As I sat in my car, the ancient red Chevi that Jacob had brought back from the dead as a wedding present, I thought about the occurrences that had brought me to make this decision. I had thought that I would be happy, that my life could finally become peaceful. However, regretful acts were coming back to haunt me, and nothing I did seemed to stop all of the problems piling up. My future seemed to wait, shrouded, inches from me, and all I had to do was unveil it. Could I ever be strong enough?

I knew how much I had hurt the people that I loved. I had hurt them, and it was all for nothing. I didn't deserve the happy life that I imagined, the life that I had neither anticipated nor wished for it. But that was a thing of the past. I yearned for this-the life I had turned my back on, the love I had scorned. It can take the smallest things to change a heart completely. But I knew that, though it was easy to convince myself that I was doing this for others, it was an entirely selfish act. I hadn't in the slightest earned the reward that I strove for.

With a sigh, I cut the engine and left the car, walking swiftly towards the door of the house I wished to enter. I knocked quietly, but he heard me, and opened the door. I stood still, wondering what his reaction would be. I noticed his quick eyes zero in on the slight bulge beneath my stomach with distaste. I said the first thing I could think of, not sure whether it would pacify or anger him. "It's yours, Jacob."