Chapter 37 - Ash Vs. Lance

Doug, Sarrisa, Olly, Bruno, Clair, and Drake were at The Station enjoying some drinks and watching the big match up on TV.

"Well this match should be interesting," Olly said taking a drink of his Captain Drake Rum.

Doug was sipping on a Budew Light. "Lance is the favorite but, Ash has got skill."

"I think Ash will pull it out," Bruno said.

"I don't know," Clair said, "Lance is considered one of the greatest trainers in the world."

"He is but, so is Ash," Doug said.

The bartender shouted across the bar, "Now taking bets! Lance has a 10/1 odds of winning!"

"I'll take 100 on Lance," Olly shouted back.

The bartender took note of Olly's bet.

A few other trainers bet on Lance.

Drake however put 1000 on Ash.

"That is a gutsy bet," Bruno laughed.

"I battled Ash back in the Orange league," Drake said, "He pulls it out when he is in a pinch."

"If Lance gets off to an early start not even Arceus can make a comeback," Sarrisa said.

"We will see," Doug said staring at the TV.

"This is it," Ritchie said.

"What do you mean?" Delilah asked.

"This is the hardest test Ash has ever faced," Ritchie replied.

Delilah looked at her son. "He has come so far since that day he left for his journey almost twenty years ago."

"I remember it like it was yesterday," Victor said.

"You mean you were there?" Misty asked.

Victor laughed, "I was, how else do you think Ash got Pikachu?"

"Professor Oak was out of the other Pokemon," Misty said.

"He was not, he still had Bulbasaur and Charmander left but I wanted Ash to start with the same Pokemon I did."

Misty smiled, "Well that does explain why we have never met any of the other trainers that supposable started with Ash and Gary."

Victor looked at Ritchie, "I did the same to Ritchie." Victor then looked at Cinder, "And it seems my grandson is following the family tradition just with Pichu."

Ash had called Snorlax while Lance had called his red Gyarados. Each were staring each other down.

"This is it Ash," Lance stated. "Are you sure you are ready to face me?"

"More than ever!" Ash shouted back.

"I promised you this battle all those years ago when we first met," Lance said. "Today I fulfill that promise by beating you."

Ash smiled, "Bring it on!"

"Gyarados hydro pump!" Lance ordered.

Gyarados sent the powerful torrent of water at the large Pokemon.

"Snorlax dodge it then mega punch!" Ash countered.

Snorlax moved out of the way of the hydro pump with exceptional speed for its size. Snorlax then buried its fist in Gyarados from side. Gyarados roared as it was struck by the powerful attack.

"Gyarados ice fang," Lance ordered calmly.

Gyarados lowered its head and sinked its teeth in Snorlax's skin sending freezing energy through Snorlax body. Snorlax cried in pain.

"Knock it back with thunder punch!" Ash ordered.

Snorlax then knocked Gyarados in the head with its fist which was crackling with electricity. Gyarados cried in pain and released Snorlax from the ice fang.

"Gyarados twister go!" Lance demanded.

Gyarados created a huge twister and sent it toward Snorlax.

"Snorlax just sit down!" Ash ordered.

Snorlax sat down as the twister went right by it unaffecting it.

"Snorlax is way too heavy for a wind attack!" Ash declared, "Snorlax Thunder!"

Snorlax began to glow with electricity and then fired the large bolt of lightning at Gyarados.

"Give it a thunder back!" Lance called out.

Gyarados sent its own bolt of lightning at Snorlax.

Both attacks hit and both Pokemon roared in pain. Gyarados seemed to catch the worse of it.

"Hyper beam!" Lance ordered.

The red Gyarados then charged up a huge beam and fired the orange energy beam at Snorlax.

"Endure!" Ash shouted.

Snorlax buried its feet into the ground as the hyper beam hit it. Snorlax was still standing thanks to the endure. Gyarados was immobile at the moment.

"Now finish it with giga impact!" Ash ordered.

Snorlax surrounded itself in yellow and pink energy and crashed into Gyarados with immense force. Gyarados was pushed back and fell.

"Gyarados is unable to battle," the ref said holding up a flag.

"Gyarados return," Lance recalled his Pokemon, "Great job my friend."

Ash pumped a fist, "Snorlax you are the best!"

Snorlax turned and gave a thumbs up but was looking tired.

"Dratini go!" Lance called out his young dragon Pokemon.

"Dratini dragon rage!" Lance ordered.

Dratini fired the blue orb of fire at Snorlax.

"Snorlax dodge with rollout then ice beam!" Ash ordered.

Snorlax rolled out of the way and then popped up and fired the blue beam of ice at Dratini.

