mind," pausing, he looked at her name tag "Ka…go…me." Each syllable was pronounced slowly purposely, making her feel the heat of his breath moved across her skin. She swallowed hard.

"Okay then, who should I have it made out to sir?"

"Sesshomaru will do." He grabbed her hand before the pen could touch the card. Startled she looked at him. "I meant, that would be for the 'from' line - not 'to'" he corrected.

Even though she knew that, Kagome nodded and began to write his name in the 'from' line. She looked up at him when she was done writing his names on the tag; he then proceeded with the rest of the names for his cards.

"Monique" he said, pushing the first package over. "Tara New" the second package followed. "Lindsey," he pushed the third package over. "And…if I remembered correctly, Cheryl."

By now, the pen in her hand shook violently as she stared at him. Dropping it on the counter, she looked over to see her assistant returning from lunch.

"Excuse me," Kagome muttered and left. Sesshomaru stood with a victorious smirk on his face.

Entering her office, Kagome sucked in a long breath of air. She needed time to gather her thoughts together, hiding in her office until she was certain that Sesshomaru had left. She was still debating whether or not he really knew who she was or was he testing her? Of course she knew that he knew she was a priestess, but had he always known all those times that they'd fucked?

Burying her face in her palms, she growled angrily. "Great, he probably thinks I'm some kind of slut…" well, you're sort of ….her conscience argued. "Arrrggg…" she groaned. "Okay, pull yourself together. So what? It was just…." Nothing, she said in her mind as she stood up to resume her work.

Coming out toward the cashier's counter she noticed that he was gone, and that the three gifts were still there.

"The gentleman said that you knew the customers and would deliver the gifts to them" the other sales girl informed her.

Looking at each of the gifts, she noticed that he'd added his own business card to every package. Taking one of them out of the cellophane papers, she felt moisture in the back. Turning the card around, she saw that he'd written his personal number on it as well.

"Read me…" he wrote in ancient Miko training language. A smile spread across her face as she tucked the card back in its place and carried the gifts to her office. It would be the last time she would manage the store.




The first time Kagome called him she was so nervous, she swore that he could hear the thumping of her heart through the phone lines. Luckily, he was quite casual about it and calmed her nerves over the fact of being embarrassed. She invited him over for dinner that weekend and they both agreed that what they were getting into was a no commitment relationship.

It would be a no strings attached relationship, and it was exactly what she wanted.

Originally he had wanted to tie her down and torture her - for having invited other players into his game. His intricate plan on sedating her then handcuffing her to her own bed - spread eagle - flew out the door as soon as he stepped into her house. She didn't wait for them to have dinner, she wanted him. She wanted his cock and she got just that. As soon as the front door closed, she dropped to her knees and took his cock into her warm cavern.

Like a puppet on strings, his cock jumped up and swelled in her mouth. She directed his cock however she wanted to her satisfaction, and he made no attempt to stop her. Especially when he looked through her wide open window, and saw the neighboring man staring at him with obvious envy. Heightening his arousal in her mouth.

For the few times that he'd fucked her, Kagome had known him like she knew the back of her hand. Swirling her tongue on his cock, she forced a reserved moan from his lips. Flitting her tongue between the slit of his head, he inhaled deeply from the pleasure she was inflicting on him. He growled baring his fangs down onto his bottom lip to postpone his much eager orgasm, while her hand expertly rolled his balls in her palm.

'By the Kami,' he thought to combust right then and there.

Sesshomaru had summoned up whatever will power that was left in him, and fisted a handful of her locks and literally dragged her, like a caveman - by the hair - into the bedroom. Where he fucked her like there was no tomorrow. She liked it rough and he made sure she got plenty of it. Sesshomaru was sure that her screams of pain and pleasure was heard blocks away if not miles.

