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"Sasuke-chan," Hinata called out. A faint blush tinted her cheeks. Her eyes looked down at her hands with fingers fiddling with each other. "I…The truth is, I've always…" A small blush went on Sasuke's face.

"Hin…" Sasuke muttered. He grabbed Hinata's shoulders. "Hinata!"

"What?" Sasuke heard Hinata say. His eyes flashed open to see Hinata's worried eyes focused on him. Sasuke's face turned red as he realized that he was in his bed. "Eh! Hinata, what the hell are you doing!"

"S-sorry Sasuke-chan!" Hinata apologized. "I…broke today's promise." Sasuke sat up.

"What the heck! Why didn't you show up?" Sasuke asked.

"Uh…" Hinata struggled to think of an answer.

"Why!" Sasuke asked, his nose close to Hinata's.

"Th-that…" Hinata stuttered.

"Say it!" Sasuke demanded, pinning Hinata onto the bed.

"Kyaaaa! What are you two doing!" A voice shouted. Sasuke got off Hinata.

"Itachi, we're not doing anything!" They said simultaneously

"Aah, did I disturb you?" Itachi asked in a falsetto voice. "Continue, continue," Itachi said, backing out of the room.

"Wah, no!" Hinata called out to explain.

"Shut up aniki!" Sasuke shouted, throwing a pillow at his brother.


In the lobby in which Hinata first received her letter from Haru-san, Hinata was now placing a letter to Haru-san with the teddy bear Haru on top of the mailboxes.


Today I broke the arranged meeting between Sasuke-chan.

That boy that moved in next door

Is the splitting image of the onii-chan that gave me the star…

Because of that, I became worried…


I can't tell Sasuke-chan either.

It feels awkward.

After Hinata left to go home, another person wearing a blue hoodie arrived at the mailboxes. He took the letter to Haru-san and opened it. It took him only a few moments to read the letter before crushing it in only one hand.


The very next day, the sky was still pouring rain. Hinata and her cousin went their own different ways to school.

"Ah!' Hinata gasped as she made her way through an unavoidable puddle. "Oh, darn it! The insides of my shoes are wet." While walking, Hinata was able to recognize a very familiar face wearing the male uniform from her middle school.


It's that boy from yesterday.

We go to the same school!

Hinata saw that he was not carrying an umbrella of his own to shield him from the rain. She bit her bottom lip as she felt a bit of sympathy for him. She dashed towards him and lifted the umbrella over his damp head.

"Here," she said. "Wanna share the umbrella?" He slowly turned around with Hinata watching in awe.


I knew it…

He looks exactly like onii-chan…

"You're annoying." He said bluntly. Hinata's eyes widened. She watched as he headed off to school before her.


What's with this guy!

Who do you think you are!

Man, he pisses me off!

What's with that attitude!

Following close by, Hinata saw her red headed neighbor entering the school gate. "Morning Gaara-kun!" Hinata heard a feminine voice chime. A girl with blond hair in a pigtails walked towards the red head.

"Ahhh! Gaara-kun, 'morning!" Another voice sounded. A brunette with a short bob haircut.

"Morning!" greeted another girl with black hair tied into a side ponytail. The girls started to crowd around Gaara. Hinata felt dumbstruck as she stood with her mouth agape at the sight before her.


Don't get too close to him!

"Good morning!" Gaara said with a bright smile on his face.


Hinata felt even more confused than she was before.

"Hey Gaara-kun, you're soaking wet! Come under my umbrella!" One of the girls offered.

"My umbrella's much bigger," a different one remarked, "so come under mine!"

"Hold it!" the third girl huffed. "Gaara-kun would be embarrassed under such a childish umbrella."

"What!" the second girl snapped.

"Thanks everyone," Gaara said, giving a charming smile to the bickering girls. "You're all very generous." Hinata looked to see if there was a hidden camera somewhere.

Even so, who the heck is this person!

He's completely different from before!

Hinata felt a hand grip onto her shoulder, pulling her close.

"But today, I'll be going under Hyuuga-senpai's umbrella!" Looking just as shocked as she felt, the three girls had their jaws hanging wide for flies to come and go.


"Our rooms are right next to each other too." He said with a smug look on his face.


Despite her confusion of the situation, Hinata still walked with Gaara under her umbrella. Whilst walking, girls had their head turned towards the two. Most of them had shocked or disgusted looks on their faces.


