High School: Flock style

Okay, The world has been saved... At least as much as we can save it. The rest of it up to everyone, so we decided to go and stay with my mom for good. Jeb was there from time to time as well. But nothing really ever happened. Now we were going to start school with Ella. My mom said we had to. Fang, Iggy, and I (we're 15 now) would all be in our second year of high school and Ella would be in her first. Nudge is now 12 and will be in the 7th grade. Gazzy now age 9 will be in 4th grade, where as Angel at age 7 will be in 2nd. Over the time we had taken to adjust to 'normal life we had become more like normal kids. Nudge and Angel still LOVED shopping and I could now enjoy myself somewhat. Fang was still Fang only he talked more to people other then the flock. Gazzy and Iggy still made bombs but they also did stuff there age.

We could not totally be normal still cause of the whole wings thing but we were better. Also we were still always careful. None of us really thought that Itex and the school were really gone. Also there were still things that did not add up. But we still tried to live normal lives. We had all started to make some friends. Ella and I had some of the same friends but there were some that I just could not stand. Like Emily, she was the stereotypically cheerleader preppy, shallow, blonde, and a bitch. I don't know why Ella is friends with her but that is how she feels about Sarah and Sam (No not THAT Sam). Sarah is almost the exact opposite of Emily punk/rocker chick, badass, Black hair, and totally cool. Sam is her boyfriend. He is a lot like her but also is different enough that he can keep her in check. Sarah has the most amazing singing voice but she doesn't believe it. They all tell me the same thing but I just like to play the bass. Sam played the drums and he was really good. We all played together just for fun but we really needed a guitar player but we didn't have one. Sarah and Sam are my best friends outside of the flock and Ella.


That night when I was getting the flock to bed Fang came up behind me and whispered in my ear.

"Max can we talk for a second?" he asked and for some reason Angel was smiling.

"Sure Fang." I said as I followed him out of the room. He led me upstairs to his room. I went over to the desk and pushed myself up so I could sit on it. He was still quiet. Fang was just staring at me. I wondered what he had wanted to say.

'Max Fang doesn't want to say what me wants to cause he thinks you will run away again. Will you?' Angel's voice sounded in my head.

'Angel sweetie what does he want to say?'

'He wants to tell you that he loves you. And he wants to kiss you but he doesn't think that is a good idea.'

'Oh well I don't think I would run away. But how would the rest of the flock feel about this?'

'We all want you guys to get together already. Max do you love Fang back?'

'Yeah sweetie I think I do but I'm not ready for this. I want to get used to High school and normalness before I get together with anyone.'

"Max-" I cut Fang off.

"Fang look I'm really tired can we talk about this tomorrow? After school?" Fang nodded and I left his room.

'Angel bed.' I heard her mentally sigh but I knew she was going to bed now. I had to think and I didn't want her in my head. I love Angel to death but I don't want her to know everything I'm thinking. I headed to my room.

Fang loved me? Like really loved me? Wow that was hard to deal with. It shouldn't be 'cause of how many times we have kissed, but he kissed the-red-hair-wonder but that is way over. So is this just a passing phase. Like he loves me today but I'm just a friend tomorrow. I really didn't know. I flopped down on my bed. I needed sleep. Tomorrow we started High school. God only knew I needed sleep for that. After about an hour I fell into a deep sleep filled with dreams of the last time at real 'school.'

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