Authors Note- Starting a second story. Don't worry; I'm not leaving "Stand Up" I will continue to update that as well. This idea has been inspired by a book I read recently, Fear No Evil, I give full credit to the author. Its not going to be like the book what-so-ever. I just got the general idea from the book. So its just like people who write off stories that were ripped from headlines. Okay? Hah.

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"Liv, what do you want to eat for dinner?" Elliot called out to his girlfriend. After his divorced he finally realized that it was her he was in love with. It is, and always will be her. This truly had been the best eight months of his life. Life with Olivia had changed him deeply. He was happy again, he didn't have to put on a show to please anyone, he could be himself with her. He relaxed and was more easy going with everyone. He enjoyed spending time with his kids more. Maureen was out of college and had started work. Kathleen had gotten her sickness under wraps, Liz and Dickie were starting the senor year of high school. When he received no answer he walked down the hall and called out,

"Liv, you hear me? I asked wh.." he trailed off as he turned the corner and saw Olivia laying on the floor of the bathroom by the toilet, her head resting on the cool tile of the floor. He knew she'd be extremely stressed, this case had really gotten to her. The thought of the case would physically make her sick.

"Liv, honey. You alright." She didn't respond. "You got sick again, didn't you?" She finally nodded, "You are supposed to come get me babe, I can help you."

She stood up slowly and spoke, "I know, I'm sorry…I was just reviewing some files and the pictures became to much." She massaged her temples, feeling a headache coming on. She walked over to him and placed herself in his arms. She knew that no matter how horrendous a case was she could always count on him to help her out.

"Come on, I know you're not going to want to eat." Or keep anything down, Elliot spoke softly to her, rubbing the back in slow, soothing circles. He'd been worried about her, the case had gotten to everyone, but she seemed the one with the worst attraction. She hadn't been sleeping, she hadn't been eating, she didn't speak to anyone about what it was doing to her. He gently let go of her and walked to the bedroom and took out a pair of shorts and one of his old academy shirts. He gave them to her and shut the bathroom door, and sat on the side of the bed.

They had yet to bring their relationship to the next level. And that was okay with him. They had both decided they wanted it to be right. They wanted to be sure that it was the absolute right moment. And there was no denying their love for each other but they didn't want to rush into anything and ruin what they have. She walked out, and he was sure that she'd never looked more stunning. She was in shorts and big shirt with her hair in a messy ponytail, and she was still able to take his breath away.

He stripped down to his boxers and climbed into bed, seconds later she followed. She slipped right up next to him and he kissed her lightly on the head, she hadn't allowed him to hold her like this since the case began, maybe she was ready to talk, he spoke hesitantly, not wanting to push her because he knew she'd close up…even more so, "Want to talk about it?"

"No." And that was the end of it. She kissed him briefly on the lips and turned around, so that her back faced him. He regretted asking instantly, he wanted her to talk to him, but he wanted her in his arms even more. He listened, waiting to hear her breathing to even out and her light snoring. It never came, and he ended up falling asleep anyway.


She lay there, thinking. It was always on her mind. The sick and twisted man that abducted women and taped them being raped and murdered, then posted it online on a porn website claiming it was just fantasy role-playing. Bullshit. He was getting away with rape and murder while perverts all over the world got off on it. They'd spent weeks trying track down the guy through the internet site he set up. But he was smart, used devices so the IP address would bounce all over to different places in New York.

He'd gotten to seven women already. He'd take them and set them up somewhere would no one would here, he'd tape them live. He said it was for the in-the-moment experience. People could vote on different ways a woman could die, they would have a countdown set up. Exactly 48 hours until a woman would be "killed". In that time people could watch the woman be raped and tortured with no end. He cut, and mutilated them, torture them. Have multiple men come in and have their way with them. He'd make them beg, and say certain things. He'd say that they were actors and it was consensual and no one was actually harmed. but the detectives knew differently. You could tell the difference between acting screams and full blown screams full of terror.

They got the case one day when a woman, Rachel Falster, had walked in and said she worked for this porn company, Billford Enterprise Porn. She said that the man who owned the company was starting to hurt women and that she was scared. She said that she'd approached Stan Billford, but he said that it was all an act. What she saw on camera was staged fun. But then she said that she could never find the actresses after they'd gone off air.

They'd dug around and watched one of the so called "fantasy rapes." It was horrible, they'd watched like ten minutes before they deemed that it wasn't fake and they turned it off. Ever since they'd been tracking the website to see when Billford would get a new "actor". He hadn't picked one yet. They were running on borrowed time…and she was certain that she was going to stop it, at all costs.


Around three o'clock Elliot had woken up feeling something wasn't right. He looked around and noticed Olivia wasn't in bed. He got up threw some sweats on and walked down the hallway to the den. It was where Elliot and Olivia like to work on all their cases when they were at home. He walked in and spotted her in front of the computer. She had headphones in her ears and he knew what she was doing. She was watching the tapes offline. He walked over to her and slammed the laptop shut. She looked up startled.

"What are you doing Olivia?" He squatted down in front of her and grabbed her by the shoulders looking into her eyes. She could tell that he was mad at her. She refused to look at him. "Damnit Olivia, why are you doing this to yourself." She didn't answer him.

"Answer me! What is this helping? Tell me." He stood up, trying to keep his anger in check. He counted to ten in his head and looked back to down at her. She had tears running down her cheeks. He hated this, hated himself for not protecting her form this shit. Hated that it had even happened. Hated that he couldn't help her from drowning.

"Sweetheart, you have to stop this." His voice returned to normal as he spoke, he pulled her off the chair and into his arms.

"Your shaking."

"I can't help it. Its all I think about. Its consuming me." she said softly, burying herself deeper into his arms.

"I know, honey. I'm here, and maybe you talk about this. It might help. You can't keep everything bottled up." He replied.

She was just about to reply. She was about to tell him that she wanted off this case, she wanted help. She was burning out and she wanted him to help her get back on track. She was about to admit the one thing she'd never wanted to say: she would get help…

…she was about to say all this when her cell phone rang and Cragen said three words that would collapse her and Elliot's world.

Billford has Maureen.


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