I Promise

By the Alternative Source

Author's Note: This is set after Journey's End. Donna has gone back home. The "Actual" Doctor is all alone now. This happens before the Christmas Special. That's all that I'm going to say.


" " = Speaking out loud.

' '= This is Rose thinking.

And any italics are = John or Rose's version of the Doctor that is guiding her.

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who.

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Pushing down a lever he set the course. A couple more buttons and he was finished. Stepping back he ran his hand over the Tardis console. He knew she would take care of the rest of it. Turning around he began to make his way back to his room. In all honesty he barely used it. He just couldn't stand the thought of being in there. Lying on his bed he would focus too much on the fact that he was alone. Well...was alone. Not anymore. Rose was there.

After the whole 'End of Time' fiasco with the Master and regaining his memories Rose had practically fallen asleep in his arms. And to his surprise when he picked her up bridal style he noticed that everyone else was in the room. Jack, Donna, Ianto, and Wilfred were just standing there with the most shocked looks. Without a word he signalled for them to follow him. When they got to the Tardis he placed her in his room and arranged for the others to have a place to sleep. After that he had gone to the console room to set the coordinates for the smoothest and quietest place that the Tardis could find. With a gentle hum the Tardis agreed and set off for a destination unknown.

And now he was on his way back to her. He couldn't help the smile that had been etched on his face for the last couple of hours. Things had changed dramatically. He still had his memories. The unlocked ones that let him remember the first time Rose met him on Gallifrey or the first time they had kissed during his previous regenerations. And the memories where he seemed to always feel alone were gone and replaced by her. But the memories that he couldn't help but sift through over and over again where the ones of John and Rose in the alternate world. In a sense they were his memories. He was John. And he was the Doctor. But it felt different. And the only explanation was that he felt whole now. But one thing was certain. The more that he looked through the memories the more they became second instinct and merge completely with him.

Reaching his room he entered without making a noise. Rose was still where he left her. Curled up on her side with the blanket tucked under her chin.

'She looks beautiful.'

Not bothering to change he simply took off his trainers and slid into the bed. And before he could pull her towards him she had rolled over and had her head nestled in the crook of his neck. She had always loved to do that from what he could remember. Wrapping his arms around her he turned his head into her hair and let the feeling wash over him. He wasn't alone anymore. She had promised to find him and she had kept it. This only made him love her more with every breath that he took.

He knew he should go to sleep. It had been a tiring day and he needed to be well rested for tomorrow's agenda. He already had it all planned out. First he would lie in bed for hours with Rose. Then they would have banana pancakes. The ones that she made were always the most perfect and delicious. Then they would analyze her and finally figure out what had happened to Rose to stop her aging and increase her connection with the time vortex. They would figure out what changed in Rose so the only choice that he had was to send her to find him.

"Will you stop it," Rose's sleepy voice murmured against his neck.

Looking down at her he chuckled, "Just thinking is all. No one's ever gotten hurt with just a little thinking, did they?"

"Then you obviously haven't met...yourself," she smiled and he could tell that she was coming out of her sleeping state. Pulling herself up she grinned at him, "Sleep."

"Can't," he admitted while tapping the side of his head, "Too much going on in here."

Leaning over she gave him a chaste kiss, "We've had a long journey. Don't worry. We can deal with the rest of it tomorrow. Right now it's just you," she kissed him again, "and me."

He couldn't help the smile that spread across his face. He could remember all the kisses they had shared but this was different. They were together. No complications or worries. They were just together and sometimes he couldn't wrap his head around it. Looking down at her he knew that he wanted to experience everything with her. Marriage, children, the rest of his life with her. And he would start it again with her. Fingering the ring on her necklace he asked, "Will you marry me?"

Her eyes came into focus and all the sleep disappeared from them, "What?"

"Will marry me?....Again?"

She let her fingers graze his cheek and he couldn't help but lean into the warmth they gave off, "I knew you would change things for me. Since the first moment. Since the first smile. Since the moment you found me." Kissing him again he felt Rose whisper the answer against his lips, "Yes."

Taking advantage of the moment he pulled her towards him and kissed her languidly trying to take everything in. Happiness that he had never felt flowed through him as she spoke those words. And when the kiss ended and she tucked herself safely in his arms and the crook of his neck he knew that she would stand by him forever as he would by her.

As he drifted off to sleep he remembered her words during his last moments in his human body.

"I promise. You will not be alone forever."

And he couldn't help but say, "I always knew that you were different. Atta girl."


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