CHAPTER 10 The train sped along the land in its tireless journey. The occupants inside milled around casually, patiently waiting the next destination. Some were bored, the ride having been too long already. But they still had so much more to go. There was still another five or six hours to go till they could stop and refuel. Dinner was being served, but three of the crew wasn't hungry. They hadn't even heard the call to eat. Together, they sat in the back of the train, amongst all the animals. Lounging around the hay, Catherine, Trowa, and Washu all lay on their backs, staring lazily at the ceiling and listening to the train underneath them. Washu's head rested over Trowa's chest, their position making a T in the loose hay. Catherine rested closeby, clearly visible to them both. It was such comfortable silence for them all, sounds from the animals reaching their ears.

Washu slowly opened her eyes and looked in the direction the additional noises came from. She had wanted their company recently, the animals her reason for existence on the train. They were her first friends and she never let them forget that. Lately, she felt as though she had never spent any time with them, it all being taken by Trowa's presence. She wanted to go be with them for a while and Trowa immediately followed, not wanting to let her out of his sight. Cathy was bored and not hungry, so she joined the loving couple, wanting to be in on their little secrets. She hadn't been told of a lot of Washu's past and although that was fine with her, she still wondered sometimes. She wanted to ask the younger girl, but didn't want to impose, didn't want to dredge up old painful memories. She KNEW from the ever-present light in Washu's eyes that she was beyond all that pain she held onto for so long.

Washu looked at Vestal and Tireen, smiling slightly. She didn't feel bashful about speaking to the animals anymore, not when Trowa often did so himself. "What're you two doing over there?" She asked lightly. The lions stopped moving and Vestal softly roared at her. Her smiled widened somewhat and she sat up for a better view. She met Vestal's eyes and raised an eyebrow. "Are you bored Vestal?" She asked. The youngest lion rubbed against the bars, eager for attention. She laughed softly and moved to him. Kneeling in front of the bars, she stuck her hand through and ruffled his mane. "Restless boy? Don't worry, we'll get to our next destination and then I'll try to reason with the ringmaster to let you stretch your legs." Vestal licked her hand, almost in thanks. She smiled fondly and cocked her head slightly.

"Do they understand you?" Cathy asked. She watched the whole display and always wondered what power the girl had over the animals. Even though their languages were different, they seemed to speak to each other. Washu spun at the waist to look at her elder friend. She smiled, knowing about the whole ordeal from long ago. She found it laughable now, knowing about the whole 'witch' rumors. She almost laughed just thinking about them. She was NO enchantress.

"No." She muttered humorously, looking back at her first friends. "I just read their body language. THAT'S how I can tell what's going on with them. They can understand ME by my tone of voice." Giving Vestal a final pat on his mane, she scooted back to Trowa and mimicked her earlier position, but turned to her side to see Catherine while she spoke with her. "Animals are great at doing that. I've just always been able to do so." She shrugged somewhat, as much as her position would allow. "You just have to know where to look." One of Trowa's hands came out from behind his head and on impulse, playfully flicked her nose lightly. She giggled softly and took hold of his fingers, lightly kissing his palm. He smiled slightly.

Cathy looked at the mushy display and smiled widely. She still couldn't get over how the two changed. And they did it by leaning on each other, accepting each other's help. She turned to her side for a better view as they continued to play around. She STILL wished she had a camera to get a few rolls of them for memories and silently planned to get some film once they hit the next available town.


The train chugged up a hill, allowing everyone to see a good portion of their next destination once it started downhill. The youthful three, now in the dining car, looked on as they descended upon the valley. "Oh...TROWA!" Washu breathed in awe. "It's...GORGEOUS!" He looked up from his food at her sparkling wide eyes and open mouth with a small smile. Releasing his utensil for a moment, he reached across the table and closed her mouth with a finger. She jerked a confused look his way.

"You look more attractive that way love." He joked, going back to his food. He'd already seen the Sanc Kingdom multiple times and knew what it looked like. This was obviously the first time Washu had SEEN it.

"She's right bro." Cathy agreed softly. "It IS gorgeous." He looked at his sister.

'Cathy too apparently.' He smiled at the double display. Both women held identical looks of wide eyes and slack jaws. His lips pressed together to keep from chuckling at the comical sight.

Washu took in the immense structure that seemed comfortably nestled in between the huge forest. It looked right at home, even though the building's white paint job stuck out awkwardly. A number of civilian homes popped up around it. Some business looking buildings housed the rest of the view. The sky was a deep cloudless blue, a scene to be remembered. It was a perfect first view for anyone who visited the land of pacifism.

"That palace must be HUGE inside!" She muttered offhand. Trowa looked up at her again with a knowing smile.

"It is." He muttered. She looked at him incredulously.

"You've BEEN INSIDE?!" The panoramic picture moved slowly as the train raced on, her vision swinging back to capture it. He let loose the pent up chuckle at her star struck behavior.

"It took me a whole day just to look around inside. The immediate grounds take about as long." He reported, gaining her attention again. She looked like one watching a tennis match the way her head kept swinging back and forth constantly.

"Wow..." One hand propped up a daydreaming head as she stared out the window. "I wish I could go look inside." She wished out loud. He HAD to smile. She was so cute and innocent...and SO unknowing of where their next show WAS.

"Well you WILL little Washu, our next visit is right THERE." One hand moved in front of the window as he pointed to the pacifist land. Her jaw fell again before she covered her mouth to quiet an excited squeal.

"REALLY?!" Her eyes danced with excitement as they moved from his face to the window. "WOW! I can't BELIEVE it!" She wished they were there ALREADY, her excitement quickly going through the roof. Trowa chuckled again and Catherine joined him at the youthful girl's behavior. She looked like a child allowed to go into a toy store to look around unabated.

"We're also staying there." He added, eliciting a gasp from her.

"NO WAY!" She looked at him in shock. "Wow...alright!" She was nearly bouncing up and down in her seat she was so eager. His smile widened all the more, white teeth clearly visible.

"Calm down love. You don't want to frighten our hostess do you?" He asked humorously. She swallowed harshly, trying to contain her visible excitement. It was quickly brought down a few notches, but her eyes were still wide and bright for the rest of the ride.


As soon as she spotted the trucks driving up the lengthy drive, she smiled and quickly went for the door. "I'll be right back. Don't MOVE." She joked, leaving the door open a crack. He humphed; unable to habitually cross his arms due to the restraining coverings.

"Like I have a CHOICE?" He muttered monotone. A quiet sigh worked its way through from the instant loneliness he felt, but knew she would NEVER leave him alone for too long.

Nearly running down the steps, she stopped in front of the main double doors and swung them open to be greeted by the commotion outside. She looked on with bright eyes as she moved to spot the one person she longed to see again. Ecstatic blue eyes spotted him a moment later, helping the crew haul stuff from the trucks. Forcing a casual step, she walked down the large amount to a small plateau and stopped. A few people spotted her above them and called the attention. She smiled brightly when she knew they were all looking at her and inhaled a deep breath. "Welcome all." She began loudly. She wasn't in front of a microphone this time, so she knew she had to speak loud enough for everyone to clearly hear. "I'm so glad you could make it to the Sanc Kingdom for a few performances." A hand swept out to the palace behind her. "My house is yours for as long as you're here. If there's something you need or have a question on, please don't hesitate to ask me or one of my staff." The hand swung back to clasp the other in front of her. "I hope you enjoy your stay." A few cheers and a large amount of clapping followed her brief introduction. Nodding in acceptance, she let the crew resume its work as some of her staff came out to help direct where to put everything.

