Dear readers,

I was going to add more to this story but I have major writers block and I think that was a good ending. If enough people ask I may add a sequel latter on but no promises.

I want to work on some of my other stories. Mainly fly. I also want to see what you all think about some of my other story ideas. Just pm me please.

1) A Glimpse: Twilight- Takes place in between eclipse and breaking dawn. Bella, Alice, Rose, Esme, and Renée are in new York on Bella`s bachelorette party. One night when Bella falls asleep she wakes to find she was sent to 1933, the year Rose was changed.

2) Reading Book One: Harry Potter- Harry and 17 others are transported through time and space to read the HP books. I know it's been done before but I thought I would try it.

3) I'd tell you I love you but: twilight- Bella is a vampire and an assassin for the Volturi. What will she do when her next targets are the Cullens?

5) Rewinding Time: Harry Potter- Harry is sent back to 1977 to protect the future. Too bad the only way to do that is to teach his parents.

6) What changed their lives: Twilight- a few days before Bella comes to forks, the Cullens receive five books. When they see Edward`s name in the back they decide to read them.

So, tell me which ones you like.

Thanks and love,