This was a little something that popped into my head while I was working on Smarter, Not Harder. It was more of a free writing sort of thing, but I figured I may as well post it…

Please let me know what you thought of it! :)


"Slacks." "DiNutso."


There was frenzy in the top major crimes response teams bullpen. All three agents were attempting to find a lead – any lead, for their current case. Preferably before their boss returned from his coffee break.

"Are you sure there's no way to decrypt it?" Abby asked McGee, leaning forward towards the computer. She had already finished processing the little evidence they had, and had instead come up to help the agents.

"I told you Abby, I have tried everything," McGee told her, exasperated.

"The Boss isn't going to like that," Special Agent Dwayne Wilson spoke up from his desk across from McGee's.

"Neither will ours," Agent Selina Wood added darkly, exchanging a dark glance with her partner.

"Technically, your boss shouldn't even be here, butting his head into our case," Carlotta Reed pointed out. She was the newest probie, but she already had spunk and good instincts.

"For the last time, it's FBI jurisdiction," Selina told them, glaring.

"Actually, it's clearly NCIS jurisdiction," McGee rebutted.

"You guys had better have done more then argue over whose jurisdiction this is," Tony snapped at them, striding in with a coffee cup in hand. Agent Sacks walking in right behind him gave the reason for the senior agents annoyance.

"We've got a BOLO out, Boss, but so far, nothing," Dwayne reported.

"No DNA match on any database yet," Selina reported, before Sacks could ask for a sitrep.

"That's not surprising," Abby told them, now leaning back on her chair. "It would be way easier if we could use the Armed Forces Registry…"

"That's illegal, though," Sacks second agent pointed out.

"There must be some way around that," Sacks said, exasperatedly. There was only so much time that he could deal with DiNozzo and his lackeys, and he was quickly reaching his quota. "Can't we threaten a JAG lawyer or something?"

"That's a stupider idea then the time you decided to marry my ex-wife," Tony said to him flatly.

"Wait a second, ex-wife?" Carlotta asked, straightening up in her chair and looking at them with incredulous eyes.

"Boss?" Selina asked Sacks, eyes wide.

"I remember that," McGee said reminiscently.

"Yeah, you guys even used the exact same divorce lawyer," Abby said, grinning, even when Sacks and Tony unleashed their glares on their respective teams.

"Wait, so you two married the same woman?" Dwayne asked, exchanging a look with all the other agents.

"I thought he was kidding when he said it was his ex-wife," Sacks exclaimed. "Besides, she was totally hot."

"Right. Explains how she managed to get away with all your money," Tony said to him, smirking. "I will agree with you on the hot comment though... even if she was a vindictive fox."

"She wiped you clean, Boss?" the FBI junior agent asked, unable to stop the smile.

"She do that to you too, Bossman?" Carlotta asked curiously, grinning.

"Shut up and get back to work," Tony snapped, refusing to answer the question.


"Tell me that witness doesn't look like who I think she does," Tony said, groaning.

"Same hair, same eye colour… same damn long legs," Sacks growled, annoyed.

"It's her."


Well, this was random, and, to be perfectly honest, not very good, but I hope you enjoyed it, at least! Please, let me know what you thought!

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