Over the months her sexual appetite was as if she had the libido of a teenage boy. She would rather fuck all day, rather than leave the house to go anywhere or do anything. On more than one occasion, the DaiYokai fulfilled her of that. He'd fuck her sideways, from behind, and any other position that he could take her in. He'd fuck her while she was in the shower, he even fucked her while she was on the phone with her mother.

It was so dirty. It was so thrilling - the fact that she had to hold back her moans and screams as he drilled his massive man meant into her tight cunt.

Together they read the Karma Sutra and tried every single position in the books, and then they even added some of their own. She loved to stare at his naked body when he walked with confidence around her house, or the hotel they were fucking in, even his master bedroom, anywhere! Most of all, she loved to worship every single inch of his that naked body, and would willingly serve his cock until he was sated and panting.

Sesshomaru had completed his task of fulfilling his Miko thoroughly. He loved the fact that each time he saw her she smelled of him. So much of his semen swimming inside of her that it would take a decade for his scent to fade. But from the way things were going, Sesshomaru smirked at the fact that it was going to take much longer than that.

Much much longer.




And then one day it happened.

Kagome's insatiable appetite shifted.

She started to get wet and horny when she saw pictures of lewd women, sexy women, or any woman with a beautiful set of tits and round ass. Her last year of college, Kagome continued with her studies and part of her requirement to getting her own teacher's degree was to be a TA for her professors.

She became one and TA'd for her former physics class at her college. There were quite a few pretty young girls in the class, but Kagome kept to herself. She didn't want to get mixed in or involve with anyone from school – especially with her career path.

A 19 year old student by the name of Rin stood out the most for her. She was top of the class, understood everything, and aced every test. When Rin's work began to slip up was Kagome got really concerned; not wanting such talents to go to waste she took it upon herself to confront the young girl.

Rin had explained that she had been severely ill, and wasn't able to concentrate in class because she was always light headed and dizzy. The days that she had missed being sick didn't help her school work either. Reaching out, Kagome gave Rin some of the notes that the professor had given her to TA.

From that point on Rin considered Kagome her life savior, and a good friend. She always stayed close to Kagome, never forgetting Kagome's generosity. She'd told the young girl many times that it wasn't anything important, but Rin kept insisting. Rin bought her coffee, little pastries, and sometime lunch, on a regular basis. Making it an incredibly frustrating experience for Kagome, who didn't want to get involved with anyone from her school.

Persistence prevailed because Kagome surrendered, and became friends with Rin. A friendship that had now lasted past the summer break, and was now into the next semester of school.

These days, Kagome wasn't sure if it was her imagination playing tricks on her, but it seemed as if Rin was actually 'flirting' with her. As the days went by she felt she was becoming so horny for Rin that she was becoming delirious. The more she brushed the teenager off, the more determined Rin seemed to come after her.

Once in a while, Kagome would meet her at a bar near campus, just to have a few drinks and chit-chat. The boys and men were always ogling them, and Kagome completely ignored them. She hadn't wanted to bother with humans due to her new found prejudice against their penis size. Kagome always wanted to be filled fully in the bedroom and she was skeptical that there was anyone that could even come close to Sesshomaru. Tonight as Rin's hands continued to run up and down Kagome's thighs every so often, she decided that she was going to test her theory.

She drove Rin home after a few drinks and before leaving, she gave the girl a good-night kiss with lots of tongue. Then quickly drove off, leaving the girl standing at her front door gawking. Rin masturbated that night, because she was so hot and horny for Kagome.

The madness continued for Rin as Kagome began to dress a little more scantily around her. She also began returning the little flirtatious remarks back at Rin, but she never let it go too far. Kagome had already planned something devious in the back of her mind, and she wanted Rin to be ready when the time came.

The cycle of torture went on for a couple of months, until one night she invited Rin over for dinner. The young girl was more than excited. Her heart was pounding so hard when she entered Kagome's house, she thought it was going to burst.

