Chapter 4

"Phew!" Cosmo sighed and wiped his forehead in relief. "That's a relief! For a second I thought you would say that Isaac was dead. That would be just terrible if that was the case, Wanda will never talk to me again if I'd let her down!"

"Honey." Mama Cosma told her son. "I don't think you understand. Isaac's dead, his life has ended completely, and there's nothing you can do for him now except prey his new home in hamster heaven is a good one." Cosmo started having tears in his eyes again.

"But, but you said he met his demise."

"Cosmo dear, demise means that he had met his death. He's deceased now. He's dead and can't be brought back to life even by magic." Cosmo started sniffing back his tears.

"But mama, he can't die, he just can't! I mean we were supposed to go to the Aquarium and Pipley's Believe it or Not, so he can't be dead. We had it all planed out and everything!" His mom toughed his shoddier.

"I'm sorry son, but not everything you dream works out the way you want them to. Dying is a part of life son, and there's no way of changing it." Cosmo tried to fight back his tears.

"But mama!" He sniffed. "We had so much planned! He's too good of a hamster to be gone and I'll have to confess to Wanda about what I did."

"Oh honey, it's not your fault he's dead. It's the way things go baby."

"But I'll miss him."

"I know you're sad son. Everyone is about death. It's just that…"

"No mom, I don't want to hear it."

"But son."

"Just… just leave me alone for a while." Cosmo went sadly to his bed.

"Son I'm so sorry this had to happen. It's just that…." Cosmo now looked irritated.

"I said I don't want to hear it, okay mom!" He yelled.

"Well, okay." She went to the door. "Just come when I call you down for breakfast."

"Whatever mom." Mama Cosma left the room. The depressed fairy hopped into bed and looked at a picture frame of Isaac he had taken the day before.

"Oh Isaac." He said, tears in his eyes. "You were such a good little rodent, but why did you have to go? Why?!" He remembered all the times he spent with the hamster, from the time when Wanda had given him to him in his hamster cage, to the time they went to bed last night. He then sat up, and cried in his lap.

Three minutes later, Mama Cosma called him down for breakfast.

"Coming mama!" The gloomy fairy then sat up, went off the bed, and then sadly flew downstairs to the kitchen. He looked up, his dad was sitting in a chair, reading the Fairy world Times, while sipping his cup of coffee. Cosmo sat in his chair while his mom put a plate of pancakes on the table for him with maple syrup.

"Cosmo." His mom said, whipping a glass with a towel. "I know you're depressed, but please eat something!" The fairy just picked up his fork, and twirled it around, then sighed. He pushed his plate aside.

"I'm sorry mama." He told her. "I'm not in the mood to eat right now," His father looked at him.

"What's the matter son?" He asked. Cosmo just looked down.

"He's depressed because the hamster Wanda has given him to take care of just died." Her hubby put down his newspaper, and consoled his son.

"Oh son." He said. "Since fairies are immortals, it must be hard on us to experience death like this. And it must be extremely hard on you."

"Cosmo." Mama Cosma told him. "Wanda called and I invited her over." Cosmo then looked up surprised.

"Mama, how could you? She'll never talk to me again when she finds out. Why?!"

"Because sweetheart, I felt that Wanda should know about this tragic incident."

"But mama, she'll hate me now for the rest of my life!" Mama Cosma then put down the towel and dishes and went over to her sad son.

"Oh honey, no she won't!"

"Yes she will, she'll hate me and my legendary gut."

"Cosmo sweetie, it's not your fault that Isaac died."

"Then how did he die?"

"Who knows, his time has just come I guess." She then hugged her son until the doorbell rang. They let go.

"Should I go get that for you?" She asked.

"No." The teenaged fairy sniffed. "I'll get it."

"Well, your father and I will just let you be then." She and her hubby went upstairs; Cosmo sadly went to the door and opened it, pretending to be happy.

"Hi Wanda." he said.

