Here we go, the newly revamped chapter's of Night Life.

So somethings have remained the same while other things are going to become different. How different? Well that's up to you to decide, but I will say that it's different to the point that I have taken down chapter's 4-9. I have to admit that the pace of the story was a bit slow to my taste so a lot of re-writing will and is being taken place.

Though some of you may read chapter one several times, I must- no I beg of you to re-read it because... well somethings are different.

Thank you for all the support to this point, I hope you guys enjoy the new take on things.

Chapter 1 Re-Written

'Damn this rider' thought a raven haired teen as he and his shadow rounded the fourth corner so far.

Originally the teen planned to take his GSXR 1000 for a run around Konoha in the crisp night air. He never expected that competition would come out of no where when the raven hair rider shot down a main street that proved to be an invigorating straight away. The midnight colored helmet did a quick double take into the bike's rear view mirror as it's falcon design shone under the moonlight. His bike blended with the night air, but the navy blue designs on his bike shone under the quick passing of a street light, and at the tail of his bike was his clan's signature fan on either side. Said rider professionally executed a cornering techniques after the second light the two passed. To his dismay, the mysterious rider who showed up earlier perfectly mimed his movements. Sasuke Uchiha has met his match.

His competition sported a dark orange helmet with a black stripe design coming from the corners of his shaded visor, the right side of his helmet had the kanji for 'Fox' tattooed there. The competitor rode up next to the Uchiha, but still somewhat trailed him, taking advantage of this Sasuke glanced into his rear view mirror once more to see a Yamaha YZF600R, a mere Thundercat against his GSXR. The front half of the bike also had a dark orange base, like his helmet, with black tribal designs that made his tail end completely black as well, from where Sasuke was he could see that there was also more designs on his tail.

The two cornered yet another turn, Sasuke's competitor being the ultimate shadow. The Uchiha rider could feel his blood pumping at the thought of his competitions skill. Said competition began to gas his engine a bit more, but Sasuke caught him on in time to follow the suit. In the still night the two topped out in speeds of 130 mph as both fought for dominance in the street. Soon the GSXR found the lead once more, but had to come to a complete halt, for the two rode right into a dead end street. Sasuke gently squeezed his breaks as his bike got down to 90 mph, then executed a power slide, his tail end barely nicked the metal railings of the dead end street. His competition opted for doing a stoppie instead of a power slide, less strain on the tire, but more the chance of being flipped off your bike. That and the orange rider didn't have that great of a break to withstand a power slide at 90 mph

"Nice GSXR." a gruff voice came from the orange helmet after coming to a complete stop.

"You too." Sasuke replied as he flipped his visor up for a better view of the man who was almost his equal "Never seen a Thundercat ride like that before" The Uchiha eyed YZF600R, the tail end had the kanji for 'Kitsune' on the left and its translation on the right.

"I take it that you've done some work on that Suzuki" the voice continued, it sounded genuinely interested "It rides better, breaks better too, than other Suzuki's I've raced" Sasuke had a small smirk grow on under his helmet.

"You learn from experience." came a casual reply.

"I noticed." The orange rider reved his engine.

"Sasuke Uchiha"

"Fox" and with that the rider rode off, leaving a slightly irritated GSXR owner there in that dead end street. Sasuke sighed, he was positive he'll see that man who calls himself Fox again no doubt. It seems that Konoha has a new rider to enjoy it's night life.

Fox rode about Konoha for about fifteen minutes at cruising speeds. He took a turn down an alley way and rode out onto a backstreet that seemed forgotten as the city progressed into the modern times. The mysterious biker then rode down another unused alley and came out at what appeared to be a storage district, which was also forgotten in time, that was once used by the Namikaze Shipping Company. Riding down the rows of uniformly built warehouses he came to one near the edge of a pond that stretched into the forest's opening. He opened a panel that seemed unused for some time and punched a 9-digit code. The metal warehouse door began to open big enough for an 18 wheeler to be parked.