They ate and drank, Kagome talked mostly about work and school, making Rin even more frustrated. Rin had hoped that being invited over to dinner that Kagome had something else in mind. Yet hours had gone by, and Kagome had yet to make a move on her. Rin wasn't sure if she had too much to drink but soon she found herself being sleepy. She concluded that it was probably the combination and mixture of the alcohol. Seeing that Rin was in no condition to drive home, Kagome offered Rin the master bedroom to rest for awhile and she took it gladly.




Rin woke up to the sounds of moans – what seemed like there were more than one voices. What the hell is going on? Rin questioned herself. She raised her eyelids slightly, scanning the room. When she realized that the sound was coming from another room, she opened her eyes staring at the ceiling. She could recognize that voice anywhere and the moaning was clearly coming from Kagome.

"Yesssss, right there…." Rin heard through the wall.

Not being able to resist, she crawled out of bed and quietly made her way toward the slightly opened door. The living room came right into view through the short hallway. Leaning against the door, Rin watched as Kagome was arching her back writhing, while the head of a Yokai dressed with luscious silver hair was buried between her legs. He was topless, and his biceps flexed each time he moved and she could only imagine what his tongue was doing to Kagome's pussy to make her feel so good.

Rin turned her head away for a brief moment, her face burning as she felt the blood rushing to her cheeks from her embarrassment. She wasn't a voyeur, at least she never thought of herself that way. And though she'd explored her own body in private she'd never really had anyone's touch to bring her to her peak. The sound from the living room was burning through her skin, hitting straight to her core. A familiar warm wetness oozed from her center, making her pant. Not being able contain her curiosity, Rin turned her head and peered out the slightly opened door. Kagome's hand dug into the Yokai's head, pulling him closer in between her thighs.

"Ooohhhh….yesss….more Sesshomaru…." Kagome pleaded.

Sesshomaru shifted his hand and his muscle flexed making Rin's pussy twitch. She watched as his finger pumped into Kagome, back and forth while his head never left her center. It wasn't long before she heard Kagome screaming as her orgasm wretched through her form. Like watching a train wreck in slow motion, she couldn't take her eyes off Kagome who was thrusting her body, like a fish flopping around after it had been thrown out of the water. Kagome's mouth opened and closed, gasping for air, while both her hands were burying Sesshomaru's head into her pussy. Just as she was coming off her high, Rin watched as the Yokai rose on his feet and with lightning speed he pulled off his trouser revealing a monster of a cock. Rin's eyes couldn't help but widen, almost popping out of her socket.

Once again, she swallowed the large puddle of drool inside her mouth. Her eyes feasted on Sesshomaru's large dick while he stroked it back and forth fluidly. Kagome raised herself on her elbow, licking her lips at the sight of his cock.

"Mmmm…" Kagome moaned. Sesshomaru was still stroking his cock, choking it to hold back the sensation..."Do you want me to suck your cock?" Kagome asked leaning back while she rubbed her own pussy.


"Yes what?"

"Yes, Priestess" Sesshomaru answered.

"Better. Now, bring that big cock here." She ordered and he obeyed, bringing his cock near her mouth. "And, you're not allowed to cum until I say you can."

"Yes, Priestess," the DaiYokai answered. Rin could see his breath hitch from where she stood when Kagome's tongue touched just the tip of his cock. It bounced in her face. Wrapping both her hands around his cock, Kagome began to suck in his head, taking it in between sucks and licked the tip of his head.

"You're salty, slave. You're not allowed to cum yet!" Kagome directed. A loud growl of dissatisfaction rumbled from the DaiYokai's chest. His hands clenched into fists, piercing the insides with his claws to distract him from erupting. "Very good" Kagome approved taking more of him in. She took about a third of his cock into her mouth, gagging as she tried to take more and more of him in. Her left hand began to play with his sac while her right hand was jacking him with a hard grip.

"RrrrRrrrRrrrr..." rolled from Sesshomaru's lips.

