And so I could not help but write a story about my favorite Brawl character - Lucario. So far, my first story is taking a while to get to Lucario, so this is a background story about the lucario that will eventually end up in my story. It takes place entirely out of Lucario's point of view.

Well, the beginning sucks, but maybe you'll like it - who knows?

Where to begin? Truthfully, I do not know. My life has been quite complicated as far as I'm concerned, tangled and twisted with my confusion of what friendship – of what love – really meant. As a child, in the pre-evolved form of a riolu, my life had already found its knots that left me hanging by my ankles. Generally, lucarios are not allowed to have two children – it is against an ancient code – and unfortunately I was the second child born unto Rykario and Anka. Not to mean that my older brother was there, no; my brother had died as a riolu at the age of seven, when he was swimming in the lagoon where the sharpeedos laid their carcasses. No; when I was born, I was already a shame to my family, but I was an only child. My father and mother, nonetheless, had cared for me. Not only life skills necessary for survival, but also skills worthy of the legendary fighters my people are. Seven years straight, I have been training to become the greatest aura master the whole of Sinnoh region has ever seen – to show to my parents that I am not the shame they knew. Once I evolved later that year, taking shape of who I am today, a departed from my parents – another lucario tradition. Smelling the last breaths of the sea at the awakening of a new day, I made one last glance back at the home where I had grown up in – never to return unless if I find a partner. I felt myself smirking – female lucarios were rare to find, and masters live their lives alone, so who needs a mate? I turn my back on the sea.

Oh, where would I begin? I spent the next year alone, wearing down the pads on my feet traveling throughout the forests and hills of the great Sinnoh region. I had been so confused – by my seashore homeland, everything was so clear and open; I could see the dunes and the shoreline stretch on for miles, my home had been so easy to defend. But here in the dense forest, you had to watch your back constantly. I had close calls countless of times, but I said to myself, this was training to test my aura vision.

I could guess the untangling of my web of life began when I was eight. It was afternoon, and the sunlight was being blocked out by the thick canopy overhead. However, several streams of light made its way down to the forest floor, where it laid its fingers in dappled patches of warmth. Peering through the semi-darkness, I sensed that something was stirring ominously – I turned around, my aura flaring at the ends of my palms, but only to find a stunned pacharisu, quivering. I relaxed, and turned away. I kept walking forward, stepping lightly over ferns that lined the dark forest, and found a sun-filled world. I stepped out from the forest, blinking in the bright light. Adjusting my eyes, I looked around – I have never seen so much grass before. Back at home, there was only bladed, beach grasses that came in seldom clumps. Here, the gentle tendrils rippled in the spring zephyrs, shining in the sun. It took my breath away – I have never seen anything so calming and beautiful – here was a prairie, dotted with early blooms, with snow-capped, rugged hills in the background. So this could be the benefits of a wanderer, but deep in my heart, I wished to share it with a friend. I closed my eyes and thought. There were the sounds of chatots lightly singing behind me, and the wind playing through the leaves. I breathed it all in, and sighed, listening to the chatots serenade.


My ears twitched at the sound of the noise.

Thud thud.

It was a soft patting of dirt, the sound that I am quite familiar to as someone ready to pounce on my back. I quickly turned around, flinging a hastily rendered aura sphere.

I could say that this is where my life flipped me onto my feet.

Satisfied, I saw nothing, just a patch deep in the forest flare with blue aura. Maybe it has gone away. I watched for some time, and seeing nothing more, I turned my back. A big mistake – blinding blue light shot past me, lightly scraping against my ear.

"What was that for?!"

I felt as if I was paralyzed, just by the sound of another voice, talking to me. I didn't know what to think. Slowly, I rotated my body to lay my scarlet eyes on a shorter pokemon. Magenta eyes met mine, the light in it flaring and rippling with anger and confusion. I blinked and looked from the head to the toe of this pokemon. I pokemon that shared my ears, shared my pointed nose, my limbs, my paws, my tail – I blinked again and stared at the other lucario.

"Who are you?" By the sound of the voice, this was a female lucario. I, however, said nothing, but continued to look into her eyes – I have never seen that color of eyes on a lucario before. The magenta flames narrowed, and the lucario twitched her nose in a sniff. She stepped forward slightly and her peculiar eyes searched me.

"You are like me." she observed, slowly concluding. She stepped backwards, keeping a straight contact with my eyes. I couldn't help but scoff at the obvious statement,

"Of course I am like you – we are both lucarios." I snorted.

"A what?" she asked lightly, suddenly becoming curious.

"Lucarios, we are lucarios, smart one." I felt very annoyed – was she trying to be funny, and test my intelligence?

"So there are more of us?" she asked.


"Oh," she looked away, sheepishly, "you're the first one I've met." Now this statement caught my attention.

"What?" I felt myself ask, my mouth dropping, "What about your parents?" The lucario just looked away, her eyes flickering low and dim. I stared for a long time – this lucario was indeed a very odd case. I decided I would move on with my journey. I turned to leave.

"Wait." the lucario was suddenly in front of me – I stepped back in surprise.

"What is it?" I grumbled, not wanting to answer any more stupid questions – this lucario is nothing more than a child in my standards.

"Can I -" she hesitated before speaking again, "can I come with you?" I sighed, and prepared myself to say no. But the way her magenta teardrop eyes curved sadly downwards, and the way the ever swirling fuchsia shades pleaded desperately, I couldn't force myself to say no.

"Please?" she asked, her voice barely louder than a whisper, a soft whining touch to her voice. I felt something radiate from her – there was the tinge of sadness, of loneliness in her aura. I sighed – the overwhelming waves of loss pulsed through me, and I couldn't bear to stand it anymore.

"Fine," I said, making my final decision, "you may stay with me." I saw those eyes start to brim with tears, and she bowed her head graciously.

"Thank you." she whispered, "Thank you."

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