"Why were you walking under an umbrella with the prince of the 2nd year classes?" Naruto asked with a brow raised.

"Heh?" Hinata looked at her, still confused about this morning.

"What's this supposed to mean! I haven't heard anything of it!" Ino asked.

"And you even broke your promise with Uchiha too." Naruto added, making Hinata's harboring guilt larger.

"Hey, hey!" Sakura said. "When did you become acquaintances? What's your relation?"

"….But that…you said 'second year?' " Hinata asked.

"Hm?" Sakura hummed as if she didn't hear. "Oh! That kid's the transfer student from class 2-1, I think. I believe his name is Gaara Sabaku!" Hinata's jaw dropped lower than the lowest it had dropped in her life.


Then that means he's absolutely not onii-chan!

"Stupid, stupid," Hinata chanted as she glumly trailed her finger back and forth on the wall she was leaning on.

"Speaking of which, did you know that that Sabuku kid is living in my apartment building.

"Sabaku," Sakura corrected. "Yeah, I know! He probably has boat-loads of money! Since he's so good-looking and smart, he's called the prince among the second years!"

"You retards!" Ino snapped. "There's no way there can be a prince around!"

That's right, Haru-san

Onii-chan was in middle school at that time.

It's impossible for him to still be at that age.

I'm such a fool.

"I'm hooome…" Hinata grudgingly greeted as she stepped into her household.

"Welcome home!" four voices greeted her. Hinata waved at her aunt, her uncle, her cousin, and her next door neighbor, Gaara.

Say what!

Hinata pulled Neji away from the rest.

"Why is that guy in the house?" Hinata asked in a hush voice.

"Don't you remember?" Neji asked. From You invited him for supper. Now hurry up and change your clothes" Hinata walked away to change

I didn't invite him!

"I'm really happy that my neighbor is Hyuuga-sempai. She is so kind – inviting me to dinner like this." Gaara told the others. "I hope that she'll teach me a lot about the school from now on." He flashed a benevolent smile.

Wh-What the heck is this guy thinking?

"Well! Thank you for the meal! It was really delicious!" Gaara said.

"Aah, sure, sure!" her uncle, Asuma, said.

"Since you're living alone, you really gotta get proper nourishment." Aunt Kurenai told him. "Feel free to come over occasionally!"

"It would just feel like another house guest…" Neji muttered as he did the dishes with Gaara drying the dishes.

"Eh?" Gaara asked confused.

"Hinata's parents, my aunt and uncle, are no longer with us for a long time. Hinata has just been living by herself for most of her life." Neji said with a stern look on his face. "We have only been living together up to two years ago."

"Even so," Kurenai said, taking part of their conversation. "We look like a real family; as if she really is one of my own. Even though so many things happened, she hasn't said anything about being sad…I think she's pretty strong willed."

"Or she could be bottling her feelings so that later she could take our anger out on us." Neji breathed under his breath. Kurenai placed more dishes into the sink for Neji to wash.

"And you could do the rest of the drying." Kurenai smiled.


"Thank you for letting me stay," Gaara said.

"Let's have a hot pot next time!" Kurenai said.

"Yeah, the more the merrier." Neji grumbled. Gaara waved good-bye as Hinata accompanied him out of her apartment and into the hallway.

"Even though auntie said that stuff, you don't have to come again." Hinata told him.

"You have a habit of lying." Gaara said bluntly.

"Eh?" sounded Hinata.

"I said, you have a habit of lying." Gaara repeated, returning to the rude boy Hinata had to encounter. "Why bother playing this make-belive game of family? Your cousin obviously doesn't like your being in there. Your aunt favors you more than her own son. You don't have to worry about me coming over because I don't want to be part of a dysfunctional fake family." Hinata's eyes widened.



That guy is the lowest person.

I'm so relieved he isn't onii-chan.

"Wait, Wait!" Naruto shouted.

"Are you okay? Your face is so red, it's glowing!" Sakura said.

"Shoo! Shoo! We'll get infected so go home, stupid." Ino said, waving for him to go away.

"It'll be bad if your fever grows," Naruto persisted. "Today, you should.."

"Shut the freak up!" Sasuke shouted, punching the lockers. He leaned against them for support. His throbbing head started to feel light on his shoulders "Th-..There's something I have to tell Hinata." He fell towards an unexpected bystander.