One hand elevated her lengthy skirt as she walked down the rest of the steps, looking for her friend again. With his height, he was easy to spot. "Trowa!" She called, successfully gaining his attention. A member of her staff quickly took the box from his hands, allowing him to talk to her. The two met in the middle of the developing madness. Relena smiled a silent greeting, one that Trowa surprisingly copied. She was taken aback, but quickly recovered. "How have you been Trowa?" She asked.

"Busy." He answered, that tilt still to his mouth. He looked around at the hustle and bustle fondly, searching. "But it's been an interesting six months." His eyes held knowing emotions that escaped his befuddled hostess.

She was going to ask him to explain, but his deep green eyes danced around as if looking for someone. They stopped after a minute and the smile widened till teeth threatened to show. She could only stare as he quickly waved to someone behind them. This WASN'T the same Trowa that left just half a year ago!! 'What HAPPENED to him??' She wondered. Her eyes sized him up again, taking in the relaxed, happy stance. 'He's so unlike the Trowa I shook hands with before he left here.' She blinked widening eyes.

"There she is." He muttered happily. She turned around to see whoever was coming. "Hey love, over here!" He called loudly. She could've fallen over from shock. Trowa NEVER shouted, or even raised his voice...EVER. He hardly even SPOKE before.

'What HAPPENED to him?!' She nearly screamed in her mind. To say she was surprised...and LOST, was an understatement. A girl about her height and age stopped before them with a wide smile. She turned to Trowa, waiting for an explanation.

Trowa's hand extended palm out, Washu's gesture mimicking his palm down. Their hands lightly clasped and he tugged her to his side, where he preferred her. "Relena Peacecraft, may I present little Washu." Washu ducked and blushed with a timid smile. But it changed in a second when she turned to her love.

"Did you HAVE to introduce me like that love?" She asked sternly, eyes joking. "You could have said YOUR Washu." He only smiled widely in return.

"Sorry love." He apologized. She patted his hand, telling him she wasn't too serious and turned to the girl in front of them. Large midnight eyes sized up Relena, as if piercing straight through her. Very few could do that, Heero and Wufei being amongst the few. She quickly smiled off her small discomfort and extended a hand.

"You can just call me Relena if you prefer. I know the last name is rather long." She joked, hoping to break the ice. Washu stared at the extended hand before slowly accepting it. They lightly shook in greeting. When both let go, Washu looked up at Trowa.

"Who?" She asked in confusion. Trowa looked at her, also confused.

"What?" He asked. She looked at Relena momentarily and jerked a thumb at her.

"How do you know HER?" She asked, trying to figure it out. Again, Relena could've fallen over from shock, Trowa feeling like joining her. They both looked at her with wide eyes.

"You don't KNOW her?" Trowa asked incredulously. His jaw dropped slightly. "Are you SERIOUS?"

'She doesn't KNOW me??' Relena thought shocked. 'Wow...she must've lived a VERY recluse life!'

"Washu, this is RELENA PEACECRAFT." He repeated slowly. She shook her head slowly, still not getting it.

"So? And that means WHAT to me?" She asked bluntly. Relena felt the harsh blow to her pride, but didn't let it show.

'Ouch.' She thought, mentally wincing. But she kept an even, slightly pleasant face in front of her good friend.

Trowa could've slapped his forehead. How could she NOT know RELENA? How could ANYONE not know Relena? He sighed, shaking his head slowly. "You mean you don't know Relena Peacecraft, former queen of the world?" She grimaced slightly, remembering the title.

"Actually, it's just Vice Foreign Minister." She corrected him with a sly smile. He looked at her and smiled slightly before turning his attention back to Washu.

"She was a big part of the war love. She's the advocate of peace." Speaking as if she wasn't there, and using such lavish praise, caused Relena's cheeks to redden slightly. But she didn't say a word as Trowa tried to talk sense into the lost oriental girl.

Washu shook her head slowly. "Unless you didn't notice while you were THERE Trowa, my house didn't have any radios or televisions. My father took them all out and sold them." Her gaze dropped to two fiddling hands. "He said he didn't want the war to 'taint' us. Wanted us to stay away from the horrors and all." Relena's heart slightly went out to the sorrowful girl. She could see in the girl's downcast face that she went through something painful during, or possibly after, the war. They ALL did.

Trowa's face softened. He didn't recall such a thing, but at the time he was looking for Washu only. He didn't stop to look at everything her house occupied. A finger under her chin pulled solemn midnight eyes up to deeply caring green. "Well you know of her NOW don't you?" He asked, a soft smile on his face. Seeing his eyes so full of love towards her broke through her slightly gloomy mood. A small smile broke through her disheartened face.

"This is true." She muttered, the smile slowly widening. Trowa let go of her chin, allowing Washu to turn to Relena. Her smile changed to one of friendship. "Sorry I was so rude, I've just been kept away from everything during that whole fiasco." Relena nodded, smiling to show she understood.

"Well I think it's a refreshing change of pace to have someone unfamiliar with me and my family. Makes it easier to make a first impression." She joked, mirth shining in her eyes. Trowa chuckled quietly and a tiny blush graced Washu's face. "Well," She piped up, changing the subject, "why don't I show you around Washu. I'm assuming since you've never heard of ME, you've never heard of the Sanc Kingdom before." She figured. Washu looked up at the palace, excitement in her widening eyes. Relena took that as a silent YES.

The three turned to the main stairs. Halfway up the first set, Relena stopped and turned to Trowa. "Oh before I forget Trowa..." He looked up, giving his attention. "Duo and Hilde are still here." She smiled. "I asked if they would stay for a while, fill up the empty place and they agreed. Plus Hilde's nearly over the result of her injuries." Washu's eyes widened from this new information. Trowa nodded, happy to hear that he would be able to see the two again. Relena's cheeks tinted pint. "Plus...well, um-" A wide idiot grin made its way through, cutting off speech. She ducked her head demurely. Trowa's eyes narrowed curiously and he nodded for her to continue. "Well...Heero is here as well...ALSO recovering." His eyes widened and he silently blinked at the news.

"I'm assuming you'll tell me what happened." He said. She bowed her head slowly in agreement.

"It's been quite a story." She met his eyes good-naturedly. "You'll have to tell me YOURS when we get time." He smiled slightly and nodded. The three continued up the way and through the main doors. Washu's head spun around as she took in the beauty that surrounded her while Relena gave her the grand tour of her beloved home.


"There they ARE!"

"Would you SHUSH, I can't hear what Relena's saying!"

"Hey, who's the new girl??"