Pulling his cock out of her mouth, Kagome licked the slit of his dick then sucked the head in with earnest. She relaxed her jaw, using her right hand she inched him slowly into her mouth, arching her neck a little bit so that his cock would dip and wiggle its way down her throat. She really wanted to take him all the way to the balls but that could never be. The man was hung like a horse. A giant's horse! Kagome rocked her head slightly back and forth, making the tip of his cock thrash against her throat. She felt his dick pulsating. Not wanting him to release just yet she pinched his nuts lightly, directing his attention elsewhere.

"FUCK!" he cried out in pleasurable torture.

Kagome moans were muffled by Sesshomaru's large cock, her hand continuously stroked his large girth, while her other hand toyed, and caressed his balls. Scraping her nails along the round sac, he threw his head back and growled. Rin jumped back when Sesshomaru's eyes flashed a crimson red, his fangs protruding piercing into his lower lips.

Kagome let his cock popped free with a loud pop. She leaned back into the couch, turning her body over, arching her ass up in the air. "Fuck me, hard. Fuck me go…" before she could even finish her sentence, "Unnnnhhhhh," roared from her lips when he plunged his cock deep into her. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" She cried over and over with his cock drilling into her cunt.

"So tight. So good." Sesshomaru hissed. Grasping his hands around her waist, he pulled her back onto his cock while his hip thrust his large prick forward. The meeting of each thrust, created such a loud slapping sound, Rin couldn't help but want to combust from the scene. Slipping her hand under her clothes she began to massage her dripping wet sex. It was as if she was watching live porn while masturbating. It was thrilling, erotic and so exhilarating. Biting down on her lip to keep herself from moaning at the feeling she was giving herself.

"God, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" Kagome screamed, as her hips bucked against his.

Sesshomaru pulled her waist back, burying his cock into her sheath while she bucked and moaned. Her slick pussy was now dripping with her own cum. Sesshomaru's grunted, his claws pressing into her skin, almost breaking through. He slowed his pace, dragging in and out slowly, delaying his ache to release.

"Cum in my pussy, I want you to cum in my pussy right now!" Kagome hollered, as he continued drilling into her walls. Not needing to wait any longer, Sesshomaru buried himself to the hilt of the tunnel, and then exploded. Rapidly clenching and releasing while his hot lava swarmed her insides, like a flooded river.

Shaking from the intensity of his orgasm Sesshomaru's knees quaked, collapsing with the weight of his body and he fell forward. His hands gripped the back of the couch to support himself, so that he would not crush Kagome.

At the same time Rin inside reached her peak and exploded, wetness dripping, soaking her little fingers. Still panting, she didn't hear Kagome's footsteps approaching the bedroom. Her realization came too late when Kagome was almost at her door. Scurrying, she gathered herself to move toward the bed. Before she could climb in to pretend she was still asleep, Kagome had opened the door and was standing with a smile on her face.

If she was at all embarrassed by her nakedness, Kagome showed no signs of it, she boldly walked toward Rin. Though she was backing herself toward the bed, Rin couldn't help but was drawn by the lust in Kagome's eyes.

The passion.

The intensity.

She felt herself swallowing hard, and wishing somehow she had the courage to walk with such erotic confidence like Kagome.

"Did you enjoy the show?" Kagome asked Rin with a smile of mirth.

"I…I…er…" Rin stuttered while the blood began to race its way toward her cheeks.


Absolutely, she was more than just embarrassed. But at the same time, Rin had a feeling that Kagome had wanted her to see the scene. She had wanted her to witness the whole act, and for that she was glad. She continued backing away and when her leg met the edge of the bed, and Rin halted her steps. Grrreeeaaattt! Rin thought. She was horny as hell, still a little buzzed and a gorgeous naked woman was approaching her. Not to mention the man outside with a dick like a house frame!

She'd often thought about sex and had even fantasized about it over and over again. But this was like a dream come true. Rin's heartbeat sped up heightened by her arousal; hoping somehow she was right. That what Kagome had in mind was what she wanted.

