The Apology

All I wanted was a word,

To pass your lips and enter mine,

Give breath to mercy, let it shine,

And burn away the darkness

He never said he was sorry.


Not like he meant it.

"Sorry," he'd shout as they ducked amongst Soldiers he'd brought down on their heads. "Sorry," he'd mutter, as he jarred against her amidst the panicked streams of refugees fleeing towns they'd failed to save. "Sorry," he'd smirk as they accidentally brushed too close together on cold, Corrupted nights.

He would be laughing or swearing. It wouldn't count. The word was just another joke or curse. Elika didn't even hear it anymore.

She certainly didn't hear it when she was asleep.

There was no fire. It was too dangerous. He kept watch over her in the darkness, her huddled shape curled into a rough circle like a flower trying to crawl back inside its bud.

"I'm sorry," he whispered.

No-one heard but him, and Ahriman, and Ormazd.

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