As he entered Fox placed his bike to the left side of the docking zone, the pit-like area was his garage space. He climbed a ladder off to the right of the entrance on to the surrounding concrete, which was stage-like, that formed the U-shaped docking pit, it raised about 10 feet off the ground. Fox used the whole concrete platform as a home; kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Turns out the Namikaze before him had a passion similar to Konoha's current generation, he transformed one of the unused warehouses into a suitable living quarters, well that was almost 20 years ago so Fox had to do a lot of revamping to the place before he moved in. Finally Fox came to the final ladder, it was welded firmly on the metal platform off to the far left corner from the entrance. It raised 20 feet off above the concrete platform and was still as sturdy as ever. Fox used this as a bed room of the sort, he set up a futon and small coffee table that lifted 2 feet off the ground, atop the table was a small lamp and school supplies.

Fox slipped off his helmet to reveal the golden spikes it hidden, the teen glanced at his phone before placing it down on the table next to his helmet, the time read 2 in the morning and he had school that day, after all he only needed to finish about a month and a half of school then Sophomore year was over. Silently Fox thought of his encounter with Sasuke Uchiha, Academy High, and what exactly his long forgotten home town remembers of him.

'Fucking alarm...' It was obvious that the pink haired teen was extremely aggravated at the time, she stayed out too late at the meet the night before, that and the only time she cussed was when she was irritated. Nothing a nice shower and other hygienic routines would fix. Sakura Haruno then sported her black leggings, khaki mini-skirt, and pink v-neck shirt that showed what it was suppose to show. The 16 year old worked her way into the kitchen, she imagined that her mother was still getting ready for the day so she settled for some pop tarts.

Grabbing her white leather bike jacket with the custom pink dragon design courtesy of a certain someone she shared an interest with, she headed to her garage. She grabbed her white helmet with custom falling cherry blossom's, courtesy of same someone, and opened her garage. There was her Honda CBR600RR, it had a stock white and black colors, but had a dragon and cherry blossom design extending from the front of her bike to the tail, everything was a courtesy of this same certain special someone.

'He's here before me?' Sakura saw his bike parked already in his spot as she cruised into the Academy's parking lot. There were as many bikes as there were cars, after all the fast life was the lively hood of Konoha. Sakura smiled at the thought and silently thanked the man responsible for the law where if your driving over 90 mph no chase will be given, but if they spot your plates you can be ticketed. Then again that's even more of a reason to go even faster.

Sakura parked her bike and began her walk inside the Academy, she received many glances from the students. This was nothing new to the Haruno, after all, she IS one of the best riders in the Academy and that's saying something. As she retrieved books and other necessities from her locker she felt a certain someone's presence right next to her, yes THAT certain someone who has given her what she has mentioned before.

Sasuke Uchiha, her boyfriend, stood there with a nonchalant expression. Sakura Haruno, girlfriend of Sasuke Uchiha, returned the gesture with equal flare.

"Tch... Hey" He gave up on the expression and looked down at her with gentle eyes.

"Morning Sasuke-kun" She gave him a bright smile and a peck on the cheek as the Uchiha dropped his cold demeanor for a casual look. "Have a nice night?" Sakura recalled the aggravated texts she received from Sasuke first thing in the morning.

"Tch." Sasuke and an annoyed expression and leaned against the locker. Sakura shook her head and stared Sasuke down so that he would finally tell her who the mystery man was that he mentioned in his texts from the night before. "He's some new comer, rides a supped up Thundercat that makes you question if that bike has any of its original parts. He managed to keep up with me AND shadow me, the guy's insane." He sighed once more "But then again, I can't wait to really race him though." Sakura shot him an impatient expression.

"What do you mean by YOU get to race him?" Sakura retorted as she placed her helmet inside the locker "I let you get at that last guy, Neji, in a race. It's my turn now Sasuke-kun" she gave him a look that he hated with all his heart.

"Fine... you take him." He looked away as his girlfriend ceased the look "I don't get how you do that..."

"It's a girl thing" She latched onto his arm and giggled at his antics, Sasuke couldn't help but put on a small grin.

"Look, it's Falcon and Dragon Blossom" Sakura heard the gossip go about as the two walked down the halls together, she sighed. The pinkette had a feeling that some nerd would try to talk to her about it, after all, she and Sasuke only hooked up about a week ago. But even before that the two still had a more-than-friendly feeling towards one another for a what seemed years when in fact it was just a few months.

"So Dragon Blossom are we on still for tomorrow night?" Sasuke stopped in front of her homeroom class and the bell signaling school to begin the 15 minute homeroom period rang.

"So long as I get first dibs on that Fox guy Falcon-kun." she smile sweetly at the now brooding teen.

