Normally, at one in the morning, Hinata would be wide awake either jotting down ideas, typing up scenes or revising the rewritten; sometimes she would work on correcting the classwork she'd avoided. Although her insomnia seemed to be getting worse with the coming of a baby, here she is under a blanket with her cheek pressed against fresh ink. Shikamaru steps from the bedroom, having found it void of his female counterpart, and walks towards Hinata's study-- which is more of a cross between a library without shelves and a recycle bin.

The door is already open when he lifts his hand to knock, purely out of habit. He sighs easily and steps into her space, moving this and clearing that. Shikamaru runs his fingers through her hair, knowing this is her weak point. She hums in the back of her throat and follows his hand with her crown. His arms slide under her knees and around her shoulders. Hinata fits well against Shikamaru's chest, even with her growing center, as he carries her to the bedroom.

Shikamaru lays her against the pillows, watching her uncurl and immediately go for his side of the bed where his warmth still resonates. He goes to the bathroom, running warm water over a wash cloth. When he returns to the bed, Hinata is rubbing her eyes and groaning. He sits beside her and wipes off the smudged ink on her cheek. When the task is completed, he slides back into bed and wraps his arms around her again. In a moment, Hinata is slumped against him, once again, asleep.

Shikamaru smiles and presses his cheek against her crown, wondering if this is what romance is and, vaguely, if insomnia is contagious. With that in mind, he glances to the red digits reading out 2AM and he realizes he doesn't care. He has Hinata and that's all that matters.


This is an exchange between a married couple at one in the morning to two in the morning. I was recently given a list of prompts and this is the first on the list. Pretty soon, I'll type it up and put it on my profile. Thanks for reading this. I'll see you around.