Just kill me now. This guy had me actually caring what I wore. THere was just something about him I could shake. Edward...him... What the hell? How could I even think like that. Maybe I should go see a shrink this was not normal Bella Swan Behavior. Huh! I finall decided on a southpole shirt and jeans and some soutpole boots to match. Cool! I stuffed my money into my pocket. I heard the doorbell ring and I raced down the stairs and nearly tripped. I opened the door and there stood Edward. He looked like a greek god...wow. He was sexy. woops. There we go, maybe someone should give me some pills this is not normal Bella status. Something is definately wrong. Edward smiled this amazingly breath taking crooked grin.

"You look beautiful." He breathed.

"Thanks..you look pretty hot yourself." He took my hand and led me to his...oh hell no he does not drive a volvo?! I rolled my eyes at the vehicle but luckily he didn't notice. He opened the door for me and got in...this was going to be some first date.