The beam hit Dratini and Dratini screeched in pain.

"Dratini flamethrower!" Lance ordered.

Dratini fired the flames at Snorlax and landed a hit.

Snorlax fainted on contact from being exhausted from its previous battle.

"Snorlax is unable to battle," the ref said.

"Snorlax return," Ash called Snorlax back, "You were great."

"Nice job Dratini," Lance congratulated hi Pokemon. Dratini turned and smiled and then started to glow with white light.

"Well it seems lance on his way to having another powerful dragon Pokemon," Olly said.

"It does seem that way," Doug said.

"He is the Dragon Master after all," Bruno laughed.

"I wonder where he gets all those rare Dratini's?" Sarrisa asked.

"He just has a knack for it," Clair laughed, "As do I."

Dratini then evolved into Dragonair and the crowd roared at the once in a lifetime moment.

"Dragonair good to meet you," Lance called out to his newly evolved Pokemon.

Dragonair turned and gave a Lance a nod as if to say nice to meet you back.

"Glalie go!" Ash called out his face Pokemon.

Glalie looked ready to fight.

"Dragonair flamethrower!" Lance ordered.

"Glalie water pulse!" Ash ordered.

Dragonair sent flames at Glalie who sent the orb of water at Dragonair. The two attacks met and cancelled each other out.

"Glalie ice beam!" Ash ordered.

Glalie fired the powerful beam of ice at Dragonair.

"Fire blast!" Lance ordered.

Dragonair sent the five sided fire ball at Glalie. The fire blast went straight through the ice beam and hit Glalie. Glalie groaned in pain.

"Follow it up with dragon rush!" Lance ordered.

Dragonair went straight for Glalie glowing with greenish energy.

"Glalie dodge!" Ash cried.

Glalie moved to the side just in time as Dragonair sailed past it.

"Glalie ice beam!" Ash ordered.

Glalie blasted Dragonair with a cold beam of ice. Dragonair cried before it fell to the ground.

"Dragonair is unable to battle," the ref said.

"Dragonair return," Lance called it back, "Great job, now Charizard go!"

The large orange dragon like fire Pokemon came out and roared.

"Charizard fire spin!" Lance ordered.

Charizard sent a swirling vortex of flames at Glalie.

Glalie cried as it was hit and the fell.

"Glalie is unable to battle," the ref said.

"Glalie return, you were great," Ash thought of who to use. "Screw it, Charizard go!"

Ash's Charizard then came out and roared in anger at he opposing Charizard.

"Charizard fire blast!" Lance ordered.

"Overheat!" Ash shouted.

Lance's Charizard sent a five sided fireball at Ash's Charizard. Ash's Charizard pushed the fire ball back with a blast of white hot flames that hit Lance's Charizard it winced a little bit but the took to the air.

"Follow it!" Ash ordered.

The two Charizards flew around every now and then they would crash into each other and this went on for what seemed like five minutes.

"End this Charizard!" Ash shouted, "Dragon rage!"

"Dragon rage!" Lance shouted.

The two Pokemon sent the orbs of fire at each other and the force of the attacks knocked both of them to the ground.

"Charizard go grab it!" Ash ordered.

Ash's Charizard managed to get to Lance's and grab a hold of it.

Lance's Charizard struggled to get free.

"Now seismic toss!" Ash ordered.

Ash's Charizard held onto Lance's and took it for a go around in the sky.

When Charizard brought it down lance took action.

"Flare blitz!" Lance ordered.

Lance's Charizard surrounded itself in flames causing Ash's Charizard pain. Ash's Charizard held on through the pain and both of them crashed into the ground sending smoke and dust flying everywhere.

Ash and Lance both waited for the smoke to settle when it did, both Charizard were down and out.

"Both Pokemon are unable to battle," the ref declared. "We will now go to a fifteen minute break with both trainers having three Pokemon left a piece."

Ash recalled Charizard and went into his locker room, Lance did the same.

Ash was sitting thinking about what Lance might use, "I bet dragons."

Misty and Cinder came in.

Cinder ran and gave him a hug.

"You are winning daddy!" Cinder exclaimed.

"You could say that," Ash laughed.

Misty looked at him, "You better beat him."

"Pikapi!" Pikachu agreed.

Ash nodded I'll do my best.

Lance was sitting thinking about how much Ash had improved when Cynthia came in.

"Cynthia," Lance said surprised, "What are you doing here?"

"I am just here to pay my favorite trainer a visit and wish him good luck."

Lance smile, "Cynthia you're the best."

Cynthia returned the smile, "You are now go out there and prove why you are the most recognized Pokemon trainer there is."

