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Hinata's thoughts

Letter to Haru



Where did you go?

Don't Leave Hinata all alone-!

These were the thoughts of a little girl with short purplish black hair who was running in the dark. Not paying much attention to where she was going, Hinata bumped into a boy with short red hair.

"Ouch!" she cried. She looked up at him. His eyes held tears in them. He brought up arm to his face.

"O-ouch..." he said. He removed his arm and saw Hinata with tears in her eyes and lips trembling.

"My parents died..." Hinata said, wiping her eyes with the sleeve of her blue dress. "Even though...today is...Hinata's birthday..."

"Happy Birthday." the boy said. Hinata moved her hands away from her eyes.


"I will give you a birthday present, so don't cry anymore." the boy said in a sincere voice. He pointed up in the sky. "I will give you the brightest star." Hinata looked up at the sky to where he was pointing. "That star. Even if it's spring, summer, autumn or winter, is always there. From today onwards, your dad and mom will always watch over from that star."

"Really?" Hinata asked, looking at the boy.

"Yeah, they'll always be watching." He answered patting her head. "So, don't show me that crying face anymore." Hinata looked back up at the bright star.

"Dad...mom." she called out. The star then twinkled. She pointed at the star and turned her head towards the boy. "Did...did you see? It twinkled! Onii...Oniichan?" The boy that was beside her was gone.

"Hey now, Hinata!" A lady with long black hair said, walking towards Hinata.

"Oba-chan." Hinata greeted.

"So you were in a place like this. You were awake and slipped out of the house. What happened?"She asked. "Geez don't be all by yourself like that. Everyone will be worried." the lady said. The two were now entering the apartment.

"Okay.." Hinata said. She looked up and something caught her attention. Sitting at the top of the mail boxes was a blue bear. It had an eye patch with a yellow star covering its right eye. Along with the bear was a letter.

"Kuma-chan!" Hinata said. She somehow managed to get the bear and the letter down. She opened the letter.

If you ever feel lonely, write a letter to me.


It's that oniichan!

She picked up the bear.

"Haru-san...?" Hinata brought the bear closer to her. "Okay. Hinata is not lonely anymore."

From that day onwards, I always write a letter to Haru-san. Whether I'm happy or lonely

Six years later

Hinata held a letter addressed to Naruto Uzumaki. She was out delivering newspapers when she reached the apartment that Naruto Uzumaki lived in.

"Oh...crap." Hinata said putting her head down. "Now that I'm in front of Naruto-kun's house my spirits suddenly got down." She looked back at the letter. "O-okay!"

Good Morning Haru-san

Right now, I...for the first time in my life, I'm going to give a love letter to the person that I like.

Hinata got up and walked to the entrance. The first thing she saw when she entered the building was a guy with red hair wearing a black sweater kissing a girl with black hair tied up into pigtails. Her jaw fell.

"EEEEH! KI...KI...KI..." Hinata stuttered pointing at the two. The guy and the girl looked at Hinata.

"Oh, shut up." the girl said covering her ear with her hand.

"MAKING OUT! MAKING OUT! MAKING OUT! AT THIS KIND OF PLACE!" Hinata shouted, moving her finger up and down at the two.

"Brat." the guy said. Something in Hinata cracked. She smacked him five times with newspapers.

"Don't joke around with me." Hinata shouted. She left the apartment, leaving the girl calling out the fallen guy's name.



What's with this guy?

"Ne, Sasuke-chan, are you listening to me! Don't you think he's mean?" Hinata asked the boy next to her while removing her hair clips. The boy next to her had dark hair which spiked up at the back making it look like the butt of a chicken or a duck.

"You're the mean one." He said. "Why do you always, after you finish your newspaper delivering, crawl into my bed?" He pulled the blanket more up.

"Because! Your futon feels really good." Hinata answered in a isn't-that-already-obvious sort of tone.

"Feels good!" Sasuke repeated.

"Living alone is hard isn't it, Sasuke-chan?" Hinata asked, yawning and pulling up the blanket. "Having to sleep all by yourself."

