The flight was long and relentless. I somehow managed to control my thirst. Whenever it became too much, I would think of how much Edward needs me, and how much I need him, not how much I needed blood. Rosalie quietly told me about the Volturi while I sat and listened. We seemed to stay elevated in the air for quite some time. After a while, I thought it would never end. I was proved wrong when we landed rather abruptly, and Rosalie and I ran out unusually fast. We drove as fast as we could to Volterra. Upon seeing the grand walls of the city, I immediately felt intimidated. We snuck in with a group of tourists, and we decided to follow them until we could stop in the shade. They led us in to a building, where we would've stopped, if Rosalie hadn't have pointed out the tour guide.

She had violet eyes, an odd color for a human, but that isn't what stopped us. She had pale, porcelain skin, with a distinctive face that was utterly unforgettable. She was obvious to us. A vampire.

So lightly that I could barely hear her, Rosalie murmered,"She could lead us straight to the source, so that we can find Edward and get out of here."

I nodded my head and we began to follow them again. We took a huge elevator downstairs and suddenly we were shuffled into a dark room. I listened very closely, and I could hear people speaking.

"He could've ruined us! He isn't heartbroken, he's insane!"

"He was merely trying to put himself nearest to the one he holds dearest," said a familiar voice, but it was too loud and urgent. It was Carlisle.

Rosalie and I ran towards the voices, and unnoticeably walked out of the prison we were in. We rushed towards the door, and upon opening it, we saw a horrible sight.

"EDWARD," I cried. I ran, sobbing tearlessly towards him and wrapped my arms around his spasming body. I turned towards the source, a young girl of maybe thirteen. She was smiling at him with eyes that burned into flames.

"STOP IT!" I screamed. She looked at me and laughed.

"So what are you going to about it?"

I screamed louder, "STOP!!"

Suddenly there was complete silence, and I bent over to check on him.

"Edward? Edward!?"

"B-bella?" his beautiful voice whimpered. I took a chance to actually look at him, his gorgeous bronze hair and his perfectly sculptured face. What I really wanted to see were his eyes, but he was panting, eyes closed, and still experiencing little seizures of pain.

"Now let's discuss this calmly," hushed Carlisle to an important-looking man. "We will leave and never bother you again."

"I only agree to this because you are my friend... not one more mistake, Carlisle."

And so they left the room, leaving Carlisle and Edward alone with me.

"Edward? Son? Are you alright?" Carlisle asked.

"I'm… so thirsty…" Edward whispered.

Carlisle picked him up effortlessly and we went to the back of the building, where an actual private jet awaited us, with the rest of the Cullens onboard. While Carlisle tended to Edward, I sat and waited. Everyone took their turns hugging me and telling me how much they missed me, but even as a vampire I couldn't concentrate, not with Edward in the room beside me.

I began to cry, sans the tears. It was so embarrassing, but I just couldn't hold it in.