"I gotta think about that" He gave her a smirk that earned him a light slap on the arm and his girlfriend walking into the classroom. The first 5 minutes of the ten minute homeroom period was uneventful, that was until their Sensei interrupted her time of boring peace and quiet.

"We have a new transfer student." The sensei began in an monotonous tone that still grabbed the classes attention "His name's Naruto Uzumaki, I expect you to treat him well and take care of him." The Sensei finished his speech and appointed the blond to a seat next to Sakura.

"Hey." Was the first thing he said to her as he sat down to her left near the window. Sakura was a bit saddened as the new guy took his seat, it would now be awkward for her to look out the window with him there now.

"Sakura Haruno, nice to meet you Naruto" She replied warmly as she took note of the fact he only carried his books and other essentials, she assumed that his bag was in his locker.

"Mind showing me around later Sakura-san?" The whiskered teen felt the new-kid-on-the-block uneasiness as he began to get situated in his seat, but the sight of a friendly Sakura Haruno settled his nerves a bit.

"Sure, I don't mind showing you around a bit." She felt the nerve racking aura the blond emitted and flashed a smile that made Naruto's heart skip a crucial beat, he shrugged the feeling off as soon as it came. "If you need anything else just tell me, I'd be more than happy to help you out."

"I'd appreciate that." He emitted a warm smile, Sakura thought she felt a blush but quickly pushed the thought away.

'Damn she is cute.' Naruto's gazed lingered a second longer as Sakura turned her attention to the front of the class. In turn the blond averted his attention to the window as he gazed at the scenery outside, he spotted a parking garage structure not too far from the school and let his eyes rest on the structure for what seemed like hours.

Sakura gave Naruto a quick once over while he was distracted with looking out the window, he sported a black-tee, white half-jacket, loose jeans and white and black tennis shoes. 'Not bad...' She thought to herself, the new kid could be an interesting one. 'I wonder if he's into fast life too, he seems like the type.' The bell signaling the end of homeroom rang and the start of one of first four periods of the day, and the end of her train of thought.

"Oh man... who would have thought that my teacher would turn out to be one of those stereo-typical old guys." Naruto stretched out his arms, his mind fried from the old man's ranting.

Sakura giggled at the blond teen's antics "Well it has it's upsides, Sensei is an oblivious individual." That helped explained why the guy in the third row never got caught texting out in the open. 'His phone was right there in front of his freaking face!' Naruto thought as he trailed his guide.

"So is there anything decent to eat here?" Naruto's been to his share of schools around the whole continent, and ninety-percent of the time the food was always just tolerable enough for his stomach.

"Don't worry too much about dying from poisonous sandwiches, the food's pretty decent for school food." Sakura explained "Just avoid the nacho's though, they taste a bit funny..." Naruto only needed to be warned once about 'funny' food.

"Alright then I'll keep that in mind." The two then entered the cafeteria, the place was littered with students left and right.

"The line for meals are over there." She made a gesture "Vending machines are outside in the courtyard and a couple more tables for when the weather's nice like today."

"Thanks Sakura-san."

"No problem Naruto." Sakura attention then caught another blond "Well, I guess I'll see you at class then." And with that she left him to join her group of friends.

"Hope class starts real soon then." Naruto added softly, his gaze slow diverted to her hips as she walked away. Quickly he looked away and pondered what he should get for lunch.

"Hey Sakura!" Ino scooted over on the bench as her best friend took a seat with her and Hinata in the courtyard.

"Hey Ino, hey Hinata. How was chem?" Sakura took an apple off Ino's plate.

"Ugh... we had a sub for chemistry, it was that old fart Takamichi." Ino groaned as she hist her head on the table.

"It wasn't t-too bad Ino." Hinata patted her friend's shoulder.

"Oh but it was, the guy just went on and on about some war instead of giving us a free period." Ino looked up at the brunette "AND! If I remember correctly a certain Hyuuga fell asleep about half through the class."

Sakura gave off a few giggles, it was rare to see a straight A student dozing off in class.

"I-I couldn't help it Ino..." Hinata blushed as she noticed a new face step into the courtyard and took a place under a small cherry blossom tree that was planted last year. "W-Whose t-that?" She stammered, it obvious that she thought the new face was cute. Sakura and Ino found that when Hinata has an interest in a boy her stammering would elevate ever so much.

"That's a good question Hinata, I've never seen anyone with birthmarks like that on his cheeks." She peered over at the blond's whisker.

