~three days later~

Roxas stood in tall, wet grass in a small circle of people. He was dressed in dark jeans and a black tee shirt. He had a band-aid on his forehead and his right arm was in a sling. Rain was slowly plastering his blonde hair to his head. He didn't care. The dreary weather fit his mood perfectly. That and no one could see his tears through the rain. He had a tight grip on the white lily he held. He stared at the fancy black box sadly, wishing the boy inside was still alive.

It had been a small funeral. Very little people had showed up, most Roxas was guessing were Zexion's classmates No one seemed to have shed a tear except himself…and a boy with spiked up dirty blonde hair. Roxas looked across the circle at the boy who had a white-knuckle grip on the blue umbrella he held, tears streaming down his cheeks.

Roxas looked around the small circle. Everyone else was staring at the casket glumly, crowded under their umbrellas. The blonde's gaze stopped on a man who was glaring at the casket angrily. He had long blue hair and an X shaped scar across the bridge of his nose. That must be Saix, Roxas thought as he watched another man with silver hair and glowing orange eyes put a hand on his shoulder. Saix looked at him and the two turned, heading back toward the church.

Roxas's attention was snapped back as the priest said his final word, the casket lowering slowly into the earth. The small crowd broke, most heading to their cars. Roxas stepped up beside the grave. He wiped his eyes before tossing the lily on top on the casket, whispering, "Goodbye, Zeku. I love you."

He looked up and jumped when he saw the other blonde boy still standing there, looking down at Zexion's casket glumly. Roxas sighed before saying, "I take it you knew Zexion."

The boy looked up, adjusting his grip on his umbrella. "Yeah," he said in a nasally voice, sniffing. "He…was my first boyfriend. We only went out for a week though."

Roxas felt a stab of jealously in his gut. He only got to know Zexion over the course of two days. "Oh."

"Yeeeah…we didn't have a lot in common. But he was really sweet. How'd you know him?"

"He was my boyfriend," Roxas said quietly, looking down at the grass.

"N'ohh! I'm sorry!" The boy hurried around the grave and hugged Roxas tightly. The smaller blonde flinched at the action. "I'm Demyx by the way."

"Roxas," he responded quietly as the other teen let go. "I'm actually surprised they let him have a funeral."

"Huh?" Demyx gave him a confused look, his sea green eyes wide, head cocked to the side.

"Never mind," Roxas said looking back in the grave.

"Come on, Roxy," Demyx said slinging an arm around the other's shoulders. "We can't stand up here all day. Zexy wouldn't want ya to be sad. Moping around his grave isn't helping. Let's go get some pudding or something." Demyx grinned, pulling Roxas by the hand toward the church.

Roxas blushed, allowing himself to be led. He smiled slightly and said, "Sure."

FINISHED. I hope you guys liked it. This story was based off of a role-play between SpoonyChan and myself. She fixed almost all of Marluxia's lines.

Oh, and I so didn't imply some DemRoku thar. Nope. Not at all XD