Chapter 10: Remembered

Many months had passed since the intervention and Illa and Antony were walking on the woods together. The sun was glistening on their porcelain skin as their feet softly crushed the autumn leaves below. As they were walking, they realized Talia was walking along beside them.

"Talia," exclaimed Illa, both she and her brother turning towards him.

Talia smiled as if he had been walking by them for a long time. "Children," he said pleasantly, also stopping and turning his eyes towards the pair.

"We wondered if we were ever going to see you again," said Illa.

Talia sighed, his face becoming somber, "There was a time, dear one, when I was, for a moment, unsure of that as well."

All fell silent as the scarred memories and betrayed trust resurfaced form many months ago.

"Talia," sighed Antony, "What happened in the Shadowlands?"

Talia sighed, a small line of his unknowable age showing itself in his forehead as he kneaded his long, spiderlike fingers together. "He was jealous of the potential life you could have. He believed I had arranged it that way. So he forced himself back to this world to take you from it."

There was another grim pause. "What became of him?" asked Antony at last.

Talia looked as if the knowledge gave him a great deal of grief and pain. "He rejected the open arms of the second world and was once again rejected by the first. He does not belong to either world now, so he passed onto the third.

"What world is that?" asked Illa.

"That world is Nothing. And he, along with it, shall be nothing.

Illa sighed, she too not happy at the news either. "Hierarchy is missing its fifth," she stated.

"Another one will be selected when that person comes," responded Talia.

"Was he right?" Talia's eyes smoothly passed over to Antony. "Was Urios right about you arranging this for us?"

Talia winced at the uttering of the name. "It would be very easy for everyone to believe that," he said, "but no. I insisted upon the two of you because you were the most fit to end the war. The love, and the tragedy of that love, which was Sonja and Lucian were the triggers to the war that was created by Viktor with Sonja's death. I chose you because you are their children. As their children you were the only ones that would do anything to save them. Even if it meant defying one of the most powerful vampires in the world. Your grand-father." It was the children's turn to wince. "It was only mere happenstance that the ending of the war would return the two of you to life and would unite a shattered family."

"So," said Illa, "is the war over?"

"You succeeded in stopping the one Viktor would have made if you had not intervened; but he will grow strong again and return for you and your parents. But, for now, yes, you have won your peace."

The three of them heard a rhythmic pounding behind them. A lycan came through the trees, turning human as he did so. "Illa, Antony."

"Yes, Raze," said Antony, turning to the large man, "what is it?"

"You must come with me now. Lucian and the Lady Sonja have some things for you to see."

Antony and Illa's faces sharply snapped towards each other, one dazed, the other delighted. "Talia…" she said in wonder turning towards him.

But Talia was already gone, probably the moment the pair had turned to look at the lycan.

Illa's face fell slightly at the disappearance of the being responsible for everything that had happened, wondering if the past seconds would be the last time they would ever see their mentor. Antony gently laid his upon her shoulder and tugged her in the direction of home. She looked at him and nodded before turning back to the last place Talia was on the plane of this world. "Good-bye."

Antony and Illa followed Raze through the woods back to the castle. They reached the door that was Sonja and Lucian's room. Raze looked at them and opened the door. A pale-faced Sonja was resting on the bed, her body tired but her eyes were bright. Lucian had his back resting on the headboard, his hand braced on the pillow beside Sonja's opposite shoulder, leaning over the three people beneath him; his wife, and the two resting on her chest. Illa and Antony crept to the bed so as not to disturb the newborns. Sonja looked up and smiled, but Lucian only had eyes for the newer forms of his children. Illa and Antony sat down on the bed and looked at the infant versions of themselves as their parents looked on. Illa and Antony pulled back form their small faces framed in Sonja's arms. They looked at each other; a peaceful but resigned smile took over them as well as some seemingly instinctual feeling. "I think it is time for us to go now," said Illa.

That drew even Lucian's face up to them in shock. "What?" he asked.

"Now that we are born," said Illa indicating to the newborns, "we," she pointed at her brother and herself, "are now loose from the chain of time. They will grow up and not need to do anything we have done. We must blend with them or else upset the chain of time by starting our own."

"There is a catch," said Antony, "when we bond with them, we will forget what we are…what we've done, until our timeline and their timeline mesh, when they reach the age we are now. But time is void in the Shadowlands, so that could be many years from now."

Sonja looked down at her children in her arms and her children kneeling on the bed. "This is good-bye?"

Illa and Antony nodded curtly once. "If anything should happen, and we should disappear, we love you," said Illa.

"And we love you," responded Sonja.

The four embraced tenderly and then Sonja held out her children to her children.

Illa sighed nervously, "Take care of us."

Sonja nodded vigorously.

"We'll be waiting for you to come back to us," said Lucian.

"So will we," said Antony.

Illa and Antony touched the tips of their fingers to their younger selves small foreheads. The moment they did there was a sensual flash of light and they were gone. Sonja pulled her children against her chest and she and Lucian looked into Illa and Antony's innocent and wondering eyes, wondering themselves where in the recesses of their mind had they gone.

Many years passed and true to Talia's word Viktor rebuilt his power and struck out against the fledgling family and the society that they were the center of. But the family endured, the parents raising and protecting the children that had unknowingly had been their saviors years before. One day they were in the main hall. Lucian and Sonja were sitting on the steps leaning against the legs of Viktor's vacated chair. They watched Illa and Antony play fight in their hybrid forms like dancers across the shining, black stone. Lucian turned his head and looked at Sonja. He gave a half smile and rested his head against the top of her, interlocking his fingers.

Suddenly Illa and Antony yelped simultaneously and their knees buckled and collapsed, squeezing their eyes shut, mentally forcing themselves back to their normal forms. As quickly as it had come, it was gone. Their faces became still and they opened their eyes. The children slowly turned their heads and looked at their parents as if they had suddenly remembered something very important…


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