"That's Naruto Uzumaki, he just transferred here." Sakura spied said guy out of the corner of her eye. "He's in my class."

"Looks like Hinata has a thing for him." The brunette immediately snapped out of her trance that was Naruto and blushed even more. The girls then burst into a fit of giggles.

"Don't forget Kiba now." Ino added in delight, Hinata's blush darkened even more at the mention of that rebellious teen's name.

Naruto looked over to his left ever so slightly at the giggling girls, he grinned and let out a huff at the sight. Soon four other boys approached the group of girl's, A raven haired brooding figure. A stout but sturdy brown haired teen that seemed to pack more muscle than fat. A wild looking teen. And a lazy looking figure.

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura squealed in delight as the raven-haired teen wrapped his arms around his girlfriend from behind, the gesture was half-expected considering it was break time. Naruto frowned at the sight, he wasn't sure why he did but he went back to eating his lunch. Something about that whole scene just now bothered him to no avail, it just didn't settle in very well with his nerves.

Soon lunch ended and the masses returned to their perspective classrooms. Naruto waited a bit to give the group he was watching some time before heading to his classroom. He didn't feel like running into the happy couple, why? He just could not come up with a legitimate reason not to do so. Taking casual strides back to the room he spotted a certain classmate waiting on him.

"Hey Naruto, sorry for-"

"It's fine, I've got a decent sense of a direction." The teen quickly interjected as he opened the door for her.

"If you say, but still, sorry for ditching you during lunch and all." Sakura's guilty feeling's for leaving the new kid all by himself on his first day began to etch their selves onto her expression.

"Like I said, it's fine Sakura-san. 'Sides, I went exploring around the campus during break." Naruto lied, her guilty face bugged him a bit, just a little bit.

"Heheheh... I feel a bit better about lunch now." She sighed as she walked into the class room.

"Don't worry about it, really." And the last two periods of the day began.

Naruto was able to tolerate the last two periods, his fifth period teacher looked like some kind of bombshell out of a Playboy magazine, he had a lot of trouble trying to keep his eyes off the red-eyed beauty who taught them algebra. The young rider then ended the day with physical education, currently the class was doing their swimming unit, but Naruto did not receive his PE uniform yet so he sat through the period observing the reason why swim suits are man kinds greatest invention ever.

"So... what do you think about the Academy?" Naruto was snapped out of his day dreaming as he walked to his locker.

"Ehh... it was alright, could have done without our English teacher, but I'd have to say our math teacher kinda balanced it all out." Naruto's reply earned him a small slap on the shoulder, he faked the pain with a matching expression. "Gah... you brute."

"Oh quit being a baby, you should know better than to check out our teachers." Sakura retorted.

"Your one to talk... it's pretty obvious you gotta thing for our English teacher Sakura-san." Naruto jested once again, this earned him a slightly harder slap on the left shoulder once more. "Geeze Sakura, I'm gonna turn into a cripple at this rate."

"I think you would be more enjoyable as a cripple if you keep up with those remarks of yours." Sakura smirked to herself as she continued to trail Naruto down the hall ways.

A devious grin made it's way to Naruto's face. "I guess it wouldn't be so bad since you'd be liable for me."

"What makes you think I'd be liable for you?" She raised a brow as a ways to challenge his claim.

"Well..." Naruto drawled on "That's why I have the right to sue you of everything you have right down to the clothes on your back Sakura-san."

She giggled at the remark "Oh I think we could work something out if it comes down to it."

"Well, this is my locker. Thanks for showing me around today Sakura-san." Naruto gave a small smile to her.

"No problem Naruto, and please" Sakura started walking away "just call me 'Sakura'" Naruto nodded his head in understanding and opened his locker, the first day at the Academy was an interesting and fun one. He opened his locker and grabbed his bag inside and various other academic related items he would need to complete the day's homework.

As he headed out the main entrance and to the bus stop he saw Sakura and her two friend from earlier that day, the trio had on their leather bike jackets over their clothes. Naruto watched as Sakura and Hinata mount the same bike and Ino on her personal one, 'I'm gonna take a guess and say that the bike belongs to Sakura.' He watched as she switched the engine alive, Ino pulled up next to the pair and before long the Uzumaki spots a group of four bikers pulling up next to the girls.

