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Almost midnight, and I'm not even tired, Zexion Harris thought sighing, looking at the clock nailed to the wall again. He grabbed a couch cushion, pressing it over his face, groaning. Lightening flashed outside. He cursed the storm under his breath, wanting the power to come back on. Rain beat against his window. He could hear every drop pitter patter against the glass. Another sigh escaped his lips. I guess I'll just go to bed, he thought. Nothing else to do.

Zexion stood, stretching. He flipped his slate bangs out of his eyes, the blue-grey locks falling back over the right side of his face. He closed the blinds on the window behind the couch, yawning. He crossed the threshold on sock feet, heading toward his bedroom.

Suddenly, the front door rattled under urgent knocks. The bluenette flipped the hall light on and looked at the door. The knocking continued. He walked slowly to the door, wondering who on earth it could be. His flower obsessed neighbor was asleep by now. As he so often said, he needed his beauty sleep. Zexion pressed his hands against the wooden door, standing on tip-toe, and peering into the peep hole.

All he could see were blonde whispies. He raised a thin eyebrow in confusion as he cautiously opened the door. A small, blonde headed boy was standing on his porch, drenched head to toe from the rain. His piercing, cobalt blue eyes had a red ring around them, what looked like from stress. He looked over his shoulder, a terrified look on his face.

"Um," Zexion started, eyeing the blonde, "Can I-"

"Please," the blonde said looking back at him, his hands twisting the bottom of his worn, wet, tee-shirt, " I…need a place to stay, just for the night. He…he'll find me-"


"I…please. He's been chasing me. I w-won't be any trouble."

Zexion could see fear in the boy's eyes. He looked beyond the blonde, his eyes scanning the dark street. The bluenette sighed. "Come in," he said stepping to the side and opening the door wider. The blonde darted inside. Zexion closed the door, locking the dead bolt. "Let me get you a towel." He walked past the shivering boy to the hall closet and pulled out a fluffy blue towel. "Here."

"T-thank you," the blonde whispered pulling the towel tightly around his thin body. He buried his face in the fabric and sighed.

"It's okay. You're save here," Zexion said gesturing at the couch. The blonde sat down, still clinging to the towel around his shoulders. "What's your name? I'm Zexion."

"Roxas," the blonde boy said quietly, looking at the door.

"Would you like a cup of hot tea? It'll calm you down."

"No thanks. I don't like tea."

"Hot chocolate?"

"Sure, thanks," Roxas said with a weak, tired smile.

"Welcome," the bluenette said crossing the threshold. He flipped on the light and Roxas winced from the sudden brightness. He blinked a few times, allowing his vision to focus. "About time the power came back on."

Roxas's blue eyes began to wander around Zexion's small house. Wall to wall beige carpet covered the floor, a large bookshelf filled with books was pushed against one wall, a small, dark blue couch was opposite a small tv, both against the wall. The center of the room was bare except for a square rug, blues and golds woven into the fabric. Everything was so clean, Roxas couldn't see a speck of dust anywhere. He looked over the bar, into the kitchen, at Zexion who was stirring a mug of steaming hot chocolate. The counter was lined with a row of brightly colored roses. Roxas eyed the colorful flowers, raising his eyebrows.

Zexion walked back in the room, a leaf printed mug in hand. "Here you go," he said handing the mug to the blonde, "Careful. It's a little hot."

"Thank you," Roxas said staring dully at the hot, brown liquid.

"I can call the police-"

"No!" Zexion blinked at the reaction and raised a thin eyebrow. "No. Don't bother."

"Why? You said someone was chasing you. They can help…"

"No. They can't." Roxas took a sip of his hot chocolate. "I…ran away from home."

"…oh. So, whoever is chasing you, just wants you home?"

"Not exactly," Roxas said looking at the mug.

"Well-" Zexion was cut off by a knock on the door.

Roxas's cobalt eyes widened in horror. "Don't let him in. Whatever you do," he whispered.

Zexion gripped the blonde's arm, pulling him up. "Go in my bedroom, down the hall on the right, and close the door. Just sit on the bed and wait. I promise I won't let him in. I already told you, you're safe here."

Roxas nodded slowly. He tried to say thank you, but the words wouldn't form. He pulled the towel tight around his shoulders and darted into the hallway. A dark-blue door was on the right He pulled it open and stepped into the room, closing it behind him. His eyes slowly looked around Zexion's bedroom. It, like the rest of the house, was spotless. The bed was made, not a single line in the crisp sheets. Roxas was almost afraid to sit on it, not wanting to ruin the perfection. He sat on the corner, the mattress squeaking under the added weight. His hands twisted nervously around the towel. He stared at the door for a few seconds, holding his breath, hoping his pursuer wouldn't barge in and…he didn't even want to think about it. He forced his eyes, and thoughts to advert, taking in the room's atmosphere.