"I don't know! If you stop hiding behind the corner you'd find OUT!" A jovial smile was the only response. "Oh and PUT ME DOWN!"

"No can DO girl, you're with me! Hmm, haven't we already HAD this conversation once before? You had your answer THEN and it hasn't changed at all." A frustrated sigh worked through the quiet hallway, but not loud enough to be heard by everybody. "Come on, let's head um' off at the pass!!" A soft chuckle sounded from the childish carefree that radiated. The two moved from their dark corner, trying to pinpoint the small tour's ending.


"Well if you have no other questions Washu, do you want to head up to the second floor?" Relena asked politely. She hoped that the Chinese girl had nothing else to ask, she had never talked so much about her home to a single person.

Washu's head kept looking around wildly, still taking everything in. She had never in her LIFE seen such an ornate and decorative home, save for Quatre's mansion. She quickly gave Relena her attention and smiled widely. "No, go ahead. We're going to be here for a while, I'll have PLENTY of time to explore some more." Childlike eyes swung to Trowa. "You'll have to show me around some more love." He smiled patiently, having been through the tour as well. He wasn't going to leave Washu's side and he hadn't looked around in a long time, it was refreshing to see everything in detail again.

"Whatever you want Washu." He softly answered. One arm snaked around her waist, pulling her closer to him. Relena smiled at the open display of affection and wished she could be more like them. Whatever was plaguing Trowa before he left was a shadow of the person that stood before her. Their behavior reminded her of how Heero was doing and she felt impatient to check up on his well-being.

"Trowa, Washu, would you mind a small break in the tour while I check in on Heero real quick?" She asked. No one minded and they followed her to his room. She slowly pushed the door open, making sure not to startle him. "Heero, it's only me." She called out, still covered by the door. A loud grunt sounded in recognition. She smiled when she finally laid eyes on him, still as handsome as ever...even though he was still black and blue in a lot of spots.

His deep blue eyes swung to Relena, and the two behind her. His eyes narrowed slightly in defense from the unidentifiable person next to Trowa. Unexpressive eyes took in her profile.

Trowa looked at his fellow pilot in open surprise. He had never SEEN the 'perfect soldier' so beat up before. Bruises heavily marked spots on his cheeks, forehead, eyes, and neck. One arm was wrapped in a cast, along with one ankle and an entire leg. The other hand was wrapped with a cloth bandage to keep from being moved as much as possible. He was totally immobile and looked incredibly miserable with the prospect. Trowa blinked in continuing shock, unable to find something to polite to say about his condition.

Washu thankfully, and regrettably, said something for him. "Wow, what happened to YOU?" She blurted out. She took in the handsome man in front of her with curious eyes. He was in BAD SHAPE.

Trowa slapped his forehead with a grimace, mussing up his hair a little in the process. After a soft sigh, he looked at Washu with mildly pained eyes. When had she become so BLUNT?? With all the time they spent together, he apparently MISSED something. "Did you HAVE to say that?" He softly argued. She turned to him, waiting for another explanation. His eyes closed slowly. "Be a little more polite next time." He patiently asked. Reaching out, his finger flicked her nose lightly, getting a toothy smile from her.

That little conversation and display caused an upward flicker to Heero's eyebrows. It was small, but Relena saw it since she was still watching him. He, along with her, had never seen this side of Trowa. Turning to the couple behind her, she smiled politely. "Trowa, Washu...may I present Heero Yuy." Trowa nodded in silent greeting to his friend, glad to see him again...even in his current condition. Heero nodded slightly back, glad for the company to keep from going crazy. Washu nodded with a smile.

"Hi." She announced vocally. Heero stared at the exuberant girl, storing her name away for later use. Their eyes caught and the happy emotions slowly left her large black eyes, becoming strangely neutral as she stared at him. He sized her up again, seeing an entirely different person from the happy girl he just heard.

Washu's cheerful mood slowly died the longer she stared at Heero, wondering why he was so solemn. He reminded her of the way she acted when she first met Trowa, and she didn't like it. His eyes were different from the rest of his face, not like the cold emotions he expressed.

Trowa looked at Washu when she became silent, taking note of her eyes. A hand rested lightly on her shoulder, drawing her attention away from the unconscious staring contest. She looked into his concerned eyes and smiled slightly.

The silence was thankfully broken by voices and footsteps quickly coming in their direction. "Hey all! Welcome back!!" Trowa and Washu looked out the door, being the ones in front of it. Trowa jerked her out of the way quickly as Duo and Hilde burst through. Hilde looked miserable by her love's behavior, unable to do anything in the position she was in. Hunching her shoulders over as much as possible in his arms, she gripped her cane tighter from embarrassment. To the casual observer, it would seem she was being held against her own will. But to those that knew of the two's history knew that she didn't mind being carried around by long as he BEHAVED himself. Duo stopped near Heero's bed and regarded the two newcomers with a bright smile. Hilde glared at Duo lightly while he eyed the oriental girl.

"You know I HATE when you do that! Act like a NORMAL human being!" She argued, trying not to smile. His was too contagious and she fought to keep her own off scowling lips.

"WHAT?" He asked playfully, looking into her beautiful eyes. She sighed and shook his head, not all that irritated with him.

"Can you put me DOWN now?" She asked patiently. He regarded her question/order for a second before complying. He made sure she was able to support herself before he walked over to Trowa and slapped his back happily.

"How ya been dude??" He smiled widely. Trowa blushed somewhat from such an exuberant greeting. He faintly smiled back at Duo, shocking the Gundam pilot. Duo blinked wide eyes before looking at the girl lightly clutching Trowa's arm, still alarmed at the two that burst through the doorway. "Hi, I saw you outside." He reported. His hand stuck out and Washu took it slowly. She didn't know how to clearly take the actions of someone who appeared to be such a good friend of the others. "I'm Duo Maxwell." He thumbed behind him with a wide smile. "And that over there is Hilde Schebeiker." Somehow, his smile widened. "The love of my life, apple of my eye, girl of my dreams-"

"The one who's going to SMACK you if you don't stop EMBARRASSING me." She finished with a wry grin. After carefully walking over to the four, she extended her hand with a warm smile. "I don't think we caught your name."

Washu slowly shook Hilde's hand, feeling bombarded by the excitement and outgoingness of these new people. "I didn't have a chance to say it yet." She softly joked, eyeing Duo with a neutral face. Trowa smiled slightly. She smiled minutely at Hilde. "It's Washu, but I've been called OTHER names." Her smile widened, her eyes moving to Trowa. He raised an eyebrow defiantly at her small evil grin.

"I could say the same for YOU little Washu." He defended humorously, reminding her of all the little pet names SHE called HIM. Washu smiled good-naturedly at the nickname.

"This's JUST what we need!" Duo suddenly exclaimed. Everyone looked at him curiously. "Like we don't have ENOUGH mushy couples loitering the place! Now I have to put up with ANOTHER!" Hilde smiled in apology to Trowa and Washu, feeling embarrassment for Duo's strange outburst.