"The bastard from earlier I'm guessing." The words just slipped out of the whiskered teen's lips, it surprised even him.

And just like that the pack left the school with the new kid left behind with nothing but a frown on his face.

The street seemed to glow under the stars as the street lights hung low within the Main District of the city, a loan Yamaha Thundercat cruised it's streets as the rider got a feel for the whole city. There was a race going on near the edge of the Red Light District, that district was only about half a mile in radius, but the place had it's name for all the gambling halls and whore houses it had lined up on it's streets.

Fox zipped on past the Tower, it stood in all it's glory as lights shone on the structure from below.

'Fit for a banquet.' He mused as he circled around the block to get the whole view of the place. 'I wonder what the view would be like from the top of that.'

In an instant he felt the force of another rider dash by him, the tail lights glowed as the machine slowed down signaling what both rider's wanted to do. Fox sped up and rode at an even speed next to what he picked out to be a Benelli Cafe 1130 Racer, the black shone under the street lights and all but a simple lone red cloud shone on the gas tank of the motorcycle. The two riders made eyes with each other before a sharp cry from both street bikes erupted through out the Main District.

'Let's see what you've got' The two went neck and neck with each other as they fought for dominance on the straight away, two blocks away there would be a four intersection. The orange rider tried to move in front of the Benelli rider, but it was cut short as his competitor went into the next gear. With a block left on the straight away the red cloud rider signaled for a right turn and Fox lagged behind as he followed the racer.

'I'll get him on the next straight away.' When racing in this style it had an advantage to being in the lead if there were a series of turns.

To Fox's delight it was another straight away that was five blocks long, the raw power of the bikes engines seemed to stir the district as a few lights from the building over head turned on as they flew down the path. Fox already had his signal on for a right turn as he cut ahead of the racer and curved the sharp right turn, the next series of streets were decked with several turns and Fox used his lead to his advantage as he led the dark rider through a confusing loop of turns. He could practical feel himself cut through the cement with each turn as he took the next corner which led him back to the Tower.

However, the Benelli rider knew this as well as he got on the inside of Fox's turn.

"Fuck." The orange rider keeps forgetting that he doesn't have much of a home advantage when it came to street racing in Konoha.

The Benelli peeled off as Naruto high beamed him from behind, admitting his loss. Coming to a halt, Naruto removed his helmet as he watched his first loss in Konoha corner the next right and disappear from his sight.

"I'm loving this place more and more with every race." The blond teen smiled in delight as he checked the time.

3:15 in the morning.

And he had a bus to catch in a few hours.

"Next stop, Academy High School."

Naruto snapped his attention from his PSP as he took note of the bus slowing down for stop. Hastily he tucked the entertainment system into his bag and stepped out the bus. The Academy was across the street and about a block and half away from the stop, the school bell wouldn't ring for another 30 minutes so Naruto took his time walking to the main gates of the school.

Before he could cross the street a Kawasaki ZX6R caught his attention. It had a metallic purple base and the secondary was a metallic silver and the feminine design suited the rider on it. Then to the Uzumaki's surprise, the rider pulled over and flipped up her visor.

"Hey, you're Sakura's friend Naruto." He could feel the rider's eyes size him up as she leaned back on her bike "How do you usually get to school?"

"The bus." Naruto replied as he looked the bike over "Do I know you from some where or something like that?" He raised a brow at the rider.

"Oh yeah, silly me." Ino removed her helmet "I'm Sakura's best friend the beautiful and great Ino Yamanaka." She gave a wink that cause a bit of heat go to Naruto's cheeks. "So where you from anyways?"

"I just transferred here from Suna." The Uzumaki looked around to see if there was anyone else around, he could feel the conversation going somewhere he didn't want to.

"Oh, I've been there once a few years back with my family. Not much out there except for endless roads and the casino's out there." The Yamanaka kept her cool as she let her helmet rest between the handle bar's of the Kawasaki. "So why did you transfer out here? Family reasons? Got tired of the weather?" She took note as Naruto blinked a few times and looked off to the sides a bit.

"I've got some family matters to take care of here." He said quickly as he began to cross the street.

Ino eyed the blond as he began the cross. "Come join us for lunch Uzumaki."

"...Sure thing Ino." Naruto mentally kicked himself for hesitating to confirm her invitation for lunch.

