Disclaimer for the whole fanfic already:

I do not own any of the characters, nor do I own the setting… I only own the plot

What will happen if Hermione Granger never made it to the burrow? What will happen if she never helped Harry and Ron destroy Hurcroxes because of a certain blonde man?

It was the dead of the night when Draco Malfoy decided to pay her a visit, forcing her to come with him. She was forced to stay at the Malfoy Manor, forced by Voldemort to learn the ways of the Deatheaters. Would she be able to resist the temptation of the Dark side? Who's side is Draco Malfoy really on? What will happen during those times of them being alone?

There is still a chance that I might change the title, but that will have to do for now. This is the summary and I will upload the first chapter soon, I hope.