"Hi Cosmo!" She waved. "I got rid of my cold."


"So can I come in?"

"Oh sure, come in!" Wanda came in; Cosmo shut the door behind her.

"So, how was your weekend?" He asked.

"It was lame." She answered. "I was in bed the entire day yesterday. But now I'm holy as an angel!"

"Glad that you're all better."

"Oh why thank you Cosmo!" She looked around. "Now where's Isaac? I bet the little hamster is just dying to see me again!"

"Well Wanda, to tell you the truth he's…"

"In your room, of course!" She quickly flew upstairs to Cosmo's room.

"Wanda, don't go up there! WANDAAAAAA!" Cosmo quickly flew after her.

"I bet he missed me dearly!" She said. "I bet…" She gasped when she found the dead hamster wrapped in a blanket in Cosmo's mother's lap.

"He's d-dead?" Wanda asked. Mama Cosma looked at her and nodded sadly.

"Wanda, I'm sorry!" Cosmo told her when he caught up with her. "It's just that…"

"I knew I should never have trusted you."

"Actually you said you "drusted" me and…" Wanda then looked at Cosmo madly.

"Oh you know what I mean!" She shouted. "You're never trustworthy!"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you are never reliable! You always get in trouble, and you barely do any homework!" Cosmo was shocked to hear this.

"That is not true!" He snapped. "I have you know that I have been involved in How to Kill a Mockingbird!"

"Yeah, but that's because you mom has read it to you, when you were supposed to be reading it by yourself out of class!"

"Whoa, I'm only 15. Can't you give a freshman a break?"

"Well I'm a 16 year old sophomore and you don't hear me complaining, do you?"

"But you're perfect in everything! I never have gotten an A since 3rd grade, and here you are, Mss. Goody Pants!"

"Well if you paid attention a while back, I showed everybody that no body is perfect at everything."

"Exactly, nobody's perfect, so why are we still arguing?"

"Because you killed my science class's pet hamster!"

"But it was an accident! I didn't mean to…"

"Oh it was an accident? Yeah right!"

"But honest, it was…"

"Enough!" She went to Cosmo. "Blonda was right, I should never have dated you jerk! I abhor you, bye!"

"What does…?" But before he could finish, Wanda stormed out of the room. He looked at his mom.

"I told you she'd hate me mom!" He sniffed. "Why didn't you just listen to me?" His mom just shrugged.

The next day at school was a slow one for Cosmo. At lunch, he just sat by himself. Peter and Zack just looked at each other puzzled and wondered what was wrong with their friend, but they just sat down at another table of faires. He tried to pay attention in his classes, but his mind only thought about Wanda (Which was normal for him). How can he ever make it up to her?

At the end of seventh period, Cosmo was about to leave when his Art teacher, Mrs. Fumings came up to him.

"Excuse me Cosmo." She said. Cosmo looked up.

"Yes teach?"

"Before you leave, Mr. Newt would like to see you."

"Where is he?"

"He's in his science room. Do you know where that is?" Cosmo shook his head.

"Uh no I don't. Can you show me?"

"Well I'm busy as the bell rings, so…" Crystal came pass them, and stopped.

"Mrs. Fumings." She said. "I know where it is. Perhaps I can guide Cosmo to Wanda's science class?" The teacher looked at her.

"Why thank you Crystal!" Crystal bowed.

"You're welcome Mrs. Fumings." Crystal looked at Cosmo. "You ready Cosmo?"

"Yep I'm ready!" Then he sighed, for he knew that the talk wasn't going to involve giving him candy or talking about Wanda marrying him in the future, or his favorite television cartoons. "Might as well get this over with so I can start paying more attention in class if I feel like it." So then, he and Crystal exited the art room. On the way they met up with Zack, Sissy, and Peter. The five of them all went upstairs to the science area.

In Wanda's science room, they met up with Wanda and Mr. Newt.

