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Not As They Appear

Chapter 1: The Player

"Look Alice, two more idiots," I hissed glaring.

"Do they ever learn? I swear I saw the blonde with him about a week ago, and the red head with him about two days ago."

"He's a total ass."

"Who? I hope aren't talking about me," Alice and I turned away from the scum of the school to see our best friend, besides each other, Emmett.

"Of course not Em," Alice answered smiling.

"No we were talking about Cullen," my face probably looked like I just ate something disgusting.

Yes we were talking about Edward Cullen. I can easily sum his entire being in one word: player. Or even better, ass-hole. He is the type of guy that parades around the school 'dating' every girl in sight, and thinks he can get away with it because he is 'hot'. I personally don't see his pull on girls, but whatever.

I'm Isabella Swan, Bella. My best friend, Alice, and I are two of the three girls in school who hate Cullen. I have brown hair and eyes and am extremely plain. Alice is 4' 10", with short, spiky, black hair, and vibrant ocean blue eyes. Our other friend, Emmett, is covered in muscles, has curly brown hair, and light green eyes. His girlfriend, Rosalie Hale, is the other Cullen hater. She is also the most beautiful girl ever, with her wavy, blonde hair, and almost violet eyes.

As of right now Alice, Em, and I were sitting at lunch watching Cullen win at his game: getting girls.

"Can you believe it? Those two girls have 'dated' Cullen within the past two weeks, and are again his 'arm-candy'," spat Rose as she sat down next to Emmett.

"I honestly can't," Alice and Emmett nodded in agreement.

With that the bell rang and we walked off in separate directions to our next classes.

Sadly my next class was Biology. Even though it was the middle of the year our teacher decided to change our lad partners.

As I walked into class Mr. Banner told everyone to stand at the back of the classroom. I went to stand with Angela, my old lab partner.

"Can you believe that after half the year is over he is going to change our partners?" I asked Angela.

"No, I just hope that if I can't get paired with you I can get Ben as a partner." Even if she didn't want to admit it Angela had a major crush on Ben.

"I just hope I don't get paired with Cullen. Any one else I can deal with, but Cullen, I swear I would kill my self before we even started working," I grimaced.

"Why do you hat Edward so much? He's not really that bad once you get to know him." Even if Angela liked Ben, she was like every other girl and had a small crush on Cullen.

"Long story and yes he is that bad." Right then Cullen decided to 'grace us with his presence'

After the bell rang Mr. Banner began calling name of partners, "Angela and," I crossed my fingers hoping to get her as my partner, "Ben." Darn. "Bella and," anyone but Cullen, any one but Cullen, "Edward." Right when the name passed from Mr. Banner's mouth I froze in shock. I could not work, be civil, and get good grades all at once while working with Cullen.

Once Mr. Banner was done calling out partners and we were all seated he started a new lesson on something I already knew. I zoned out completely and thought about what happened between Edward and me. We used to be the best of friends.


I raced down the 8th grade hall towards Edward's locker. I was so excited and thrilled. I couldn't believe what I just did.

"Edward," I yelled when I got close enough.

"What Bella?" he asked when I reached him.

"Jacob just asked me out." Since we were little Edward and I have hated Jacob. When he asked me out this morning I was totally shocked. I told him to stick it and get the hell away from me. He looked like he was about to cry but I really didn't care. I just couldn't wait to tell Edward, he would get a kick out of it. I knew he would tease Jacob about getting rejected for the rest of his life.

What surprised me was that instead of saying anything to me, Edward just turned around, slammed his locker shut, and walked away with out a second glance.

It had been a whole day and Edward still hadn't talked to me. He ignored all of my phone calls and texts. I was currently at lunch with my other friends, Alice and Emmett. Edward then walked in the cafeteria and went to the opposite side of the room without even looking at me.

"Alice, Emmett, I'll be right back," they nodded and I got up.

When I was behind Edward I lightly tapped on his shoulder. He turned to look at me.

"What the hell do you want?"

I was shocked; Edward had never talked that way to me.

"What is the matter with you?"

"None of your business." With that he turned around. As he turned around he, with out knowing it, broke my heart. Since we meet I had had a crush on Edward. Now I hated him.


When I came back to the present the bell was about to ring. I caught the end of what Mr. Banner was saying, "That will be all for today. Tomorrow we will do a lab, so be prepared."

The bell then decided to ring. I quickly grabbed my stuff and headed to gym. The one good thing about gym was that Alice, Rose, Em, and I all had gym together. The down side, Cullen was also in that class.

I got into the locker room where I meet up with Alice and Rose. We changed and headed out to the guy, where we sat by Emmett on the bleachers.

"So how was class?" Em asked us.

"Fine" replied Rose and Alice.


"Why? Did little Bella fall on her face again?" asked Emmett.

"No, we got new lab partners and you'll never gust who mine is."

"No," said a shocked Rosalie.

"Yep, Cullen is my new partner."

"Bella I pray for you." Alice said putting her hand on my shoulder. Rose and Emmett nodded in agreement.

"Talking about me are we Swan?" Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

"Go to hell," I spat at him.

"Nah, I'd rather not. You can go though." With that he turned away.

I could tell Bio. Would be very interesting this semester.

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