'What ever are you hiding Uzumaki?' Ino grinned to herself at the countless possibilities and reasons as her Kawasaki roared back to life and rode the rest of the way to the parking lot.

'Damn... that Sasuke guy sure is one lucky bastard.' The thought was random and alien to Naruto as he propped himself against a large oak tree near the parking lot. A white Honda pulled up next to where Ino parked her bike, the rider removed her helmet and out came the tussled pink locks with the... appealing emerald eyes? Naruto shook his head and slumped down to the grass at the thought. 'Argh, get it together Uzumaki.' He finally got a hold of himself and looked up just in time to see another bike pull up.

'And of course, the knight in shining armor appears.' The blond frowned as he watched Sasuke dismount his GSXR and greet the two ladies.

Sasuke propped Sakura against her bike so that she was leaning against it when he leaned in for his morning kiss, Naruto turned the other way for this part of the morning. Soon he no longer felt the need to watch what happened in the parking lot, he found the sky suddenly much more interesting. He watched at least two clouds pass by over head before hearing the crunching of grass next to him, it was one of those guys who hung around with Sasuke yesterday.

"You're in my spot." came a blunt greeting. Naruto looked up to see a lazy expression that seemed to be forever etched into his face. His tied hair resembled a pineapple, but Naruto fought back the urge to grin.

"Neh... I don't see your name in this spot." The blond returned his attention to the sky above. He heard a mumble which sounded similar to 'troublesome'. "Well your not the only guy in the world who looks at the clouds you know." was his reply to the incoherent phrase.

"This just so happens to be a very ideal spot for cloud gazing." The pineapple teen took a seat against the trunk of the tree. "The roof is fine in the spring, but in the summer it gets too hot up there."

"Is there any other spot that I should know about?" The guy seemed pretty decent.

"My classroom, room 2-3, where I sit."

"Funny... I was thinking of where I myself sit, class 2-1, as the next best thing." Naruto sat up and leaned back on his hands, his head turned slightly to his new company.

"Guess any window seat in any classroom is the 'next-best-thing'" His company looked to the sky while toying with his keys in his left hand. "Shikamaru Nara."

"Naruto Uzumaki."

"Well..." The Nara stood up and pocketed his keys, he sported cargo pants, a white shirt with a green button up that stayed open. "I'll be seeing you around Uzumaki." As is on cue the school bell rang and Naruto started to rush inside, he still needed to visit his locker.

"Geeze Naruto." Sakura's stern voice was the first thing that flowed into the Naruto's mind as he looked around. "First you're late to homeroom and now your sleeping in class, your starting to remind me of my friend Shikamaru." the lecture continued as Naruto realized that fourth period ended a few minutes ago and that they were the only two in the room.

"S-sorry Sakura, can't help it sometimes." Naruto stretched out his joints a bit before getting up, the teen had a pretty good run the night before.

"Really now, it's only your second day." Sakura began walking out, not noticing the keys that fell out of her jeans. However Naruto did, still a bit groggy he picked them up.

"Ne... Sakura your keys." Naruto tossed them to her in a familiar manner.

She caught them on point, Sakura would be lying if she said she expected the new kid to throw her keys to her rather than hand it to her like most non-racers, no- non-drivers would do. The pink haired teen was now curious about what the blond drove around, but she would save that question for another time when Naruto wasn't half asleep. "Thanks Naruto, now come on, I wanna go." Naruto was half dragged to the cafeteria and was surprisingly forced to sit as they went outside to the courtyard.

"Hey, so glad you can join us Naruto." Ino greeted the two as they came to the table.

Sakura sent a curious glance to both of her blond friends "Wait, what?"

"It's nothing Sakura, just continuing our conversation from this morning. Trying to help Naruto-kun feel welcomed into the school." Ino answered coyly.

"Uh-huh..." Sakura was a bit skeptical, but didn't let Naruto in on what was going on. Ino had a notorious reputation of gathering information, she'd pick up what she could about anyone and everyone so that if the situation should come down to it, Ino would come out on top.

Naruto bit his cheek as he watched the exchange between the two friends. "Come on Naruto, take a seat, I promise I won't let Ino bite you." Sakura patted the empty spot next to her.

"Not much anyways..." Ino added quietly, this cause Sakura to shoot a dirty glance to her blond friend.

"H-hey-" Hinata's gaze quickly caught on to Naruto, she was a bit surprised to see a new blond sitting at their table.