Rin swallowed yet again, but this time though she did have the courage to look at Kagome in the eyes. Then not being able to contain herself, her eyes roamed Kagome's body. Her eyes trailed first from her eyes, down her face, past her neck, and settling on her perky voluptuous tits. A smirk curved Kagome's face; she was now but a foot away from Rin. Taking the girl's hand, she placed it right on her tit. Like a natural reaction, Rin's hand acted on its own and began to knead the round flesh. Kagome's soft moans encouraged her, giving Rin the courage to keep going.

When Kagome leaned into kiss her, she opened her lips willingly, receiving Kagome's tongue in earnest. They began to fondle and kiss each other. Whatever remnants of alcohol was left in her system, was now rushing through her heated blood stream heightening their little touches and caresses. Kagome began to undress Rin, while her tongue danced and licked all over Rin's mouth.

With Rin's top off, she unhooked the bra and lowered her lips down. Kagome massaged her breasts and began to tongue Rin's rock hard nipples. She could only moan, at the attention she was giving her. Pushing her breasts forward, shoving it deeper into Kagome's mouth.

Pretty soon she was just as naked as Kagome was. Kagome raised her head and their lips met again and danced in unison once more. While she was getting worked up over the deep kissing, Kagome stuck two fingers into Rin's wet horny snatch. The girl's tight young body writhed with pleasure as she rode Kagome's fingers. Pushing Rin onto her back on the bed, Kagome began to pump her fingers into Rin's hot pussy. Her moans got louder and louder with each jab and when Kagome pressed her lips onto Rin's erect nipples, she convulsed and her orgasm washed over Kagome's fingers. Rin's hips bucked again and again against the fingers buried in her cunt, screaming out when Kagome bit her tit lightly.

"Don't forget about me," Sesshomaru teased standing at the now opened door.

'Had he been watching the whole time?' Rin wondered as she continued to lay there panting heavily.

Kagome motioned for him to come closer, and when he did, she pushed him onto the bed taking his hard-on into her mouth. Rin knelt between his legs, pulled him toward the edge of the bed. He began to moan and Rin began to suck and fondle his balls while Kagome bobbed faster. With her ass next to him Sesshomaru spread Kagome's legs, parted her labia and began to finger her pussy. Her juices flowed from her and coated his fingers.

Rin couldn't believe what was happening, that she was actually participating in the three-some. But everyone was enjoying themselves, so she continued to go with the flow. Minutes later, Rin suckled his nuts one last time before climbing onto the bed and positioned herself behind Kagome. She had done such a good job getting her aroused, that Rin just had to return the favor and see what she was capable of.

Turning Kagome on her back, Rin parted her legs and began to lap up her juices. She was new at it – her first time eating a woman out- but within minutes of her virgin efforts; Kagome was grabbing her head and pulling her tight to her pussy. She flooded Rin's mouth with her sweet release, and Rin happily licked her up. While her ass was in the air and distracted, Sesshomaru began prodding Rin from behind with his stiffy. Rin's soft hesitant protest was muffled as Kagome continued to push her head in between her mounds.

Holding his prick in his palm, Sesshomaru rubbed himself up and down between her wet folds, pressuring her clit when he reached the spot. Rin began to moan pleasurably and Kagome slid herself under Rin so that they were now face to face. Wrapping her arms around Rin's body, Kagome began to stroke her back softly, locking their lips together; in an instant, Kagome could taste herself on Rin's sweet lips. The teenager let out a yelp when Sesshomaru's hardened tongue probed at her opening, lapping her juices and licking up and down her hole. Once she was nice and wet and slippery, Sesshomaru positioned himself behind her once more, gently pushing his head in her tight entrance.

"Just relax, it will feel good..." Kagome soothed, taking one of Rin's tit into her mouth.

