Jacob looked… flabbergasted. Astonished. Stunned. His surprise was so immense that I ran out of synonyms for it in my head. I stepped inside, unsure if I should wait for a welcome. Dazedly, he shut the door and gestured, disorientated, to the couch. I strived to stay casual as I sank into the familiar sofa. He didn't sit. His eyes were wide as he turned to look at me, and then he looked away. "Do you want a… a drink?" he asked, almost comically deliberately turning away from me as he spoke. I shook my head, knowing that he would realize what I was doing and be forced to look at me. Reluctantly, he turned to face me. I was still moving my head left and right. I wasn't thirsty- I cringed, thinking of a different kind of thirst. A thirst that I would never have, because, for some reason, I had chosen this path. There was no turning back now, even if Jacob abandoned me. We stared at each other for a long moment.

"We have to talk about it," I said, breaking the silence. He looked a bit startled. "You go first," I said cruelly.

"Uh…" he stammered, looking from my face to my midriff. "I didn't think-"

"No," I interrupted him, "I didn't think either."

"So are you going to-"


"But it's-"

"I know."

"Your bloodsucker-"

"He understands," I lied.

"So, this means…we-"


"And you're sure-"

"One hundred percent."

"Okay, you're going to have to let me finish a sentence here, Bella!" I looked down. It felt so weird to not be wearing a ring. I hadn't heard him move, but suddenly his hand was under my chin, and he was lifting my face towards him. I looked up meekly. "Are you here to stay?" he asked huskily. Here was the point of no return. Whatever I said would determine my future. What choice should I make? I sighed before giving my answer. Once I said it, though, I had no idea why I'd ever doubted it. It seemed so simple, so easy. Just one word. I knew exactly what to say.

"Yes, Jacob."

A/N: I might write more, but it would really be easier if this was the end. I think it's a nice ending, because it's really a beginning, which provokes imagination… If you're mad at me, I'll write more. Just keep in mind how long it took to update this chapter.