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Depression. Despair. Funny, I never thought I would end up this way. I always sat by myself at lunch with my hood over my head. No one ever talked to my because I never talked back. I had earned the nick name 'Gloomy Girl' instead of my original name, Bella Swan. I had been to the shooting range with my dad, I took Karate, and growing up with the Police Cheif, gave me some experience with self defense.

"What is her problem?" I heard Lauren, the blond, nasly voice skunk sack say. I smiled. If only she knew, if only I didn't fear the consequences and embarrasing my father I would take her down. I heard a sharp Crash and the glass from the open window fell through. I felt something for the first time in a few weeks...was it fear? No I wasn't scared. It was more of excitement. That's it adreneline. I sat still I didn't care.

"Swan move out of the way!" That was Jessica. I had heard the shuffle as the bullet had swished through the glass. There was a piece of metal poking my temple. What the freak?! Was he planning on shooting me? This was gonna be so fun. I stood up from my chair.

"Don't touch me." I said. I heard gasps around the cafeteria. No one had ever heard me speak. Way to shy and hard for it.

"I don't think your in the position to be telling me what to do." I let out a low chuckle. Then I elbowed him between the legs. Oh yeah! I elbowed him in the stomach, flipped him over my shoulder and he landed with a THUD. He got up and pointed the gun at me. I held my hands up. I had this talent to intmidate people. It wasn't exactly dazzling it was more...of a darker talent. I pulled back my hood. No one had ever seen my face before...wow. I just now noticed that. Again more gasps filled the room. I stepped closer to him until the gun was touching my forehead,

"Do it." I dared him looking him straight in the eyes. He removed the gun slowly and leveled it with my chest. I grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back and wrestled the gun from him. His hands hit the trigger a few times and people started screaming. But I eventually got it and shoved him up against the wall. He tried to struggle but I was to strong. I pulled out my cell phone, and dialed 911/

"911 what's your emergency?"

"We have a problem." I told him I gave him the situation and the adress and they were on the way in seconds. The entire cafeteria was silent. I heard a low they came and took the man from me. He shot me an evil glare,

"I'll be back." He growled. I rolled my eyes.

"Ssss. oooh I highly doubt that. If it does happen by some miracle trust I will be ready for a rematch. " I said as I walked back to my chair and put my hood on again. Back to Bella. Swan. I was suprised when people rushed up to me. I heard the door open to the cafeteria. As usual I didn't look up. Suddenly a group of five beautiful people were in front of me, mixed with the crowds and asking questions. My hair fell from underneath my hood as I grinned inwardly I looked up and a pair of beautiful green eyes met mine...


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