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Celebi and Mew sighed as they flew through the deep parts of Sekra. They exhaled loudly as they ventured into Sekra's cave. A large forest pokémon awaited them.

"Celebi, Mew. How'd it go, young ones?"

"Not too well, Old One," Mew said sadly, "The darkness is spreading all over Fiore."

"A large flock of Swablu and Altaria not too far from here have already been consumed," Celebi added.

"It is worst than I feared," The large forest pokémon said with a sigh.

"Old Sceptile, what shall we do?" asked Mew.

The old grass-type pokémon sighed as he walked over towards the cave's entrance, Celebi and Mew right behind him. His yellow eyes looked on hard at the forest before him.

"This forest has seen its share of ruthlessness. It's been here for many years and should be for many more to come. But I fear that those days may never come."

Celebi and Mew looked uneasily at each other before looking back towards their elder.

"Old One…we must not lose faith. We've survived troubles much bigger than this, haven't we?"

"Not true, Celebi. All the stress this land has endured were not nearly as severe as this. We were able to overcome those obstacles because we knew the cause and how to deal with the enemy against us. However, this force is foreign to me, and I know not what to do."

"Old One, there has to be some way to overcome this. Pokémon all over Fiore are losing their minds and lives because of it. There has to be some way to stop this force."

"Though I want to be as optimistic as you Mew, I fear that the reality of the situation is much larger than the belief."

Celebi and Mew did not like that response.

Celebi continued. "Old Sceptile, there must be some way to overcome this enemy. I will stand and fight if I have too."

"Celebi, we cannot fight that what we do not know."

"But Old One –"

"Celebi, I admire your youthful fighting spirit, but there is nothing we can do. We cannot march on land if we do not know the field. We will not try force. There is nothing we can do."

A few tears started to flow down Mew's face. Celebi began rubbing his friend's back to try and comfort her. Sceptile saw this and placed his claw on her shoulder.

"Do not be alarmed young one. Although we can not do anything, there is another alternative."

Celebi and Mew perked up at their elder's response.

"Although this path is not one I favor, it is one we must choose, for it is the only way to overcome this enemy."

"What is it, Old One?"

Sceptile paused as he walked back over towards the cave's entrance, gazing up at the night stars and watching them twinkle and shine.

"There is a great legend about this. One that has been passed down from generations to generations. My great great Grandsire used to tell it to me in night tales when I was just a wobbling Treecko."

"What is it?" inquired Mew.

Sceptile turned to face them.

"The legend speaks of a great evil. An evil so great that no pokémon legion could stop it. Many would try and fall from the impregnable force. Those who fell were severely wounded or worse. No mere pokémon was strong enough to overpower this enemy. All those who surrounded to this terror were consumed by the darkness and lost all feelings they once possessed. Those who were strong enough to live out the damages the force influenced upon them lost their reason and were drained of their soul."

Celebi and Mew started to turn pale as they tried to process what the old gecko pokémon was telling them.

Sceptile noticed their ashen faces and immediately went to clarify what he said.

"Now this evil didn't kill the pokémon per say," He began. He felt a smidgen of relief as he saw some color return to their faces. "It merely took them away spiritually. Their bodies were there, but their soul wasn't. They were still breathing, they just weren't there mentally."

"Old One, that does not sound very much better," Mew stated. A hint of fear and worry was in her voice.

"And Old Sceptile, you're not really telling us what is supposed to save us from this great enemy," Celebi added.

Sceptile closed his eyes. "That is true, Mew. Losing one's soul isn't much better than losing one's life. I'd say it's even worse."

"Then how do we make it so that this doesn't happen?"

"And what about those pokémon that have already lost their souls?"

Sceptile opened his eyes as he looked at his young companions.

"As I've stated before, we cannot do anything. It is not up to us. That is why so many have lost. They tried to do what is not theirs."

Mew and Celebi were quiet as they listened to their elder.

"The legend speaks of two beings who will unite and try to stop this evil. Though the journey is long, they are successful. They are the ones who will save us from eternal suffering."

"I do not mean to sound rude, Old One, but can you please share with us who these two beings are that will defeat this enemy?"

"Yes, I will Celebi. Two great beings. One male, one female. Hearts so pure, that they can defeat this force unbeknownst to us."

"You wouldn't be talking about Mew and me would you, Old One?" asked Celebi.

"Of course not, Celebi. He said this evil could not be overpowered by pokémon." Mew corrected.

"That is correct, Mew. No pokémon can defeat this enemy."

"I thought you said this enemy was defeated by two beings?"

"Yes, Celebi. Two beings. I did not specify what beings they were."

"What beings were they, Old One?" Mew asked.

"Two great beings. Two wonderful beings who will succeed in putting this evil at rest once and for all."

Sceptile paused before continuing.

"We call these beings…humans."

Celebi and Mew gawked at his answer.

"You're joking right?" Celebi asked impassively.

Sceptile cut his eyes at Celebi.

"I would not joke about something this serious, Celebi. I say I hardly joke at all."