Zexion's medium-sized bed was against one wall in the middle. Two small bookshelves, filled neatly with books, were along the adjacent wall beside the bed. Roxas leaned over, running a finger along the books' spines, realizing they were organized by title. Most of the titles he had never even heard of, and almost every book was well over 500 pages…going by size.

There was a small, midnight blue lamp on the nightstand that matched the dark comforter he sat on. A notebook was open, pen resting on the pages. Roxas let curiosity get the best of him and picked it up, looking at the lines written there. It was written entirely in Latin, the only other language Roxas knew as well as English. He was reading a poem written in cursive, slanted, very pretty handwriting. Each word drew him in more, the writer's sadness very apparent as he read on. He finished the last line and lowered the notebook. "Wonder why Zexion would write such a suicidal poem?" Roxas quietly asked himself. He flipped back in the notebook, finding more poems. He glanced at the door, straining his ears for footsteps. All he could hear were muffled voices. He glanced back at the notebook and began to read.


Seeing Roxas disappear into the bedroom, Zexion sighed and faced the front door. He gripped the knob and opened the door slowly. A man about five or six inches taller than him was standing on his porch, water dripping off of his long, leather trench coat. He eyed the bluenette with a piercing yellow eye, the other hidden beneath an eye patch. A large scar was clearly visible on his left cheek. He tightened his grip on the strange looking gun in his hand as Zexion said, "Can I help you?"

"I'm looking for a blonde kid. About your height. Name's Roxas. Seen him?" the man asked, still glaring at Zexion. "The bastard's been running from me for awhile. Finally caught up to him in this neighborhood."

"Haven't seen him," the bluenette said calmly and made to close the door.

The man stuck his foot in the door and leaned against the frame, smirking. "Then you won't mind if I take a look around?"

Zexion paused, spotting another strange looking gun strapped to the man's back…a big one. His logical thinking back, he cleared his throat and said, "Are you an officer of the law?"

"You might say that. I need to find the kid. Move."

"Do you have a warrant?"

The man stopped short, thinking. "As if I need a warrant," he finally said pushing against the door.

Zexion maintained his grip on the wood. "Officer or not, you need a warrant to search my home. It's the law."

The man's visible eye narrowed. He pointed a finger at the bluenette and hissed, "Tell the kid I'll be back." He turned on his foot and angrily stormed off into the night.

Zexion closed the door and sighed, leaning against the wood. He dropped his hand, locking the deadbolt. "Why…did he have two guns?" the bluenette whispered to himself, bringing a hand to his chin in thought. He turned back around, hoisting himself up on his toes, and peered through the peephole. The coast was clear. He sighed in relief, having expected to see the man still standing on the porch. He crossed the length of the living room and walked into the hall, opening his bedroom door.

Roxas looked up, startled. He quickly closed the notebook in his hands and placed it back on the nightstand, keeping his eyes glued to the carpet. "Sorry," he whispered hanging his head glumly.

"…Don't be," Zexion said, with effort. "They're just stupid poems-"

"No! They're great!" Roxas exclaimed, "I mean, th-they're well written…why'd you write in Latin?"

"So no on else could read them," Zexion said sitting beside him. "No one else I know knows Latin."


"It's not an easy language to learn."

"I didn't learn it. I just know it."

Zexion looked back at him, obviously confused. "What-"

"Nothing. Nevermind," Roxas said quickly, "Um, thank you for getting rid of Xigbar. I didn't want to run anymore."

"Roxas, how long has he been chasing you? I mean, he looked like a weird hunter. Why-"

"You can't know," the blonde said quietly as he fingered a loose thread.

"Know what?" Zexion asked, bending down a bit, trying to look into Roxas's eyes.

"Nothing. Forget I said anything…Thank you so much for letting me sleep here. I was getting scared…"

"Roxas, please. Why is that man chasing you? Surely you can't of done anything wrong."

"I exist. That's my crime in his eyes," Roxas said bitterly, looking back at the bluenette.

Zexion gasped. The red rings around the blue in Roxas's eyes were brighter, almost like they were glowing. "Wh-what's wrong with your eyes?" he breathed.

The blonde's eyes widened, the red dulling almost immediately. His jaw opened slightly, his lower lip trembling. "Forget you saw anything," Roxas whispered, his words shaking.

Zexion kept his gaze locked with Roxas's. He turned slightly to face the blonde better. He took a deep breath before saying in a quiet, almost inaudible voice, "What are you?"

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