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Obi-Wan ran to Luke as the boy collapsed from the effort of pushing Palpatine. Behind him he could hear the clashing sabers and Palpatine's taunts, but he put all of that out of his mind as he crouched beside Luke.

"I'm… all right," Luke told him, wincing with the effort of talking, belying his words, "help… him."

Obi-wan glanced down at his tied hands, wishing for his lightsaber. Then he chided himself.

A Jedi was never without a weapon.

There was the Force.

Loathe to abandon Luke, but aware of his duty, Obi-Wan stood and drew in a calming breath.


The fight below was savage; black on black, hacking red blades well matched. Obi-Wan watched, astonished at the proud beauty of his old apprentice, at how much of Anakin's fighting style remained within the bulk of Darth Vader.

But the darkness within was deeply entrenched and growing ever blacker.

He watched the combatants move, a feral dance, looking for a chance, an opening in which he could join the fray.

There! Lining the walls of the chamber. Tall, twisting sculptures. Tall, heavy, sculptures.

Obi-Wan allowed a smile to grace his lips; Palpatine's penchant for grotesque art could be his undoing.


Obi-Wan reached out, bound hands lifting as his mind and body filled with the Force. He closed his eyes imagining the closest statue to the ongoing duel, a vulpine creature in Sith robes, within his mind. Much like Palpatine had done with Luke, he sent out tendrils of the Force, wrapping them around the moulded neck, pulling tight.

"Luke," he whispered, knowing the boy would understand, hoping Luke still had some strength left.

Then he pulled!

There was an immediate crack, a tremor rippled the floor, a rumble like thunder echoed. Obi-Wan released his hold and Luke cried out…



To be Continued...