Lance laughed, "I might have to pass that torch today of Ash wins."

The bell then rung.

"Now get out there," Cynthia said.

Lance nodded.

"One more thing," Cynthia said.

"Whet's that?" Lance asked.

Cynthia then walked over and gave him soft kiss on the cheek.

"That is all for now," Cynthia smiled.

Lance blushed and then went to face Ash.

Ash was already waiting for him when he got back.

"Continue this Top sixteen match!" the ref shouted holding up two flags.

Ash reached for the first pokeball, "Salamence I choose you!"

The large dragon Pokemon came out and roared.

"Altaria go!" lance threw his pokeball and the humming Pokemon appeared.

"Altaria dragon breath!" Lance ordered.

"Dragon pulse!" Ash ordered.

Altaria fired the green blast of flames at Salamence who sent and orb of green energy at Altaria. Salamence seem to have the upper hand as the dragon pulse broke the dragon breath and hit Altaria causing intense pain.

"Altaria fly up!" Lance said.

"Salamence follow it!" Ash ordered.

"Nice strategy," Doug said.

"What do you mean?" Bruno asked.

"Altaria is much better than Salamence in the air," Doug replied.

"It is," Clair agreed.

"Altaria fly attack!" Lance ordered.

Altaria zoomed at Salamence and knocked it back a pretty good distance.

"Salamence dragon claw!" Ash ordered.

Salamence tried to land a hit but Altaria was much faster and dodged with ease.

"Altaria perish song!" Lance ordered.

Altaria began to sing a song.

"Salamence fire blast!" Ash ordered.

Salamence sent the fire ball at Landed and landed a hit. Altaria cried in pain.

"Altaria sky attack!" Lance ordered.

Altaria began to glow red and crashed into Salamence. Salamence roared in pain.

"Salamence hyper beam!" Ash ordered.

Salamence fired up the beam but something happened and Altaria and Salamence both fell to the ground.

"It seems perish song cam into effect," Lance said recalling Altaria. "Altaria you were great you defeating his biggest threat."

Ash recalled Salamence. "Great job. Bulbasaur you are next!"

The small seed Pokemon came out.

"Aerodactyl go!" Lance called out his fossil Pokemon.

"Size doesn't matter," Ash shouted, "Bulbasaur leach seed!"

Bulbasaur fired the seed at Aerodactyl and landed a hit. Aerodactyl roared as Bulbasaur began to drain its energy.

"Aerodactyl fire blast!" Lance ordered.

"Dodge!" Ash roared.

Aerodactyl sent the huge barrages of flames toward Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur managed to dodge.

"Leaf storm!" Ash ordered.

Bulbasaur opened up it bulb and fired thousands of razor sharp leaves at Aerodactyl.

"Blow them away with sandstorm!" Lance ordered.

Aerodactyl created a fierce sandstorm that knocked the leave out of the sky. Bulbasaur seemed to be in discomfort from the sand. Aerodactyl was enjoying it.

"Sunny day!" Ash roared.

Bulbasaur called and the sun started shining bright and the san storm subsided.

"Solar beam!" Ash ordered.

"Hyper beam!" Lance ordered.

Bulbasaur took in sunlight and fired the white hot beam at Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl fired the orange beam at Bulbasaur. The two attacks met and negated each other out.

Ash smiled, "Aerodactyl is immobile at the moment, Bulbasaur seed bomb!"

Bulbasaur started to glow white and sent several powerful seeds at Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl roared as the seeds hit it.

Aerodactyl looked tired as did Bulbasaur.

"Aerodactyl end this wing attack!" Lance ordered.

Aerodactyl flew don and hit Bulbasaur with its wing sending it across the field. Bulbasaur then fell.

"Bulbasaur is unable to battle," the ref said.

Aerodactyl then roared as the leach seed drained the last of its energy.

"Aerodactyl is unable to battle," the ref said.

Ash and Lance both called back their Pokemon and glared at each other.

"It comes down to this," Lance said taking out a pokeball.

"So it does," Ash replied taking his pokeball out.

Lance threw his first, "Dragonite come out!"

The crowd roared at the sight of perhaps the most powerful non legendary Pokemon in existence.

"It is over," Clair said.

"Ash doesn't have anything that can match up to that," Olly said.

"I take my bet back!" Drake yelled.

The bartender smiled, "No refunds."

Ash looked at his last pokeball, "Latias go!"

The crowd roared as the legendary eon Pokemon appeared in a burst of light.

Lance looked on at the legendary dragon. "Magnificent," he said.

Well the battle is even so far.

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