"Aren't you forgetting somebody?" Heero asked darkly. He didn't care for Duo to be broadcasting his feelings for Relena to someone he didn't know. He already surmised that Hilde and Duo already knew BEFORE he left, and now he had to deal with Duo's TEASING. He glared at Duo, who only blinked at him innocently.

"That's RIGHT." Relena piped up, snapping her fingers. She turned to Trowa and Washu with a smile. "Quatre and his secretary are coming to Earth for a couple of performances." The smile turned to a smirk. "He said that he wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to take a vacation and see you again. He said he was going to bring along his secretary to still get a little work done though. The two are staying here for the duration." Washu smiled happily; glad to hear such news. She shook her head slowly and turned to Trowa.

"He works too much." She blurted out, mentally startling Relena and the others. A finger poked his trim waist lightly. "You need to find a way to keep him from all that paperwork and have a little FUN once in a while." She joked. Trowa smiled and nodded in agreement, knowing the stress his friend was under at such a hectic position.

"You'll have to help in case he doesn't listen to me love." She nodded with a small giggle. Duo watched the loving exchange with wide eyes. It was the first time he'd ever seen Trowa so VOCAL and it cast him into shock. He quickly recovered and smiled widely.

"Too bad Wufei isn't here eh Trowa?" The two pilots looked at each other. "We could have a reunion. Have a REAL get together!"

Trowa's eyes narrowed curiously. "Where IS Wufei at?" He hadn't seen the Chinese pilot leave with the shuttle for Earth like the others. He thought back to long ago, just after the war.

'Now that I think of it, I hardly saw him around PERIOD.' He thought intriguingly.

"On some MISSION." Duo's shoulders rose in a carefree gesture. "He's been gone for a while, no one's heard from him."

"That's because I haven't been able to get to a TRANSMITTER station and check FREQUENCIES." Heero broke in irate. Trowa looked at his brooding friend. Heero's gaze met Relena's with his normal glare, looking at the reason for his current position. She returned it full force, propping frustrating hands on both hips. She could DEFINITELY give Heero a run for his money when she got mad.

"Well EXCUSE ME Mr. Yuy for making sure you recovered to FULL HEALTH!" She spat out. He could've cringed from such formal use of his name, and the way it was said, but kept his glare going. She KNEW that the mission he sent Wufei on was important, but she kept him bedridden like a little CHILD. BESIDES, he could set his OWN broken bones; she just wouldn't LET him.

Washu openly cringed from the entirely different person she saw before her. It seemed there was an actual dark side to the peaceful Relena Peacecraft. "I just wanted to make sure you were as comfortable as POSSIBLE and nursed back to HEALTH, is that so WRONG of me?" She asked, frustration in her voice thrown his way. Mission or NOT, she was tired of him acting like a SPOILED BRAT through all her kindness.

A small twinge of guilt ate at his conscience. She was right...though right now, in front of all these people, he loathed to admit it. His glare softened minuscule, but still kept eye contact with her. After a minute of uncomfortable silence, deep blue eyes dropped to his injuries. "Well, there has to be SOME way to get a station in here so I can WORK. Since I apparently can't MOVE..." He muttered, still eyeing his broken appendages.

Relena's glare dropped in an instant, knowing she won that 'battle'. There were MANY times when she had to have this type of 'talk' with him, reminding him he was only human. There was no WAY he could get out of bed even if he wanted to, he couldn't even WALK. An easygoing smile popped up, the whole ordeal already forgotten. She turned to Trowa and Duo. "Well I'm sure there's a way. Now that you're here Trowa, you can help Duo figure out a way to rig something up in here for Heero."

Hilde looked over at Trowa and slowly made her way even closer to him, remembering something she wanted to talk to him about. He noticed her close presence and eyed her somewhat curiously. She smiled and wrapped an arm around him, the other being used to keep herself from falling. He took a second to respond back, unsure what the spontaneous hug was for. When she pulled back, Hilde smiled softly at him. "I just wanted to say thank you." She softly responded. His brow furrowed.

"For what?" He asked confused. Her free arm delved into a back pocket of her jeans, confiscating a worn folded piece of paper. Holding it in front of his face, she looked into his green eyes.

"Remember this?" She asked softly.

Her name was smudged a little from being folded so many times, creases marking everywhere, but it was still the same note he gave her so long ago. A small smile emerged upon recognition. "You still HAVE it." He answered, not asked. She nodded and looked at it.

"I'll always keep it Trowa. Words have never moved me so much as the few sentences you wrote."

He had the grace to flush slightly at the praise, figuring she was overdoing it a little. He didn't figure it was anything BIG, he just didn't know what else to TELL her. "Well, you're welcome." Washu and raised an eyebrow at the mysterious note, but figured she'd ask her love about it later.

Walking to the door, Relena eyed all the occupants. "Well...why don't we let Heero alone for some sleep." She announced suddenly. She could still feel the evil eye he was giving her from the argument and felt it best to cut out while she could. Heero stared at her, mentally shocked. His face was entirely composed as he watched Duo suddenly scoop up a protesting Hilde and carry her from the room. Once all were out but Relena, she looked at him with soft eyes and smiled. "I'm only doing this to keep you safe Heero." One hand lightly gripped the doorknob and started slowly swinging it closed. "And to keep me from worrying about you too much. Sleep well Heero."

His eyes stayed on the door LONG after it softly clicked shut. Her words kept ringing through his ears; an unfamiliar warmth started expanding in his heart. Slowly, deep blue gravitated to an open window across from his bed, staring at the blue sky. Silence poured through the room as he curiously chewed on her words, still uncertain of his feelings for Relena and what their whole situation was. Only in clear times was he ever sure about her and himself. Exhaling a soft breath, his body sagged into the mattress and multiple pillows stacked behind his back. Staring at the ceiling, his eyes slowly closed, feeling fatigue from his injuries catch up with him.


Catherine slowly strolled the grounds of the Sanc Kingdom, mildly bored. Their show wasn't for hours and everything was put away, each room now occupied by someone. She took that time to look around the gardens outside the majestic house. She reacquainted herself with Duo and introduced to Hilde, surprised that the small girl had been so badly injured. Duo recounted tales of her heroic deeds that turned the war in their favor and Cathy was duly impressed. Such happenings could be easily cast aside upon first glance at her frail, thin figure. One could tell by the flush that donned Hilde's face that she didn't think highly of what she'd done. Catherine thanked her for helping Trowa and sending him home to her quicker than what would have happened if she HADN'T helped.

A soft smile lit her face as she roamed the lands. She loved Earth. The sky was such a deep blue, thankfully cloudless. Light blue eyes drank it in along with the green that resided everywhere. Flowers bloomed along the walk and in pots that hung under lampposts, trees, anywhere possible. She took a deep breath and breathed in their heavenly scent. Hands lightly clasped behind her, she felt totally at ease with her solitary vigil. It was HARD to feel alone when so many people resided around the palace, when one was surrounded by such majesty.

