-1.08 Shawn vs. The Red Phantom-

Carlton was in the bathroom at the hospital staring at his reflection. He felt his heart warm as he thought about when he held the Chief's baby. Thinking back to his failed marriage and how his wife had thought he didn't want children when he did. Exiting the bathroom he headed towards the nursery. Along the way he stopped when he saw Shawn staring into the window at the babies. He had a warm smile on his face. The head detective strolled over to stand beside him. The Chief's little girl was smiling at the psychic from the nursery window. Shawn wrapped his arm around Lassiter's waist and leaned against his side.

"She sure isn't beautiful isn't she Lassy," Shawn mused.

Carlton nodded in agreement and stood staring at the baby in the window. The psychic kept his arm around the detective's waist which surprisingly wasn't rejected.

"So did you really faint?" Shawn asked with a grin.

The detective flushed. "I didn't faint Spencer."

"Oh come on Lassy, it doesn't make you less manly to admit you fainted at the sight of a baby being born." Shawn told him.

Lassiter removed Shawn's arm from his waist and sent him an annoyed glare. The psychic smiled apologetically at the annoyed look and leaned up to kiss him softly. When he pulled away he patted the detective's shoulder.

"Don't worry I'm sure no one will even remember you fainting by tomorrow." The psychic told him.

"Shawn, are you coming or not?" Gus appeared behind Lassiter.

Shawn grinned and hugged the detective before following Gus away from the nursery but not before shooting Carlton a sexy look. Carlton flushed slightly but turned back to look in at the chief's baby girl.