"Hey...you..." Sasuke started.

"Ah...even though I stayed up the whole night to write that love letter..."Hinata mumbled. Sasuke's eyes widened.

"What!" Sasuke said. He tossed the blanket aside and sat up. By doing so, Sasuke revealed that he was shirtless.

"Eh?" Hinata asked, staring blankly at Sasuke's chest.

"Love letter? To whom!" Sasuke asked.

"Why are you sleeping naked?" Hinata asked, kicking Sasuke in the gut. "Anyway me writing a love letter to someone...it's none of your business alright." Hinata climbed out of Sasuke's room with a flustered face. Sasuke's hand was at his stomach.

"...Damn it." He said. He laid back down on his stomach. "Why is it that I care so much about a girl like her...?"


My love letter strategy was a failure.

"Sasuke-chan's an idiot! He left already." Hinata said. She already changed into her school uniform. She was about to leave but stopped at the photo of her mom and dad. "Dad, mom, I'm going."

But I'm pretty lucky.

It's been kind of hard, but ever since my aunt got married, I've had to live alone.

Because of this, the landlady only charges me half the rent.

"I'm going now, landlady." Hinata told the landlady who was sweeping the floor in front of the mailboxes.

"Be careful okay, Hinata-chan." The landlady said. Hinata placed Haru on top of her mailbox with a letter for Haru.

To pay it off, I work as a newspaper deliverer.

I've never gotten a reply from Haru-san but...

I believe that you will certainly read all of my letters.

From Hinata

"Good morning!" Hinata greeted entering the classroom. The blond wiping off the blackboard looked at Hinata. Hinata felt the blood rushing towards her face.



"Huh? Where's Uchiha?" Naruto asked.

"Ah..uhm...Sasuke-chan is..." Hinata looked away.

What should I do?

I don't want to see him face to face.

"Hey there, Naruto." Sasuke greeted, popping out of nowhere behind Hinata. He place a hand on Naruto's shoulder. His face went really close to Naruto's. "How was it? Did you receive the love letter."

"GYA!" Hinata shouted. She grabbed Sasuke and covered his mouth.

"I knew it, the love letter was for Naruto, right?" Sasuke asked, facing Hinata.

"Sh-sh-sh-Shut up!" Hinata stuttered. Her face was now all read.

"You two get along quite well, are you going out with each other?" Naruto asked.

"Huh? No, that's not it. This guy is only my childhood friend." Hinata answered. "He's only my neighbor."

"...Yeah, right, only neighbors." Naruto said sarcastically. "Then...is it alright if I come over to your house next time, Hyuuga-san?"


For real!

Hinata was outside with her two best friends: Ino and Sakura. Ino and Hinata were sitting on the grass drinking juice. Sakura was looking in her notebook.

"Sakura check!" Sakura announced. "I asked one thousand junior high school males all over our country: What do you want do first of all when you are alone in a room with the girl you are going out with? Number 1 answer is: Chuu! Coming in at 72 percent!" Hinata and Ino spitted out the juice they were drinking.

"NO YOU CAN'T! HINATA! What the... Uzumaki coming over to your house? THAT'S TOTALLY UNFORGIVABLE!" Ino told Hinata.

"I...Ino-chan." Hinata said.

"Isn't it okay, Naruto-kun kissing Hinata...CHUU CHUU CHUU CHUU!" Sakura said.

"Don't joke around with me! We are still junior high school students after all!" Ino shouted. "More over, Sakura! You're not going out with any guy, don't act so proud like that."

"This time I'm planning on falling in love with the apprentice teacher." Sakura stated.

"Hah!" Ino asked, shocked.

"Come to think of it, Hinata has once before written a love letter to Naruto-kun, right" Sakura asked. "Seems like it didn't go very well."


That's right.

I already tried once before.

I'm gonna do my best one more time.

The very next day...Hinata was once again at Naruto's apartment, taking a little detour from delivering newspapers. Before entering, Hinata looked around.