After walking to the edge of a mildly sloping, grassy hill, her eyes landed on the cutest sights she'd ever seen. A tender smile made an appearance as she stopped and stared. A soft chuckle occupied the air along with a soft breeze. Trowa and Washu rested over a small incline, both taking a nap. Washu's stomach acted as a resident pillow for Trowa's head as the two lay on their backs. One of her arms rested lightly in the thick of his hair, the other resting over his chest; fingers entwined. She watched their slow, even breathing and gazed into matching peaceful faces. Washu's hair spread around them like a blanket.

Relena slowly walked up the way until she saw Catherine. Stopping next to her, she eyed the sight the elder woman was looking at. A smile played on her face as she stared transfixed. "They make a cute couple." She softly answered.

Cathy swung around stunned, not hearing anyone else approach. Seeing Relena right next to her caused butterflies in her stomach, but she forced them down. It wasn't every day she stood next to such a celebrity and important person. Nodding her affirmation, she smiled and turned to Relena. "Everyone in the circus agrees. I've had to watch their mushy display ever since they got together." Relena's vision swung to her left, an eyebrow rose slightly. She wondered why the woman next to her would have a problem with that. "Wish I had a camera to capture it all on." Both smiled and chuckled softly, Relena realizing her companion was only joking. Cathy stuck out her hand, having never been formerly introduced to the former queen of the world. "I'm Catherine Bloom, Trowa's sister."

Relena's smile widened a little and she took the hand. "Relena Peacecraft, but please call me Relena." She asked. Cathy nodded slightly, the two cast into comfortable silence. "I was unaware that Trowa HAD any other siblings." She said, looking at him. Cathy's mouth set in a tight line.

"Well we're not REALLY related per SAY, but calling him family feels so RIGHT somehow. And he's ALWAYS family as far as the circus is concerned." Relena nodded, storing away the information. "But I ALWAYS think of myself as his surrogate sister, knowing he's all alone in the world."

"Not anymore." Relena softly argued, a quirk to her mouth. Cathy's eyes swung to Relena before going back to the couple. She smiled tenderly.

"True. I'm glad he's finally found someone that can make him truly happy. He deserves it more than anyone." She announced softly. Relena nodded thoughtfully.

"I WAS wondering what happened to him when I saw him again." She spoke out loud, voicing her thoughts. "He seemed so easygoing and carefree from last time I met him, I wondered what happened to him."

"Easy." She answered. "He fell in love." Their smiles matched in happiness for the ex-Gundam pilot, pleased he was able to find a key to open his heart. After much internal debating, the two walked on together, Relena joining Catherine in her exploration.


His eyes opened slowly, blinking rapidly against the harsh mid afternoon sun. Turning his head slightly, he looked up into Washu's sleeping face. A tender smile quickly appeared at how angelic she looked and he continued to openly watch. A breeze picked up quickly, ruffling his hair. He looked around at the area, content to lay in his current position all day.

"Trowa Barton."

His attention perked up from the use of his name, eyes looking around quickly to find the speaker. Slowly he sat up, being careful not to wake Washu. Green looked around the lush grassy field, sparsely scattered with flowers. No trees resided in the area, not even the Sanc Kingdom was in the distance. "Who's there?" He rigidly called, hearing a soft echo to his voice. His head jerked back slightly in shock, now wondering what was going on. Standing, he took a few steps away from his love, to protect her if need be.

"Over here Trowa Barton." His body swung behind him, seeing a woman walk to him slowly, a loose Chinese gown adorning her body. The slow wind tossed long midnight hair around her back, some softly whipping in front of her face. He didn't need to wait till she got close enough to recognize her. Pure oriental eyes and long hair reminded him of an elder version of Washu. His eyes narrowed. But she was DEAD...wasn't she? He looked down at his love, only to find another him lying where he was moments ago. His eyes widened in confusion.

"What-" He asked softly, unable to find the words.

"You are dreaming Trowa." The soft voice echoed. He looked into the eyes of a woman long past living and blinked perplexed.

"I'm...DREAMING?" He asked, unable to figure it out. His eyes roamed over the vast field.

A small, motherly smile made an appearance. "I wanted to speak with you and this is the only way to connect with you. While your conscience is more open. This is WASHU'S conscience. This is where she would go if she took the time to meditate." He looked around, utterly confused at how he could be in Washu's mind. She smiled slightly. "You two are connected, heart and soul. It was easy to pick your form and deposit you here." He looked at her, unsure how his thoughts were read. But if it were a dream SHE controlled, she would know everything.

A slim, pale hand raised and landed on his shoulder. It was light as air, but comfort and love radiated through it. "I wanted to personally thank you for bringing back my little Washu. My TRUE little Washu." Slowly, she stepped forward and hugged him lightly, his arms gradually going around her in return.

It felt good to receive a mother's hug, having never experienced it before. Her hair softly tickled his face in the continuing wind, smelling heavily of the flowers that surrounded them. The only noisewas the wind, Trowa unable to find any words to say to Washu's elder, her mother not needing words to express. Feelings flowed through their touch, the couple sensing two kinds of love for the still sleeping girl below them. "There is no need to thank me." He finally spoke, slowly pulling away from her. " did she become so direct?" He asked. She smiled.

"My Washu was ALWAYS opinionated, but recently she was forced to hide it. I'm glad that you showed her that she doesn't have to anymore."

Caring midnight looked into green. "I did what I felt was right." She nodded miniscule.

"And for THAT, we will be forever grateful." A new voice echoed. Trowa whirled around and saw the one person he had reason to hate immensely. Washu's father stopped a few paces behind them, smiling kindly. His clothes screamed casual attire, entirely unlike the threads of the woman behind him. His face quickly encompassed a full glare. The kind look on the elder's face never wavered. Ducking his head, the smile widened slightly. "I know you have every reason to hate me Trowa, and I don't blame you." Looking into defensive green eyes, he took a few more steps toward the pensive boy. "But you've helped my little girl more than ANY of us could. I personally thank you for that." Trowa stared, unable to find any words mimicking what he directed toward her mother. The same slim hand rested on his shoulder again. His head swung to see behind as much as he could.

She sighed slightly. "I know you feel the same animosity that our daughter used to, but she has put it past her, please do the same Trowa Barton." She asked softly. He looked at the ground, slightly ashamed at his behavior. Judging these people when not even KNOWING THEM, only Washu's side of the story.

"There's ALSO another reason we came to you son." Trowa looked up, an eyebrow raising slightly at the relation. He kept silent, waiting for the father to continue. The elder man's face became dark, hazel eyes clouding over. "There's a danger coming Trowa, one that concerns your past as a Gundam pilot." Trowa's eyes widened, but reminded himself that her father had been in the war, which meant he would know of HIS role in it. "Washu's mother and I aren't too sure WHAT it is, but its sole intent is to take you five away." A helpless fist clenched, unable to do anything in spirit form. "We can only watch over you two so MUCH son, this is the BEST we can do."

Washu's mother walked past Trowa, going to comfort her husband. Taking his clenched fist, she raised it to her lips and feather kissed it. Their fingers entwined and two pairs of eyes stared at Trowa. The elder man sighed in resignation. The elder woman's eyes cast downward to the swaying grass. "We wanted to warn you, and to thank you for letting our daughter into your heart. My husband has told me of your past Trowa and I know that it was not EASY for you." Trowa nodded slightly, the warning of upcoming danger looming in his head.

