Fandom: Vampire Knight

Pairing: Zero/Yuuki

Genre: Angst, Romance

Rating: K+/T

Summary: Unforgivable was their destiny.

When she found out the truth about herself, the first thing she sought for was not her life source. Not life source in the form of someone's blood, not life source in the memory of her soul.

It was his forgiveness.

And now that she was in the process, in the meantime, in the moment, of receiving it; while she was filled, her whole being, of this forgiveness, in the rapture of his kiss like flowing water against the current tide; while she was held tight, she never dared to close her eyes. For this moment, in these million nanoseconds of raw and brutal contact, in this, in this, she wanted her eyes and her vision and her everything to take in that silvery hair she marked with her hands, where every single strand of hair bowed to her touch.

She was swept by the purity of his words, of his love, of their pain and she let herself be. She let him be.

And she never dared to hold him for support in fear of suddenly breaking; of breaking that easily, of breaking in front of him in this finality, of her breaking breaking breaking heart because he was breaking inside himself, and he was holding her for support because he was broken.

So this, don't kiss me with the salty words and the roughness of goodbye. She could look into his eyes solemnly in this parting, because they are parting, and in a split nanosecond of the millions they were letting to pass by, she wanted to look at the boy who scarred her with the gentleness of his fangs, who took everything she could give, who sought everything in her soul and was now giving it all back to her. She wanted to look at the boy she vowed to be with forever, as long as she lived, as long as she allowed him to live because he is, but only, a million nanoseconds in her eternity.

They walked away with the promise of death, and she was feeling light-headed because in that end she knew they were going to a new beginning, a beautiful beautiful one; one which they don't have the power to imagine, one which will bind them forever, one where she will ask for forgiveness, no longer only from him but to everyone, to everyone she knew because it is her promise to stay by his side.

He will leave. She will leave. He forgave. She is forgiven.

Yet their paths are bound to cross in a death unknown to all the metaphors of creation, and they will begin in a new beginning, a beautiful, beautiful one; one which binds them unforgivable.

A/N: Dudes, I'm really an avid fan of Zero and Yuuki. It would take me some time to go and move on if they don't get their ending (man, I don't even care if it's happy; I just wish they'd get together). They had been too sad for the recent chapters. Oh well, I believe in what I saw in them; their development was not for nothing. Review?