Title: Folie à Trois

Pairing: House/Cuddy/Cameron

Rating: NC17

Summary: Cameron wants to apologize for letting Cuddy down.

Written for the porn battle.

When Cameron came to apologize for the tenth (or was it the eleventh?) time, Cuddy had perfected the art of tuning her out. It was bad enough she had to be back at work so soon, back to wrestling with House and the twenty ethical issues he put on her desk every day. While she was sure that Cameron felt bad for failing in the fine art of House-control, Cuddy was far too busy to listen, especially since it was already approaching six and she wanted to get home to Rachel.

Perhaps if she'd been listening she would have been expecting it when Cameron came striding around the desk and kissed her. As it was, she could do little more than react. That reaction perhaps ought to have been pulling away and telling Cameron in no uncertain terms what she thought about such inappropriate behavior.

Instead she kissed her back.

It felt so incredibly good to be kissed, and Cameron kissed like she did everything else: like she wanted to be the best and be noticed for it. For Cuddy it felt as though the loneliness and desperation of the past few weeks, hell, the past few years was finally beginning to ease.

When Cameron dropped to her knees, Cuddy knew there was no way she was ever going to stop this. Her fingers were already entangled in the blonde strands of Cameron's hair and of all the ridiculous things to be thinking, Cuddy chose to be glad that she wore a skirt instead of pants.

Cameron had eased that skirt up over her hips, and had just removed the scrap of fabric Cuddy called underwear when the click of the office door opening caused them both to freeze. House closed the door immediately behind him and turned the lock, enjoying the look of panic on Cameron's face. She looked to Cuddy (always surnames, House's habit, never Lisa) for support but was dismayed to see her boss returning House's distinctly wicked grin.

By the time House joined them. leaning against the desk he had rescued for Cuddy, she had pretty much worked out what was going on. House rifling through Cuddy's abandoned purse and retrieving a hundred dollar bill only confirmed her suspicions.

"You had a bet?"

Cuddy nodded, the flush of being caught rising in her cheeks. Cameron was at a loss for words, replaying her conversations with House over the past few days, realizing all the little comments that had helped nudge her subconscious idea to a fully-fledged seduction.

"House said he'd get you to make it up to me. I didn't think you'd go for it."

Cameron's averted gaze snapped back as she heard Cuddy lowering the zipper on House's pants. There was no way of hiding the jealous look on her face as Cuddy freed his impressive erection and began to lap expertly at the head.

"But I don't understand... you were manipulating me?"

Cuddy halted her attentions to House's cock and gave Cameron one of her more withering glances.

"Nobody got you to do anything you didn't want to do."

House gave an impatient groan, Cuddy's still fingers wrapped around his shaft not doing anything to aid his release. Cameron allowed herself another envious look, one that wasn't lost on Cuddy.

"You'll get your turn, Cameron. Now, let's get back to what you were doing before we were so rudely interrupted."

With that, Cuddy returned to her teasing of House's erection, her tongue dancing playfully along his length. Before Cameron could protest or change her mind, she felt a firm grip in her hair, pushing her back towards the wetness she'd helped to cause. Cuddy's moan of appreciation when Cameron's tongue first sought out her clit dissolved any remaining doubt.

If this was madness, Cameron was quite happy to be insane.