"Hey Hinata, this is Naruto." Sakura ushered her to sit between her and Ino while Naruto sat on the other side.

"Hey Hinata, it's nice to meet you." He offered a grin and received a shy one from her, he was happy that Hinata came along to break the rising mood that began to cause Naruto to feel uncomfortable.

"She's not exactly a very confident person." Ino quickly whispered as her brunette friend paid close attention to the table.

"Oh really now?" Came his sarcastic remark, Ino replied to this by bruising his shin.

"Shiiiieet... no wonder you two are best friends." Naruto muttered as he rubbed his leg.

"OI! Ino! Where's my food?" Shikamaru was walking toward the table with two guys on either side of him.

"You lazy ass, I told you I wasn't going to get you food this week." She huffed in reply.

"Women... you're the one who said you'll get it for me anyways." He muttered, Shikamaru quickly caught sight of the other blond. "Hey, its you from this morning."

"I prefer 'Naruto' over 'you'. After all I'm not Chinese pineapple head." Naruto retorted as he rubbed his shin a bit more in annoyance, it really hurt a lot.

"Oh, so your a comedian now Naruto?" Shikamaru raised a brow.

"Maybe, I've got a thing or two for stand-up." Naruto eyed the two others with Shikamaru, the Nara took notice of this and grinned a bit to set the mood.

"Oh, this is Kiba and Chouji." He pointed them out and took a seat next to the whiskered teen.

"Yo, you can call me either Fang or Kiba, big guy over here will answer to Muscle too." Kiba quickly added "And lazy over there recently took a liking to 'Shadow'."

"What's with the names?" The spiky haired blond looked back and forth from the new faces of guys.

"You mean you don't know?" Kiba raised his voice slightly out of excitement, Shikamaru groaned and Chouji lost interest in the conversation for a bag of chips. "Konoha is known for its night life with the races and everything. After a while you get a sort of ring name for the races you've won. I earned my name Fang after winning 5 races in a row." He huffed in pride.

"Yeah, until Sasuke came around and smoked your ass by a good 20 second finish." Sakura added as she doused the fire that was once Kiba's glory.

"Aww... c'mon Sakura, I was just having fun with the new guy." Kiba whined a little. "Or should I say Dragon Blossom?"

"Shut it Fang." Sakura glared at him.

"Dragon Blossom? Sounds like some kind of ninja move or something." Naruto jested, he gave her a smirk which she knew was vengeance for the day before.

"She got it cause of the good view you would get of her jacket and hair when you cross that finish line racing her." Shikamaru sighed "Fourteen times I've seen that view, I just gave up after that."

"Don't say that Shika." Ino patted his head "It never gets old seeing her whip your ass by a 15 second margin."

"Troublesome..." The poor teen rested his head on the table, unwilling to keep the conversation going.

At that moment Sakura felt a pair of strong arms envelope around her, "Hey Sasuke-kun." she kissed his cheek.

"Hey Sakura." He returned the gesture and his attention turned to Naruto. "Whose this guy?" Sakura opened her mouth to introduce her companion, but the whiskered teen beat her to it.

"'This guy' is right here in front of you." Came Naruto's friendly greeting.

"I was kind of talking to my girlfriend." Sasuke retorted a bit annoyed, he wasn't much of a people person when it came right down to it.

"Well you were talking about me so I assumed I should make it known that I'm right in front of you."

"Because I didn't know who you were." Sasuke's tone turned a bit colder.

"That's why you greet people." Naruto was enjoying this.

"I was busy dope."

"Are you whipped or something teme?" Tensions were beginning to rise. "So anyways... I'm gonna go eat." Naruto got up, Sasuke's glare still on him. "Naruto Uzumaki" Naruto decided to finally come peacefully before he went to go eat.

"Tch... it's Falcon to you." Naruto walked away at the Uchiha's response and rolled his eyes, it somewhat reminded him of the other night, the night where Naruto decided to go out and explore Konoha for a bit during the wee hours of the morning under his own street name.

'Hah... nice to finally meet you face to face Sasuke Uchiha.' Fox mused as he grabbed a sandwich to satisfy his hunger.

And the list:

Naruto- Yamaha YZF600

Sakura- Honda CBR600

Sasuke- Suzuki GSXR1000

Ino- Kawasaki ZX6R

Suggestions? Comments? Thoughts? Flames?

I'm all ears.