Based upon Legend of the Seeker, based upon Sword of Truth.

Author's Note: Once again, I am reminding everyone that I am a big fan of the Sword of Truth series and am basing this story on a mix of SoT and LotS. That being said, I also welcome questions about the books/series and will be more than happy to respond to you as long as you leave me some way to contact you.

Thanks for being patient while I tried to find time to write. Enjoy!

Takes place immediately following "Puppeteer," episode 9.

- - TRUTH - -

Richard sat around the small fire with Zedd and Kahlan. He was randomly carving bits of wood, unsettled by the message in the journey book. Darken Rahl knew they were after him. That put all of them at risk. Even Rachel, though she had gone to live with Martha and her family.

He found the carving he was making looked very similar to her little face. He smiled. She was such a brave little girl and she had helped them keep one of the Boxes of Orden from Rahl. She saved them.

He felt Zedd watching over his shoulder at the carving in his hands.

"Do not fear," the carving said in Rachel's voice.

He jumped nearly a mile, almost dropping the carving. Kahlan looked up and stared at the inanimate block of wood. Richard glanced around before settling his eyes back on the carving.

"Everything will be alright, you're the Seeker," the carving spoke again.

Richard met eyes with Kahlan, baffled. They both turned to Zedd, whose face held a smile longer than the horizon.

"The girl is safe Richard, and Darken Rahl was taking a stab in the dark, he doesn't actually know where we are," he said.

Richard nodded slowly and looked back at the wooden face of the girl in his hands. He smiled when she winked at him. "I guess you are pretty entertaining, old wizard," Richard said quietly.

Zedd laughed. "That is merely my ventriloquism, you should see my magic show," he said with a vaulting eyebrow. "Even Darken Rahl thought it was funny."

With a few purposely directed fingers leaves began to gather in the woods. They slowly formed into figures that bore striking resemblances to Richard and Darken Rahl.

"Evil despot!" the leafen-Richard accused dramatically.

"Foolish child!" 'Darken Rahl' shouted back.

There was a clash as the leafen-Richard attacked Rahl with his sword. There was an illusion of Rahl's magic towards leafen-Richard, but he fought back. With a well placed backhanded swing, the leafen head of Darken Rahl fell to the ground and scattered.

The leafen-Richard put his sword back in its sheath and the leaves fell to the ground as they lost their shape.

Kahlan smirked at Zedd. "Yes, I'm sure Darken Rahl found that extremely amusing."

Zedd shrugged. "Well, I did change the script a little, a good entertainer must pander to their audience, you know."

In the darkness, the trio laughed, feeling somewhat relieved, if only for a moment.

- - TRUTH - -