Sesshomaru inched in a little more. Kagome reached down and rub against Rin's clit, making the girl loose herself and moan even louder. The DaiYokai began to ride the girl just at that point; just part of his cock wedged inside of her sheath, as he pulled in and out; teasing her.

"Please, I can't take it anymore. Just fuck me already!" Rin screamed at her torture.

Grabbing hold of her waist to steady her, Sesshomaru continued to push in and out. Slowly he pushed, preparing her young pussy for his violent invasion.

"FUCK ME!" Rin screamed. The anticipation was getting too much for her to bear any longer.

He started fucking her doggie-style, fast and hard. Kagome had moved down towards her body and positioned herself by her crotch, and was now assaulting her girl's nub. With Kagome's mouth on Rin's clit, it was hard to maintain contact because Sesshomaru was fucking her with such enthusiasm. She couldn't believe how amazing it felt to have his hard dick pounding into her, while Kagome's eager tongue played with her nub. In no time their combined efforts brought Rin to another orgasm. It was one of the most intense orgasms she'd ever had. She had barely recovered from her high when Sesshomaru released his hot load inside of her. Rin was still panting when his throbbing cock stopped and he dragged it out of her pussy. The head of his cock so hard and thick, and it rubbed against all sides of her vaginal walls.

Huffing against their wild session they laid on the bed, breathing and rubbing on each other. They decided to take a break and Sesshomaru left to the kitchen bringing back bottles of waters for the ladies. Both smiling at each other they decided water wasn't enough. Running naked out to the kitchen, the girls gathered around the small dining table in Kagome's house and munched on the leftover dinner.

Going with the spontaneous theme of the evening, the two decided they were going to see who could out drink the other; playing 'rock, paper, scissors'. Sesshomaru shook his head watching the two tiny females chug down half a bottle of rum.

"Let's dance!" Rin cried out and ran over toward Kagome's stereo and selected a song.

Sesshomaru found a front-row seat on the couch watching the two dance slowly, caressing and touching each other, occasionally lip locking as well. They liked being watched, he concluded as they glanced over at him from time to time. Tired the girls plopped on the couch along with him, sandwiching him between them. Taking turns they each gave him deep, lingering kisses then reached over his form and kissed each other.

Promising that the night was still young.

Luring his body to their will, they all rolled onto the floor. Sesshomaru was now on his back, and Kagome motioned for Rin to straddle his head and he began licking and suck her pussy. The Miko moved down and took his cock deep into her throat. By sheer force of will he held back his own orgasm, as Rin began writhing against his mouth and her sweet release flooded his tongue. Kagome then lowered herself onto his cock and began to slowly ride him. Rin had rolled off him allowing him to pull Kagome forward and suck on her big tits. Meanwhile, Rin had already moved behind Kagome and started reaming the Miko's ass with her finger. Suddenly Kagome groaned and her vaginal muscles squeezed his cock. Sesshomaru could feel his balls tighten against her body, and he knew he was going to cum any second. Grabbing onto Kagome's hips he began thrusting hard into her snatch. Several strokes later, he stayed deep inside her as he shot his load.

Watching Kagome ride Sesshomaru was like watching a live porno and it gave her such a rush of adrenaline, and it was pumping madly through her system. Taking control she pushed Kagome down after Sesshomaru had cum, and began to kiss, lick, and suck the Miko all over. Sesshomaru lay on the side lines, and stroked his cock back to harness while sucking on Kagome's tits. He enjoyed watching Rin eat the life out of Kagome's pussy.

The two women began to wrestle; one was trying to top over the other. With a hard push Kagome pinned Rin down, her elbows bent at a right angle and her hands were now on the side of her head. Smirking over her victory, Kagome leaned in and kissed her. Slowly letting her hands loose and caress the girl's body. She kissed her way down from Rin's throat, to her stomach and licked her belly button, making her way down to the young girl's head core.

Rin's eyes wide stared at the ceiling, while her blood was boiling. When Kagome found her lips around Rin's folds, she really lost her mind. Writhing and arching her back, thrusting her hip into Kagome's hot mouth, extracting as much stimulation to her body as she could.