"Uchiha-kun!" squeaked Tenten as Sasuke's head landed on her shoulder. "You look like you have a terrible fever!"

"What do we do with that idiot" Sakura muttered to the rest.


On the other side of school, Gaara was confronted by the same three girls from yesterday.

Sabaku-kun! Our last class was home economics and we baked cookies!" The brunette said.

"Please eat them!" The blond said.

"Eh?" The red head said, putting up an innocent front. "You're giving them to me?" He accepted the cookies and gave out a a fake smile. "Thank you! You must have put of a lot of heart into making these." The girls squealed as he walked away.

In the gym equipment room, Gaara dumped the contents of the bag onto the floor.

"…Those idiots," Gaara grumbled. He lifted his foot of the cookies. "What a drag. I should've said what was on my mind!"

"Pick up those cookies this instant!" Gaara turned his head and saw Hinata guarding the exit. He scowled at her presence. "Those girls made them for you. What are you doing?" She got down on her knees and started to pick the dirtied treats off the floor. "You're the worst!"

"What? Are you trying to be nice?" Gaara asked "You do this and that and try to be a good person, smiling. That aunt of yours; is she doing some sort of volunteer work? Is she and her husband foster parents that you were sent to live with? Because those two may seem okay with you, but I bet that 'cousin' of yours can't wait to get away from you every day." Hinata stood up and threw the cookies at him. "Wha-?"

"I won't forgive you! I won't forgive anyone who dares say something that rude." Hinata shouted. "For a moment, I thought you resembled someone that comforted me when my parents died, but you're completely different! People like you, who don't understand people's feelings, are just garbage." Hinata said with tears brimming her eyes, and a reddened face. Gaara came closer and pinned Hinata to the wall. Hinata felt a soft pair of lips on her own.

"NO!" Hinata shouted, pushing the red head away. She turned to leave.

"It's worthless!" Gaara told Hinata, causing her to stop in her tracks. "In this world, there isn't anyone that can think about other people that seriously."

"Yes there are," Hinata said. "There are people who think like that." Memories of Sasori Tachibana filled her mind.

I, too…

Have someone I can always think about.

Hinata turned to him and said, "You're just a sad person." Without another word, Hinata left. Gaara heard voices gossiping in his head. The same voices he had heard once before.

"Dammit!" He growled.


In the infirmary, Tenten sat by Sasuke's lying form's side. Her fingers grazed his hair when she heard him mutter Hinata's name. His eyes flashed open. He quickly sat up in his bed which was a bad mistake. He raised his hand to support his head.

"Tenten? Why was I sleeping? Is this the infirmary?" Sasuke asked.

"You said 'Hinata'…" Tenten informed him. Sasuke went into a coughing fit. "Uchiha-kun, are you in love with Hyuuga-san?" Sasuke's face blushed at her question.

"Uhh…" Sasuke tried to reply.

"Am I not good enough?" Tenten asked.

"Eh?" Sasuke said, dumbstruck.

"Because I…" Tenten said. "I've always…always liked-" Sasuke saw Hinata running past the window.

"Hinata!" Sasuke cried out, getting out of the infirmary bed, rushing past Tenten.

"Eh?Sasuke-kun!" Tenten shouted as Sasuke jumped out of the window. Tenten rushed towards the window and silently watched his retreating form.

"Hinata!" Sasuke shouted. "Wait!" He grabbed hold of her arm. Hinata turned to him "Hey! Why the heck are you crying!" Hinata placed her hands on Sasuke's shoulders.

"Sa-Sasuke-chan! You're burning up." Hinata said, making a desperate attempt to change topics. "Don't you still have…"

"Are you listening!" Sasuke snapped. "Why are you crying! Tell me!" Hinata fell to her knees.

"…I was kissed…" Hinata relunctantly told him. "By someone I don't even like…" Sasuke's eyes widened. After letting out a sigh, he said, "Then let's disinfect that." Sasuke knelt down to Hinata's level and placed his lips upon Hinata's. When he pulled back, Hinata's eyes were wide in confusion.


"Sa…Sasuke-chan…" Hinata said. She took notice of blond hair. Naruto quickly retracted behind the corner. "Why?" She asked. Sasuke looked at her with a flushed face.

"Because I love you..." Sasuke confessed.

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