"What does this danger want with me and the others?" He asked. The elder shrugged her shoulders.

"We aren't too sure. But you must prepare Trowa Barton, to keep yourself, and our daughter, safe." The departed couple looked at each other and exchanged soft looks. The woman turned back to Trowa with a motherly smile. "Take care of our little Washu, Trowa. Never let the love you two feel diminish. Keep it in your heart always." He nodded, moved by the small speech.

"It was an honor to meet you son. Listen to your heart, it'll never steer you wrong." The elder man smiled proudly. "My daughter's chosen a fine man to love." The couple's form shivered a few times before disappearing entirely, waving before they were lost to his sight.


His eyes shot open before quickly squeezing shut in the harsh afternoon sun. Sitting up slowly, he looked down at Washu to make sure he wasn't still dreaming. A quiet sigh of relief sounded when he realized everything WAS real. Bringing both knees to his chest, one arm wrapped around them, his other hand still holding Washu's. 'Was it actually REAL?' He wondered. The Sanc Kingdom was fully in view, a few trees now around them. Without the extras, the grassy field they were in would be the same as the dream. 'Yes.' He solemnly confirmed. 'Somehow, I know it's true.' Foreboding weighed heavily on his soul. Something was coming for them? His arm left the position around his legs, a finger slowly rubbing against his chin. 'But what? What IS it? Where is it COMING from, and HOW?' Necessary questions continued to bombard him, but no answers could satisfy the onslaught. Helplessness came in waves, frustration slowly following. He was FINALLY at peace with his life, only to have something come and tear it away! Anger sparked, the comfortable feelings of being with his love quickly vanishing.

Washu's eyes slowly fluttered open as she woke to an uncomfortable feeling. Being careful of the afternoon sun, she looked at Trowa's back and furrowed a concerned brow. His form was tense; eyes full of anger. She slowly sat up, wondering what happened to make him look so. "What's wrong love?" She asked softly.

Trowa jerked slightly, startled from his thoughts. Those angry green eyes swung to Washu and he forced it away. He didn't want to alarm her with matters that didn't concern her. She had enough to get used to as it was with the circus and a future without hatred from her past. He didn't feel like adding to it, not without feeling layers of guilt for unintentionally CAUSING it. Shunted eyes looked at the grass, trying to think of something to throw her off track. "Just a bad dream." He finally said. It wasn't REALLY a lie per SAY, but he wasn't going to indulge her curiosity with the full truth. "I'll be alright, now that I'm awake to see your face and look into your eyes."

She smiled and ducked her head, blushing from praise. A small smile appeared on his own face, never able to keep one at bay when she smiled. It was contagious and he relished in the feelings that bounded through his heart. Laying next to her, facing her, he leaned close and softly kissed her. She responded, a hand slowly snaking behind his head to keep it going.

He pulled away as their passion turned up a few notches. He wasn't going to be tortured all night long, unlike LAST time. Kissing her softly one last time, he smiled wryly. "Let's not have another repeat, SHALL we?" He asked breathy. She smiled widely against his lips and chuckled softly. Sitting up slowly, he pulled her into his arms as they faced the Sanc Kingdom. Washu's eyes drank up the marvelous sight, never tired of watching it. Trowa's chin rested lightly over the crown of her head. She leaned her weight into his chest, feeling the soothing, strong warmth. Reaching for his hands, she entwined both and smiled serenely.

"I'll never get tired of looking at that place." She muttered contently. He smiled softly.

"It's a sight to SEE." He agreed.


The night slowly wore on, the horrid dream/premonition in the back of Trowa's mind. While being target practice for Catherine, he'd thought about it over and over until he forced himself to forget about it for now. Tonight was too special to let such troublesome things get in the way of his plans.

After a quick check in the mirror to make sure he looked okay, a hand ran through his hair again, trying to straighten it a little more. Butterflies twisted in his stomach and he realized that he was NERVOUS! Green eyes met his reflection; mentally telling himself it was no big DEAL. Looking over at the wrapped present on the dresser, he swallowed harshly. This was WASHU, and ANYTHING considering her was a big deal! Closing his eyes slowly, he took a deep breath and held it. 'Calm DOWN Trowa! Or you'll NEVER be able to pull this off.' He ordered. The small 'pep talk' helped a little and he exhaled the pent up breath. Taking a last longing look in the mirror, he swiped the present from the dresser and quickly left his room.

Washu just finished combing through some damp strands when she heard the soft knock on her door. Feeling nervous mixed with a small twinge of adrenaline, she shakily got up and crossed the room. Her hand stopped before the knob, worriedly looking down at her attire. She was wearing the dress she made, upon Trowa's request. She KNEW what tonight was and wondered what he had planned that insisted on such formal dress. The knock sounded again, throwing her from mental thoughts. Gripping the metal object in her hand, it slowly opened to reveal a breathtaking sight. She gasped in appreciation before she could stop herself. Trowa stood before her in black dress pants and a white button up shirt loosely tucked in. A black dress coat lay open, giving off an EXTREME amount of sex appeal. She met his eyes and realized he was as nervous as she. It made her feel a little better. Smiling nervously, she nodded in silent greeting.

The butterflies in his stomach did a nosedive when he laid eyes on her figure. That dress hugged every curve, making her look sexy and beautiful at the same time. He would never get tired of looking at it on her. Her handiwork made her look like a piece of art. His mouth went dry, unable to form words. Her hair was entirely unbound, damp from her shower. She smelled of lavender shampoo and he had to restrain himself from grabbing her and running his fingers through her hair. She still had those black high heels on, apparently a new possession that Catherine let her keep. 'I'll have to thank her for that.' He mused.

Remembering his manners, a hand extended for her to take, palm out. Her slightly shaking hand covered his and he brought the back of it to his lips in a soft kiss. "Shall we?" He asked softly, his breath tickling the fine hairs over her wrist.

She shivered and nodded, too awestruck to find words. With a restrained girlish smile, she bit her lower lip. "Lead the way." She nearly whispered, fighting an ecstatic squeal. Remembering the weight in his other hand, he straightened and placed the package in her own.

"Open it later tonight." He whispered, pulling her close. She nodded, looking at the small gift. A blush worked through when she realized he'd gone out of his way to get her something. Extending a crooked arm, he smiled lovingly at her. Clutching the gift with one hand, she turned off her bedroom light before wrapping her free arm around his. That restrained smile showed a little more as they walked down the hallway to wherever Trowa was guiding her. It was technically their first date on their six month anniversary from the first time they met. Midnight eyes surveyed the hallway for any of the other teen guests, hoping none of them would show up. She didn't know if her cheeks could avoid the gawking from Hilde or Relena, and CERTAINLY not Duo's teasing behavior. She could ONLY picture what he would say to the two if he happened to pass by. She was thankful they made it to the first floor in peace.

Trowa led the two into the kitchen and stopped only to grab a large picnic basket sitting next to a set of wide patio doors. Washu looked on wide-eyed at the basket as she was nearly dragged outside on numb feet. A picnic outside was ENTIRELY TOO romantic in her book and she looked into Trowa's eyes, her own shining from the touching gesture.

