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Edward's POV

I heard her stomach growling.

"Hungry, Bella?" I asked, amused.

She blushed a deep red, "I guess a little, but if you don't have anything..." she trailed off.

If we don't have anything? Silly Bella. We've got loads of human stuff just for her. I ran over to the kitchen, and before she could protest, a banana was in her hand.

"Eat." I instructed her gently.

She peeled the banana carefully, but was quickly distracted. "Alice!" she exclaimed. "What are you doing here? I thought you and Jasper were going to be gone all day."

I listened for her thoughts, but she was reciting the Greek alphabet. Something was up, and I probably wasn't going to like it. I sighed, and mentally prepared myself for the worst.

Alice glanced my way and smiled. Don't even bother trying to read my thoughts today, Edward. You won't get anything. She returned her gaze to Bella. "Oh...well, there's only so much shopping one can do." She said simply. "So, what are you up to?" she said, quickly changing the subject.

Bella looked at her skeptically, but accepted her answer. "Nothing really. Just watching TV. Emmett has us watching some horror movie."

'That's always fun. I love a good movie." Alice said, sitting down next to Bella.

This was way weird. Alice would never come home from shopping just to watch some TV. What was going on?

Then I heard it. It was Emmett's voice. Well, his thoughts anyways.

Edward, leaving Bella unsatisfied should be a crime.

I turned to Bella. She was eating her banana... in a very interesting way.

"Shut up." I hissed to Emmett, so that Bella couldn't hear.

He laughed in return. Bella's molesting a banana. Bella's molesting a banana.

"Emmett," I whispered to him. "SHUT. UP."

Lighten up, Eddy. It's not my fault that you've made her so sexually repressed that she has got to take it out on innocent bananas.

"EMMETT", I growled.

Damn, look at her go. She must be awesome in be…

"Don't you dare finish that thought." I hissed.

I bet you wish that banana was your...

I cut him off, "BELLA IS NOT MOLESTING HER BANANA AND SHE MOST DEFINETLY IS NOT SEXUALLY REPRESSED, OKAY?" I screamed at him. Uh oh. That wasn't in vampire speed.

I looked over at Bella to see her banana on the floor, and her face bright red. "Um...." she trailed off, looking at her feet.

I looked at Alice, who had her face buried in Jasper's chest, shaking with laughter.

I was going to kill her one of these days. I really was.

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