"O...Okay! That guy from yesterday is not here!" Hinata walked over to the mailboxes and started to search for Naruto's. When she spotted it she said "Found it!" She held the letter in her hand, ready to drop it off.

Uzumaki Naruto-kun.

I love you!

The fire alarm suddenly went off.

"EH!" Hinata asked, "What! What's this sound!" A girl popped out of a room behind Hinata.

"This is terrible!" The girl shouted. "The house on the top floor is on fire!"

"Eh! I'm going to take a look!" Hinata said, dashing towards the top floor.

"Wait a minute, it's dangerous!" the girl said, unable to stop Hinata.

"Is anyone here!" Hinata shouted. She reached the top floor and was searching for anyone there. "Are you okay!" The door before her flew open.

"Ah.. yesterday..." Hinata said, recognizing the person. It was the guy who called her a brat yesterday. He started coughing.

"Idiot!" He shouted. "It's dangerous, don't come here!" Behind him, the lamp started to fall in his direction.

"KYAA!" Hinata shouted. The guy turned around and blocked the lamp with his left arm, preventing it from falling onto Hinata.

"Ack! Ouch!"

"I'm sorry, it's all my fault that you got hurt..." Hinata said. The guy was with Hinata in her apartment. Both on the floor with the first aid kit and Haru. Hinata was bandaging his injured arm.

"I'm fine, I'm fine." he said. "It was only a small fire anyway."

"...But why was your room on fire?" Hinata asked.

"Why huh?" The guy thought to himself, putting his chin on his right hand. "I was with a girl in my room but I got mail from another girl. After I went to answer it, she's not there anymore and I see smoke everywhere..."

"GE! That means that girl set you room on fire! Uwa... you're the worst." Hinata said. The guy glanced at the room. It was pretty empty. The only things that were in the room, besides Hinata and himself was Haru, the first aid kit and a tv on a little stand.

"Huh? Could it be that you live here alone?" the guy asked, picking up Haru.

"That's none of your business!" Hinata answered, grabbing Haru away from the red headed male.

"...A girl set my house on fire. And you are living all alone." He tilted his head a little to the right. "Well, there are a lot of things that happen in life. We shall do our best, okay!"

"Ah...thank you." Hinata said.

What's with that?

I'm not living together with you, alright.

After school, Hinata spotted Sasuke by the bike rack getting his bike.

"Ah! Wait for me, Sasuke-chan. Give me a ride." said Hinata.

"Alright." Sasuke said. Hinata climbed onto the back part and Sasuke started pedaling.

"You know, yesterday, there was a fire at Naruto-kun's apartment. God..it's amazing he survived..." Hinata told Sasuke.

"Naruto! Fire!" Sasuke asked shocked. "Why didn't you tell me right away!"

"Sasuke-chan, you're exaggerating. It was only a small fire." replied Hinata.

"What? That's...that's because...I'm worried about you," Sasuke said, blushing a little. He felt Hinata lean on him. Red-faced, Sasuke turned around. "Hin...Hinata?" Sasuke turned around and saw Hinata dozing off. "She didn't hear it..."

"I can't believe I slept for so long," Hinata said, unlocking the door to her place. Something definitely caught her eye when she opened the door. The red head was in her home, shirtless, wearing only jeans, dripping wet, and drying his hair with a towel.

"Welcome home- " he said. Hinata's jaw dropped.


Hinata closed the door and looked at the room number and the name plate. It was definitely her home. She opened the the door once more and saw him ravaging through her fridge.

"Hey, do you have any beer?" he asked. Hinata pointed at him.

"-censored-! Wh...why are you here? Or rather how did you get in! And what are you doing in my house!" Hinata asked. The guy grabbed a carton of milk.

"Uhm, I told the Landlady that I'm your brother, so she let me in." He answered.

Wait a minute, Landlady-san!

"Hah! How could that be possible? But moreover, what are you doing here!" Hinata asked.

"Because of the fire, my house is a mess alright? I can not go back there for a while. I was searching for somewhere to go, and then I remembered this place." the red head explained.