He was silent all the way out to the spot he picked out. It was the most beautiful, housing the angel cherub fountain he spotted when he went looking around the first time. Stopping her and removing his arm, he set the basket on the grass. After spreading out a large checkered blanket, he turned to her and held out his hand again. Washu took it and carefully situated her dress to sit the way a lady would in this circumstance. She looked around silently while he laid out the small spread, the smells wafting to her nose. It all smelled too heavenly and she hoped her stomach didn't rumble. The grassy area was a deep green, even deeper with the sunset's vigil. The trees cast lengthy shadows over everywhere, also turning on the light sensitive lampposts scattered around them. Flowers elicited their heavenly smells. Soothing noises from the water fountain calmed her strained nerves, making her feel a little more comfortable.

When the food was laid out, Trowa served her, much to her glee and protestations. He protested gently that he wasn't going to let her do a THING on their night, other than enjoy the experience. She was silent the entire time, a gleeful smile lighting her face. Little conversation was made during the meal. It was a little uncomfortable for Washu to not talk to Trowa for so long, but she got the pleasure of watching emotions he expressed dance through his eyes. She could only do the same back to him, eagerly staring nearly the entire time.

After finishing eating, the two sat next to each other on the fabric, staring at the fountain in content silent. Washu's arm helped prop her up, her head resting on Trowa's shoulder. Nuzzling her head with his cheek, Trowa smiled softly. For tonight, all was right with the world. Whatever horror was going to befall them could be worried over TOMORROW. "You can open your present now love." He softly announced. Her head pulled away and looked at him with a content smile before she reached for it. Trowa waited with held breath as she carefully unwrapped her gift. The frame slid out from one end, the faces emerging a second later. Tears came to her eyes at such a kind gesture. Her face dimly showed through the new panel of glass that protected her only pure family picture. Looking up at him through watery eyes, she smiled faintly.

"You put new glass in it." She whispered. One hand came out to wipe at a tear that fell, still not liking to see them there, no matter WHAT emotion caused them. His hand cupped her cheek, smiling tenderly.

"I kept it safe for you. I don't know what transpired the night you broke the frame, but it's whole again." He softly answered. She slowly moved forward to kiss him, being met halfway. Love flowed through their kiss, her gratitude spoken through the gesture. Pulling back slowly, their foreheads rested together, breaths mingling.

Trowa discreetly checked his watch, mentally keeping track of the time. He let their position stay for a little longer before pulling away to stand. He helped Washu up and took her off the checkered mat. "I have another gift for you." He softly murmured. She smiled at his generosity. Pulling her close, on hand rested over her waist, the other taking hold of her hand. Her free hand rested lightly over his collarbone, bringing a shiver throughout his body. An electric keyboard suddenly sprouted through the silence above the fountain's noise. Slowly swaying to the music, Trowa looked into Washu's eyes. "Don't look away." He softly ordered. She nodded with a small confused look. Trowa inhaled a shaky breath, bringing the lyrics forth in his mind to sing to the one he loved.

Take me as I am

Put your hand in mind, now and forever

Darling here I stand, stand before you now

Deep inside I always knew

It was you, you and me

Two hearts thrown together, bound by destiny

It was you, and you for me

Every road leads to your door, every step I take forever more


Just say you'll love me for the rest of your life

I've got a lot of love and I don't wanna let go

Will you still love me for the rest of my life?

Cause I can't go on, no I can't go on

I can't go on if I'm on my own


Take me as I am

Put your heart in mine, stay with me forever

Cause I am just a man

Never understood, I never had a thing to prove

There was you, you and me

That it all came clear so suddenly

I'm close to you that I wanna be


Just say you'll love me for the rest of your life

I've got a lot of love and I don't wanna let go

Will you still love me for the rest of my life?

Cause I can't go on, no I can't go on

I can't go on if I'm on my own


Do you believe that love could run so strong?

Do you believe that love could pass you by?

There was no special one for me, I was the lonely one you see

But then my heart lost all control, now you're all that I know


Just say you'll love me for the rest of your life

I've got a lot of love and I don't wanna let go

Will you still love me for the rest of my life?

Cause I can't go on, no I can't go on

I can't go on if I'm on my own

I can't go on, no I can't go on


Cause I can't go on, will you still love me

No I can't go on, just say you'll love me, can't go on

Without somebody I can call my own

Cause I can't go on, will you still love me

No I can't go on, just say you'll love me; stay around

Cause I can't go on, will you still love me

No I can't go on, just say you'll love me, can't go on

We can stay in love

Cause I can't go on, will you still love me

No I can't go on, just say you'll love me; stay around

Never be alone

Tears had made countless appearances by the time he'd finished his silent singing. Just because he didn't sing it outright didn't make it any less special. The emotion in his eyes overwhelmed her, choking her throat. What he was asking through those words...was something she readily accepted. The final chords played through, his song finished. Trowa's hand left her waist, one thumb slowly running across her cheekbone. The two shifted, kissing each other with all the love and passion they had felt in that moment and so long ago. Though emotional, the kiss was feather light, a silent vow of promise spoken through their emotions. When he finally pulled back, Washu smiled lovingly at him. "Always." She whispered tearily. A smile slowly widened on his face, faintly relief that she'd accept him for that long. His arms encircled her in a tight hug, needing to feel her close to him. She readily accepted it, her own arms clinging to him with equal amount of strength. "I too, have a present for you Trowa." She whispered against his chest. He pulled back enough to look into her eyes. She smiled through watery eyes and pulled back completely. Leaning down, she quickly grabbed the picture and looked around her. "Do we pick this up or..." She trailed off, unsure what to do with their small picnic dinner. He smiled slightly. "I'll inform one of the staff. Let's not ruin this night." He softly answered. She smiled and extended her hand, their rolls changing. He took it and she entwined their fingers, pulling him back to the palace. He followed her into a large ballroom, dozens of lit candles everywhere. In one corner where all the instruments lay, sat Quatre at a piano, Divinity standing next to it. Both dressed in normal clothes, Quatre smiled brightly while Trowa looked around wide-eyed. "You did all this?" He asked in slight awe. The shadows that flickered in the candlelight were comforting and serene. She smiled.

"That's not all love." She pulled him to a small circle created by the candles and positioned their hands for another dance. Looking behind to Quatre, he nodded and turned to the piano. It slowly filtered throughout the massive building, the familiar chords of their song bringing emotions into his eyes. She looked at him with a sweet smile. "You know the words love." He nodded dumbstruck and his soft tenor quickly filtered through the room, echoing off the high walls. Quatre's voice sounded as he too sang the words. Washu's soft soprano sprang through the silence as she started a verse, Divinity singing right along with her. Together, both couples sang together, Trowa and Washu to each other, Quatre and Divinity helping them out. Both sets of voices meshed together perfectly on the choruses, their souls put into the song.