Here it comes! Cosmo thought to himself. Mr. Newt. Will send me to the principal's office and tell her how I murdered his hamster. Then she'll call mom, have her come here, and I'll be expelled from Carl Poofy Pants High forever. I'll never be able to get married to Wanda, or see her Sissy, Zack, Blonda, and Peter ever again (through I don't really care about seeing Blonda again); I will be homeschoooled and forever be a disgrace to this school and hamsters everywhere!

When they saw them, Mr. Newt came over.

"Cosmo." He said to him. "Wanda told me about Isaac's tragic death this weekend." Cosmo couldn't hold it any longer; he knelt down, grabbed Mr. Newt's leg, and cried.

"I'm sorry Mr. Newt!" He cried. "I'm so sorry!"

"What on earth are you weeping about Cosmo?"

"Your hamster sir. I killed him."

"What on earth do you mean?"

"I went to bed and put Isaac in his cage, and in the morning, I went to wake up Isaac and he was dead!" He burst out crying. "I'm so sorry Mr. Newt. If you and Wanda abhor me now whatever that means, I totally understand!"

"Oh Cosmo." Mr. Newt said. "You didn't kill Isaac at all." Cosmo let go of the science teacher's legs, and looked at him.

"I didn't?"

"No, of course not."

"Then how the heck could he have died?"

"Well before Isaac goes to bed, he spins on his wheel. Now, I forgot to tell Wanda that the wheel was lose, I was going to repair it before break but I was just so busy that I forgot. I knew Wanda was an excellent student, and will check every single thing to make sure Isaac was comfortable when asleep, so I gave her that responsibility. But Wanda didn't know she would catch cold, so she gave the responsibility to you because she wants to trust you."

"And I thought she could trust me." Cosmo said, and then looked down. "But I couldn't, and that is why Isaac is dead, because of me."

"No! That's not true!" Cosmo looked at the teacher. "Cosmo, when Isaac went on his wheel Saturday night; the wheel must of came lose, Isaac tripped and bumped his head on the metal, and I predict that is how he died." Cosmo then looked hopeful.

"So I didn't murder him?"

"No way!" Wanda said, and came to him. "How could you have if you didn't do anything to him?"

"Well, I don't know."

"I guess I overreacted and blamed you on Isaac's death when you really didn't do anything. So I'm gravely sorry. Can you forgive me?"

"I guess. Okay!" He then hugged her. "I'll always forgive you no matter what!" Wanda smiled and hugged him back.

"Thank you Cosmo, you are so sweet." The teacher and students awed at the sight. Then Cosmo and Wanda stopped hugging.

"This is sooo romantic!" Sissy said.

"Totally!" Crystal agreed. Cosmo and Wanda stopped hugging.

"Now do you want to hear the rest of that riddle?" Mr. Newt asked. They looked at him.

"What riddle?" Cosmo wanted to know.

"I bet I know what it is." Wanda said.

"The boss asked the fairy seeking that job, how can you make 100 without any writing? And the man drew three bushes near the three trees. Now how is that 100?"

"Uh, ice cream?" Cosmo guessed. The others shrugged their soldiers except Wanda.

"Oh I think I know this!" She told them.

"Dirty tree and a turd, dirty tree and a turd, dirty tree and a turd." Mr. Newt told them.

"Uh, Mr. Newt are you catching a cold too?" Cosmo asked. The teacher smiled.

"No, it's thirty three and a third plus thirty three and a third plus thirty three and a third." Crystal explained.

"No, he said dirty tree and a turd." Cosmo told her. "How the heck is that thirty three and a third?" Wanda giggled and looked at him. She spoke in her best Norwegian that she could.

"Cause he's speakin' Norwegian, don't ya know?" Cosmo rubbed his head with his heads.

"Uhhhhhh!" He groaned. "Talking like Pichu again, now I got a headache all over again I think." Then they all laughed and laughed.