"You taste so sweet," Kagome murmured before diving her tongue into Rin's hot core again. Kagome trailed her finger around the lips and crease of Rin's pussy while her tongue played with Rin's clit, sending the girl over the edge. Kagome continued to wield her tongue like a lethal weapon and continued to focus on Rin's clit. She had the girl coming again and again, thrashing wildly on the floor. By the time Kagome was done, Rin was breathless and panting wildly. She was soaking wet, leaking through the carpet, and down her thighs. Suddenly the feeling left her empty; she desperately needed to be filled.

Like she could read Rin's mind, Kagome crawled her way up so that she was licking and sucking on the girl's earlobe. "Do you want to have that little pussy filled, Rin?" Her mouth was gasping for air; all she could do was nod at Kagome's question.

With a large grin on her face, Kagome pulled herself up and stared down at the panting girl's pussy, drenching with her juices. Kagome walked over and sat on the couch "Come here," she beckoned Rin. Climbing onto the couch, she gathered Rin into her arms with Rin's back pressing against her chest.

"Relax. I promise it's going to feel so good," Kagome soothed, licking and sucking on Rin's neck. Using her ankles, she wrapped them under Rin's legs and spread them, flashing her young pussy wide open. While her hands began massaging and stroking on Rin's tits.

"Touch yourself" Kagome commanded. The girl nodded closing her eyes and reached down and rubbed her wanton pussy.

Rin yielded her body to Kagome's expert maneuver around her tits. Her palms spread she pressed them against Rin's tits, rubbing round circles on her now harden nippples. Running shivers of pleasure through Rin's blood. Every muscle and nerve ending in her body was taut as bowstrings and quivering, as she continued rubbing herself. She was sending her body into, a state of pure pleasure and desire.

When soft lips sealed onto hers, she shot open her eyes she was staring into set of golden. Soft lips continued leaning in closer to hers. He began brushing back and forth against hers, his tongue stroking gently requesting permission to enter her mouth. Parting her lips for him, his tongue entered and flitted across the inside of her mouth. His lips were thin and tasted different. She'd kiss a few guys before but there was something about his lips that was like soft marshmallows. His lips were sweet, soft, mushy, and all so yummy to the taste. It set off temblors of excitement, his kiss grew harder and deeper. His hand had replaced hers, and he began finger fucking her. Kagome's hands on her tits massaged them, while her mouth nuzzled her shoulders and neck. Everything felt so amazing she thought she was going to burst. Rin was becoming breathless, and she yanked her head away from Sesshomaru's lips and gasped for air.

It was then that without warning that Sesshomaru drilled his cock into her cunt, fucking her as she was sandwiched between his cock and Kagome's relentless hands. Within minutes, Rin found herself begging like a slut for him to fill her even more.

"Please, more…harder…" Rin never thought sex could be so good!

Sesshomaru didn't hesitate to fulfill her wishes. Sesshomaru rocked his hip back and forth, in and out, pumping his thick cock into her tight canal. Each time he drove into Rin, the movement of her body rubbed against Kagome's clit. Kagome's breath hitched, panting from the sensation. Rin felt a new rise of lust at the knowledge that Sesshomaru, was, in effect fucking them both at once. The Yokai's beastly, primitive, masculine grunts combined with Kagome's soft moans near her ear surrounded Rin in a cloud of sensuality. The sparks of orgasm sprinkled through their bodies.

She wailed as another intense orgasm shuddered through her, shaking her to her very core. Behind her, Kagome whined and moaned, signaling her own satisfaction. The chain reaction of the three was like a domino effect, almost too perfectly timed to believe…..