"FORGET ALL OF THAT!" Hinata cried. "What about the girl you were with the other day? Isn't she your girlfriend?"

"No way, she was just alone and I was bored." he replied. "Why do you have to make a fuss?"

He's the worst!

"Ne? Can I stay here for a lil' while?" He pulled Hinata closer towards him and embraced her. Hinata felt her blood rush to her face "I will pay the rent with my body." Hinata smacked him with her book bag.

"Don't joke around with me!" She shouted, continuously swinging her book bag.

"OUCH! It was a joke, a joke." he said, trying to defend himself.

"Get out now, you pervert!" She shouted.

"Ah, it huuuurts!" Hinata stopped and looked at the red head. He was kneeling on the floor, holding his injuries from earlier today. My wound is aching..."

"Are you al..." Hinata tried to ask.

"Thanks to a certain someone, my wound in aching again!" he cried.


"I wonder if I should make you pay the cost of hospitalization. Well, I will get out if you like but..."

"Wa...wait, that kind of money...I don't..." Hinata tried to explain.

"It hurts!" He shouted. "But with this kind of injury, it'll be hard for me to set up a place for me to stay..." Hinata started to inch backward. "Someone with a heart as kind as that of an angel would surely let me stay in, don't you think?" He looked at Hinata with sad eyes.


Hinata tossed a pillow and a blanket at the red head.

"Alright you must not come in here under any circumstance." Hinata said. He was in the same room as this morning.

"You're letting me stay? For real?" He asked. "Until my wounds heal, right?" Hinata slammed the door.

"What should I do now...I already said that it's alright..." Hinata said, staggering away from the door. All of the sudden, she heard a crashing noise causing her to twitch.

"Sorry, I dropped the glass." the guy shouted. Hinata sat on the floor of her room. She listened to her heartbeat. Her face started turning red

I definitely won't do it!

This is impossible.

The memories of Sakura saying that the No. 1 answer for what do guys want to do first of all when you are alone in a room with the girl you're going out with is chuu, and the red head and the girl he was with the other day kissing popped into the mind. The image of her kissing the red head bursted into her train of thought



What on earth am I doing!

Stop it!

Hinata was on the floor with her blanket wrapped all around her.

"I...couldn't sleep at all..." Hinata said sulking as the birds outside her window chirped.

Hinata marched into the kitchen, already changed into school uniform.

"Got it! Since I have to go to school, you must not bring anyone into the house!" Hinata told the red head.

"Okay." He said, flipping the egg in the pan. "Don't you want to have breakfast?"

"I...I don't need it!" Hinata answered walking away.

"Ah. Wait a minute." the guy said, grabbing her wrist. He pulled her closer to him and cupped her face. "A goodbye kiss."

Oi, Hinata! What are you doing?" Sasuke asked opening her window. "Today..."

"GYA!" Hinata shouted. She quickly went towards the window and blocked Sasuke from seeing the red head guy. "Wha...what's up, Sasuke-chan?"

"Well...like I said, you didn't come over today, so I thought something came up..." Sasuke replied. "Huh? Is there someone in your house?"

"Th..there's no one else. I live alone, don't I!" Hinata said.

Haru-san, it seems like...

Today's the worst day of my life.

"The worst..." Hinata mumbled, slumping on her desk, trying to get some sleep.

"You don't look so well." Hinata opened her eyes and saw Naruto in front of her. "Are you alright?"

"Ah! Naruto-kun!" Hinata said shocked.

"Are you having a fight with Uchiha?" Naruto asked.

"No...nothing..." Hinata answered blushing.


I will correct what I said just now.

It seems like Today's been the worst day of my life.

"Hey, is this the way to class 1-5's classroom?" a guy asked Ino and Sakura.

"Huh?" Ino turned around.

"Yes, it's this way..."Sakura answered . The two of them instantly fell in love.

"Hey there." The red head came into the classroom. "From Today onwards, I'll be your apprentice teacher. I'm Akasuna Sasori. Nice to meet you!" Hinata's jaw dropped.


Today is really my worst day after all.

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