Divinity stared at the couple in the center of the room, feeling adoration at their romantic behavior. Still singing, she eyed Quatre with a smile while they sang together. His beautiful eyes stared into deep doe-like brown with love as he continued to play. He knew the basics of all piano notes and chords, Divinity helping him out while Washu and Trowa had their dinner outside. The two were plainly visible from the ballroom window and the two teens spied on them the entire time. They left the window open during the song to dance to it.

Quatre took Trowa's idea and silently sang the current song to Divinity, feeling love for such a beautiful, kind creature. His eyes sparkled when she spun around through a small dance with her invisible partner, smiling in child carefree. He longed to get up from the piano and BE that partner, but continued to do this favor for his love-struck friend. He looked back at the two through the soft lighting, happy they finally got together. He always hoped they would and his wish was granted.


The night wore on slowly, few people still up. Only a few pairs of teen couples still loitered about, two still singing in the dance hall. Another sneaky couple spied from their vantage from the open doors, the beautiful music wafting through. The two smiled, coming to find out what was going on as soon as the piano started up. "They are SO CUTE together." Hilde whispered excitedly. Duo smiled widely and nodded in agreement.

"Yea. Trowa really did alright for himself." He muttered happily. Joy coursed through his veins for his fellow ex-pilot, glad he found something concrete in his life. Hilde smiled from the onslaught of an idea.

"Dance with me Duo." She asked happily. He looked at her, slightly skeptical.

"That's kind of impossible to do cutie, through your limp." She shook her head and grabbed his hands, drawing his body to hers.

"Nothing's impossible." She whispered, resting her feet lightly over his own. He smiled widely in realization and quietly rested her cane in an easy to reach place. Wrapping on arm around her waist tightly, his other grasped her hand as he slowly led the two in a silly romantic dance.


The bedroom door gaped open, the song roaming through the silent halls. She smiled and stared out the window, having seen the loving gestures from Trowa and Washu's picnic. She listened to the pairs of voices, hearing the beautiful words and their meaning. She knew that this was Washu's and Trowa's song, Washu came to her and told her so. She had wanted to play it for Trowa and Relena knew the best place to do so. She also provided the candles, happy help. She was so happy for Trowa, finding such a kind girl to love. Relena was glad she got to know such a person and hoped they would become friends. Turning from the window, she looked across the room, arms casually folded.

She was bathed in moonlight, creating a beautiful contrast of shadow and light with her face. Smiling softly, she stared at him, never wavering. A halo from the moon created on the crown of her head, giving her an even more angelic look than she already possessed. "It's a beautiful song." She softly commented. He nodded slowly, his gaze transfixed on the lovely creature in front of him. Slowly, she walked over to the edge of the large bed, standing at the foot. "It's a shame you can't stand with your injuries or I'd ask you to dance with me." She said softly. He blinked and his eyes softened slightly, a tilt at the joke. She noticed it and her eyes crinkled through a smile.

Moving closer, she carefully sat next to his hip, staring at his deep blue eyes, almost black by the lack of light. She never got tired of looking into those eyes. They held so much emotion, even though the rest of his face carefully lacked it. Her hand moved across his body and pressed into the mattress on the other side of his waist as she shifted her weight. Confusion and bashfulness was clearly written in his eyes, though kept from the rest of his features. She smiled slightly, eyes sparkling. "I guess I'll have to take what I can get, won't I?" She softly continued. His brow furrowed slightly, wondering what she was getting at. Biting her lip for a second, unsure to continue, she quickly threw all caution to the wind. This wasn't the first time; it wouldn't be the last. Leaning forward slowly, she stopped a breath away from his lips. "Kiss me Heero." She stated quietly. Time stopped, her breath held in waiting. His eyes slowly fluttered closed as he timidly responded to her request. Their lips met in the center in a gentle kiss, full of unknowing love.

Though unable to dance along with the romantic air that saturated the area, they provided enough of their own to the mix. Four couples shared all the love in their hearts, some held captive by unsure emotions, others willingly showing it after so long of holding it back. Their happiness reigned throughout the night, even after the song was done and the spell broken. Three other couples joined in the soft romantic kiss, touching souls with their soul mates. Some unknowing of the fact, others knowing all too well.


Off in the corner, shrouded in moonlight, an unseen couple danced alongside everyone else in the immediate area. Their bodies cast no shadows from the full moon, but if one looked hard enough, they could be seen in the light. Smiles on both faces, love glowed in their eyes. Although their lives were done, their love shone through, as bright as the moonlight. "Our daughter is all grown up." She softly whispered. Her voice carried with all the properties of a soft, caressing wind. Her partner smiled, seeing the motherly tears in his wife's eyes.

"We knew it would happen. I'm just glad she's happy."

"And in love." She added happily. They looked on joyously at their only daughter, parental love coursing through their ghostly veins.

"I love you Mera." He whispered. She turned to her love, smiling happily.

"And I love you Jeremiah." She whispered back. Their lips met softly, proclaiming their eternal love for each other. Their forms shimmered before the light swallowed up their spirits.

What Washu's father told Trowa was to listen to his heart and he would never go wrong. He himself had steered from that advice and it cost him suffering for tearing his family apart. He advised, as WELL as warned Trowa, so the ex-pilot wouldn't make the same mistake he would.
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I tried to make Washu as unresponsive and cold as possible, even though it WAS all a front. I'm pretty sure that if I cast her part ANY different each way, that the story might not've turned out as good as it did. Although I am not a child of abuse, I'm also not making fun or suggesting behavior of those that ARE or WERE. Abuse in any form is not funny. But...her lack of expression and hatred of men was EXACTLY what was needed to peek Trowa's interest in her. The small peeks at her TRUE personality in the beginning were enough to SHOW him to not cast her aside and judge her. He inadvertantly needed to see WHY she was acting like she was and in a way, get her to change her behavior.

As for Trowa's seemingly OOC behavior, it's justified. Wouldn't YOU do anything to try and bring a very unresponsive person from their shell? And when he spends so much time with Washu, feelings crop up as normal. The only problem with a long-term soldier is, he never ACTED on those feelings until later chapters. Most of it had to do with a little nudge after Washu and Trowa went to L-4. I HAD planned for Washu to tell TROWA everything first, but once again, the story just didn't turn OUT like that. ;) But it's all good anyway.

The little spots with the other pilots in the later chapters I added for a purpose. What they are, you'll see in the future parters...once I've got them DONE. And as far as Trowa's message to Quatre after chapter 3, you'll find out what THAT is in the third parter. And as for the note he wrote Hilde, you'll find out what THAT says in the fourth parter. Sooooo sorry to keep you all in suspense, ::chuckles evilly:: but I can spoil some of it right now and say: the only thing worth reading is Trowa's note to Hilde. THAT I made to fit his beginning persona

I think those two make QUITE the couple...and not just because I wrote it! ;) I stole Washu's name off the Tenchi Muyo tv series, the idea from the 'little Washu' comment she makes everyone say. My character's attributes mirror some of Trowa's, but I HONESTLY didn't intend for that to happen! HONEST! And every little quirk from her past and how she acts up to the last chapter worked out SO WELL once I reread it. But anyway...

See ya on the flipside!