"A human?" Celebi cried incredulously.

"Two humans, Celebi."

Celebi flailed his tiny arms as he flew around the interior of the cave.

"How could humans stop a force as powerful as this? They don't possess any abilities or attacks?!"

"Celebi –"

"Old One, this cannot be true. I'd rather fight this evil and lose my soul trying than to put the faith of all pokémon into the hands of humans."

"Celebi –"

"How can you put your faith in these humans? Surely your scars testify that this is not the best idea…"

"Be still, Celebi."

Celebi immediately shut his mouth. He floated back towards Mew though he didn't hide his worried and confused stare.

Sceptile began. "Yes Celebi, it is true that the wounds on my back were caused by a human…"

"But Old One –"

Sceptile raised his claw to tell him to let him speak.

He continued.

"But not all humans are as like the one that hurt me."

"How can you say that?"

"I have witnessed good in some of them. They have done wonders for all pokémon. There are even some pokémon who choose to stay alongside these humans because of their bond."

"But Old One, how can we trust them?" Celebi argued. "How do we know they're not going to try and capture us? I will not be made a slave. I am no being's property."

"I'm afraid I must agree with Celebi, Old One." Mew added. "As much as I want to believe that this will work out as you say and that we can depend on these humans, my spirit is in a state of unrest. I need my freedom."

Sceptile looked at his companions once more.

"The humans I speak of will not try to capture you. They are not allowed and it is against everything they stand for."

"Old One –"

"Let me finish, Celebi."

Celebi became quiet once more.

"The humans I speak of are not Trainers for it is they who capture pokémon. No. The ones I speak of are Rangers. A ranger's job is to look after pokémon. To make sure our world is safe for both pokémon and humans alike. Their purpose is to protect us."

"But Old One –"

"Celebi, was your mother not saved by a ranger? A human?"


"Then you see what I say is true. Not all humans are ill-intentioned. I was under the care two humans, both very different. My first one was very cruel, indeed. But my second one was the kindest being I've ever met. Not once had I experienced such kindness towards another being. She was my true trainer. It was her decision to release me here. She knew I'd be safe in this land since it was looked over by the rangers. She told me she'd never forget me and that I was in her heart always. That goodbye was the hardest thing I've ever endured."

There was a brief pause before he spoke again.

"My point is, young ones, is that these rangers are the ones who are going to deliver us from this shadowy force."

"How?" Mew asked.

"That I do not know. But I know they will. The legend states it."

"I gotta be honest with you, Old One. I'm not quite comfortable with this."

"Nor am I, Celebi. As I've previously stated I am not in favor of this alternative path, but it is something that we must take. If we are all to be saved, we must stand aside and let these two beings do what is destined for them to do."

Celebi was silent as he looked down towards the ground. Mew took this opportunity to speak up.

"What do we do, Old One?"

Sceptile looked at his young friend. "Nothing. This is not our battle. We cannot do anything to intervene with the legend. We can only hope and pray that these two humans will do what is asked of them."

Mew too began to lower her head. She sighed as she closed her eyes.

"We must not give up, young ones. I know the odds are against us but we can overcome this obstacle. You've just got to have a little faith is all."

Both Celebi and Mew looked up at their elder with pained expressions. They did not feel comfortable with the situation at all.

"Young ones, may I ask a favor of you?"

Immediately they straightened up at looked at their elder.

"Yes, Sir." Said Celebi.

"Anything." Mew assured.

Sceptile looked them both in their eyes.

"Might I request you to become a watcher of these two humans?"

Celebi and Mew froze.

"A watcher?"

"You mean like a spy?"

"I prefer watcher. Or perhaps secret guardian if you will."

Celebi began scratching his head.

"I don't know, Old One. I mean we don't even know who these two humans are?"

"The legend provides a short description. Let me see if I can remember…The male should have a mane marine blue, like the fin trailing down a Quagsire's back…and eyes dark as the midnight sky illuminated by the moon…the female…um…should have a topknot a shade similar to the powder blue pigment of Chimecho's body and…bright auburn eyes…or was it amber?… Nevertheless, I believe that is the description. It has been so long since I had to recall the legend to mind. But, just in case I am wrong, you must feel for them. You will sense their aura much like Lucario can. You'll know who they are when you see them. The legend says their aura is very different from all the other humans in this region. They are the only rangers in these parts whose aura is pure enough for your visual."

"Um…okay…" Celebi said hesitantly.

"Old One, what will you do?" asked Mew.

"I will stay here, Mew. I'm afraid these old bones won't carry me very far. You two go along. I'll be here waiting for your return."

Mew nodded her head as she and Celebi headed out cave in search of the two humans the legend spoke of.

Sceptile watched them leave. He looked out towards the night sky once again, his eyes hard with determination.

"Oh great Ho-Oh, please let these two beings deliver us from this unknown force. Let them both guide us back to what we once were. Our faith now rests in their hands."

And with that, the aging gecko turned around and proceeded back into the cave, hoping that he can one day see the world returned back to what he once believed it was.

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