Chapter #3

As I sat on the beach, with my feet buried in sand I looked down the beach at the waves breaking against the sand. Jade was wagging her tail eagerly staring at me as if asking for attention. She loved the beach; absolutely loved it. I pushed up from the sand balancing on my wobbly legs. I went over to my mum to tell her I was just going to take Jade for a walk to the end to the end of the beach and back. She said that was fine except that they might have already left when I got back. I thought that was fine; it just gave me more time alone with my thoughts.

Along the beach the wind was blowing to the side so my hair didn't get in my face, the temperature of the water was not too cold; pretty nice actually. Walking down the beach was not what I remembered. The sand was soft on my feet; not rough and annoying like I remembered. The waves were not noisy and crashing; they were calming and rolling onto the sand. For some reason, the beach seemed different.

As I was walking, Jade all of a sudden sprinted ahead; I looked up and a saw another little dog just up a head doing circles around its owner. I started walking faster, to catch up with Jade. As I got to where she was she was running around chasing the other little dog. I stood still for a while, just letting her run around for a bit, then when I started calling her, she wouldn't come, she just kept running and dodging the other little dog. She did laps, then disappeared behind me. I went to start walking towards her and as soon as a turned around I walked straight into someone.

"I'm so sorry!" I said. As I looked up, I recognised the face as one of the boys that was walking down the street.

"No worries," he replied with a little giggle, "Is that your dog running away from you?"

"Uhh, yeah, she doesn't seem to want to come back," I laughed.

"Yeah," he laughed, "Max is a little wonder dog, they never seem to want to leave him alone."

"Well, it looks like Jade is under his spell then ayy?" I said. Listening to his voice; it was calm, smooth, perfect.

"Max! Come here," He called over the little dog, with Jade following closely behind.

Max came obediently to the brown haired boy.

"I'm Luke by the way," He said. I smiled.

"Is he yours?" I asked, bending down to pat the small white dog. He had a small black patch on his body. He leaned against me as I stroked him.

"Nah, he's Andy's," He said, pointing to the skinny boy coming out of the waves. The boy came over and introduced himself.

"Hey, I'm Andy, looks like Max is at it again," he laughed as he looked at Jade sitting right next to him.

"Nice to meet you," I replied. There was a whistle coming from the ocean and I looked out and saw other boy coming out of the water; the one that looked like the break dancer, gangster type.

"Hey Fellas!," He called walking over carrying his surfboard with no struggle what so ever.

"This is Eljin," Luke said, as he referred to the boy.

"Hey," Eljin said. His hair was wet and the drips were falling over his face. His face was strong and handsome, but not nearly as nice as Luke's.

"How you enjoying holidays," Andy said looking at me intently. His face was softer, but more complex; like he had dealt with a lot in his life.

"Umm, it's alright, My mum, my little sister, Jade and I just got here yesterday, but to be honest, I'm not a fan of summer,"

"Really!" they all replied in unison; all with interested faces.

"How can you not love summer?" Luke asked. I had obviously hit a weak spot already.

"Well, I'm just not into all the hot weather, going to the beach and wearing swimmers that the tag says not to wear in the sun or it will be damaged, being dumped by the waves, and then coming out and getting all sandy then having to go back in the wash off. I just prefer winter, snuggling up in front of a fire." I said, trying to make it short and not babble. They all laughed.

"They are the best bits of summer!!" Eljin said. "The hot weather is so you dry off quickly after getting out of the waves"

"And the swimmers, well we can't say much," Luke added, looking down at his old tattered wet suit.

"The being dumped buy the waves is fun! The adrenaline rush when you come back up and getting back into it," Andy said with a little giggle.

Luke stared at me for a minute and then spoke.

"And what about those summer romances,"

I blushed, with a little giggle then looked up. They all had smiles on their faces, and then Eljin spoke.

"So what's your name then?"

I looked down, and then confessed…


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