Before she had time to fully recover, she found herself on top of the Yokai's face; once more his tongue was expertly stroking her pussy. She watched as Kagome lowered herself onto his steel rod, groaning. Rin moaned in rhythm with Kagome as Sesshomaru's tongue wield itself around her folds and flesh. Once Kagome had taken the Yokai's cock into her pussy, she began to rock steadily to a gentle rhythm. Both girls placed their palms on Sesshomaru's chest and stomach, leaning into one another, and they began to make out.

Kagome was actively riding his dick while Rin rode his face. Hands seemed to be everywhere. Rin found hers groping, twisting, pinching Kagome's hard nipples as clawed hands were squeezing hers. Their hips rocked back and forth, one on his face; one on his cock, the sensation was phenomenal! Their clits pulsed and throbbed, ready to explode. Rin's cunt was filled to satisfaction with Sesshomaru's long flexible tongue. When one of his hands abruptly pinched her nipple to a painful pressure, and his claws raked down her body, Rin exploded from the unexpected jolt of pain and pleasure. Her body and spirits went soaring through space.

Tossing her head back Rin cried out in ecstasy, as she'd never known before. Her orgasmic roar echoed by Kagome's surrender on Sesshomaru's cock. His hip was jabbing upwards drilling into Kagome's hot pussy as her juices poured and she came in an everlasting feeling.

Like a director on a set, Kagome motioned for Rin to get off Sesshomaru's face. With one shove, Kagome pressed Rin's head onto Sesshomaru's cock. Rin didn't protest and she did as she was bid, sucking the soft, round head into her mouth and rolling her tongue across it. Her hand began rubbing his hard shaft in circle, stroking and gliding on his massive length. The feel of the hard yet silken cock in her hand, excited her. She tasted Kagome's sweet juices off his cock mixed with the musky taste of Sesshomaru's pre-come on her tongue. Her pussy clenched as she remembered watching Sesshomaru's cock filling Kagome, causing dampness to pool between her legs.

Meanwhile Kagome got down on her knees as well, moving behind him rubbing his balls from behind. Rin could only imagine what Kagome was doing to pleasure Sesshomaru on the other side of his body. When Sesshomaru emitted a loud gasp, Rin smirked, taking his cock as deep into her mouth as she could.

Caught between Rin sucking his cock feverishly, and Kagome rimming his anus, Sesshomaru's thrusts became shorter and more controlled. He was breathing harshly in and out. He cupped Rin's head on either side, holding her steady as he jerked into her mouth. A strangled groan came from him as Kagome continued her assault. Rin didn't know what she was doing with his asshole, but with a grunt he abruptly came. Spilling his cum into Rin's mouth, without warning and overflowed in her mouth.

Choking on the cum, she tried to swallowed as much of the hot jet of come as much as possible. Her nipples and pussy tingled in reaction to his orgasm, and cum that was now slowly dripping from her mouth to her body. Never in her life had she had such a rush of feeling. To have such a strong Yokai, so helpless beneath her hands and mouth, a slave to the sensation she and Kagome had given him. Rin felt powerful, ultimate surge of womanliness.

Wiping her mouth on the back of her hand, she exchanged a look with Kagome over the side of his hips….

Breathless and panting the three finally crawled into bed, closing their eyes to rest as the sun began to make its way up, welcoming a new dawn. Sandwiched, the DaiYokai's sated gazed glanced at each of the woman wrapped in his arms, their breathing steady and eyes closed. His cum was still trailing out of their pussy, crawling down their legs, while their breaths filled with his semen. Their juices were like a potent aphrodisiac. Sesshomaru decided it was time for a rest, he resolved that they would play again when they awoke. He now had two nimphomaniacs to toy with and he was looking forward to every second of that...


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The second is called "Pass you by". (Sesshomaru sees Kagome being hurt once again when InuYasha takes off to follow Kikyo's soul collectors. Baffled by their ridiculous tug-o-war of love, Sesshomaru approaches the miko to express his confusion. In the process, something slipped his lips that wasn't meant to be said. How will the miko respond to his 'advice'? This one-shot is much more 'happy' in tone.)


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