A/N: Look, I know I should worry about updating one of my other stories, but I wanted to write this. This is roughly based on the Lifetime movie "A Girl like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story," and it is amazing and I cried and you need to watch it.

Disclaimer: Don't own RENT, but I do have tickets for it in April!! (Oh, the irony!!) Oh, and I don't own a lot of the story line.

A door slammed, and Mrs. Dumott-Schunard heard someone that sounded like they were crying.

"Angel?" she called. She went into the small living room where a 15 year old Angel was slumped against the wall, trying to calm his tears. "Angel, what happened, mi bebé?"

"Nothing, Ma. It's okay. I'm okay," he lied, brushing his tears away quickly.

"Angel, you can't lie to me. I'm your mother, I know everything."

"Fine," he said, looking up. His mother saw lines of what looked like mascara running and a few minor cuts and bruises on her son's face.

"Oh, chico," she said as she began to tenderly examine Angel's face. "What happened?" Angel wouldn't say a word. "Angel…" she warned.

"Some guys saw me wearing makeup and decided to teach me a lesson," Angel whispered, more tears spilling over and stinging the cuts. He asked helplessly, "Mami, what's wrong with me?"

"Nothing is wrong with you. It's what's wrong with the world," his mother replied. Ever since he was little, Mrs. Dumott-Schunard knew her son wasn't straight.

"No, Ma, there is something wrong with me!" Angel yelled pulling away from his mom. "Ever since I was little I haven't felt right! I've never felt like the other boys my age at anytime!" He felt tears starting to stream again as he admitted, "I've always felt more like a girl than a boy."

His mother bent down to look her son in the eye. "Look at me, chico. It doesn't matter to me. I will love you no matter what or who you decide to be." Angel looked away in disbelief. "Hey, listen. God didn't make angels boys or girls because they're just too special. That's how he made you. You're too special. And we should talk about that mascara. We need to get you some waterproof."

Angel smiled weakly, and hugged his mom. "Thanks Mami. I don't know what'd do without you."

"You know, that was the last good talk my mother and I had," Angel told the small crowd. He touched his mother's coffin. "She told me it was okay to be myself and that I shouldn't let those jerks get to me. I love you too much, Mami. I'll miss you."

He stepped down from the alter and rejoined Mimi and her parents, who were now his legal guardians. Mimi hugged him close as the priest said a final prayer and the lid was closed, sealing away Angel's mother from him forever.

Tear jerker, right? I needed to get the angst out somehow, and this was the result. So what do you think? I'd really like to know!