When Gus had taken Juliet to go see Shawn leading the team out of the tunnel, her heart had leapt. She smiled bigger than Shawn had ever seen her smile, and he knew he had impressed her more than he had ever done before. What Shawn Spencer didn't know was that that action had added one more reason that Juliet O'Hara could fall in love with him. There had been a lot already. His laugh, his sense of humor, his hair. And of course there were the more professional reasons, acting on a Spanish soap opera to catch a killer and nearly getting killed with a nail gun in the process, saving her life against a crazed teen, and then of course, there were the latest acts. Him being in a uniform, leading a team of footballers out onto the field through the tunnel? It just added another item to the still growing list of reasons that Juliet O'Hara, could one day be, in her mind, Juliet Spencer.