"7 Minutes"

"You smoke?" A certain blonde boy asked, raising an eyebrow. "When did that happen?" "Just now, actually." A pair of lips replied while still holding on to a long, white cigarette. The tall red-head owning said lips blew smoke into the air, filling the already hazy room. Roxas took a step back, covering his nose and mouth as a sign of revulsion.

"Second-hand smoke. That's disgusting…" He murmured through his hand.

Axel smiled. "It's just my first stick."

Waving one arm in the air while still keeping the other on his face, Roxas walked towards him. "…And it'll be your last, I'm sure." He said, stating it more of a command than anything else. He reached for the cigarette in Axel's mouth but before he could even go halfway, Axel placed it between his fingers and held it high above them both.

"I'm not so sure about that." He blew another puff of smoke and it landed directly on Roxas' face. Coughing and tearing up, the younger boy pushed Axel away, turning to the side.

"Bastard." Another cough. "Why'd you decide to start smoking anyway?"

Though Axel was worried he might've given Roxas tuberculosis or something, he resisted the urge to throw away the cigarette and answered, "C'mon, Rox, you know I like it when things burn."

He opened a teary eye and glanced up at Axel as though he had his hair dyed pink. "Yes, but smoking?". The smoke in the room seemed to have become even thicker and Roxas went into a coughing fit. Curse the height difference. Curse my weak lungs.

Facing his back to Axel and putting his hands on his waist, Roxas reprimanded in a loud voice, "Aren't you aware that smoking one stick takes away seven minutes of your life?"

"Aw, it ran out already?" His distracted voice said.

" –Or was it five? I'm sure it was seven. Yes. Smoking one cigarette takes away seven minutes of your life. Are you even listening to me?"

Roxas turned around to find, much to his annoyance, Axel tapping the bottom of a cigarette pack trying to get another cigarette out. "Yeah, yeah, I'm listening. So what if I smoke? What does it mean to you?"

The young blonde gave an angry growl and suddenly seized both of Axel's wrists in his hands and focused his teary eyes to the eyes of the taller red-head.

"It means seven minutes…."

He clutched Axel's wrists so tightly, he let go of the pack of cigarettes.

"I won't be able to spend…"

He pulled him closer as if to emphasize what he was going to say next.

"…with you."