-1.01 Pilot-

Lassiter couldn't help but glare at the retreating man's back. He would definitely find out what Spencer's secret was, even if it killed him. He sighed and went back to his paperwork. He could feel a migraine coming on. The chief had made mention that Lucinda was going to be transferred. He tried desperately to focus on his paperwork but to no effect. Just as he was about to put the final touches on his paperwork the paper he was holding was snatched from his hands. He looked up and glared at the person; it was Spencer.

"You need to relax detective. Too much stress does not do a man of your divine age and health any good." he said scanning over the detective's features.

"Spencer, give me back that paper." Lassiter seethed.

"Now, now you must relax. The spirits tell me you will live much longer if you relax." Spencer reasoned waving the paper about.

Lassiter shot from his seat and stepped forward to grab the paper from Spencer but was instead met with a pair of soft lips pressed against his. His eyes widened as he stared at the closed lids of the supposed psychic. Slowly Spencer pulled away and smiled at Lassiter before handing back the paper.

"I hope to work with you again soon, detective." with those soft words uttered Shawn turned and made his way out of the station while Lassiter sat touching where his lips had been kissed.

"Same here Spencer." he whispered to himself before finishing off his paperwork.