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"Okay, the sting is set up. We are going to send you four in, and we will move in if you find something." Cragen told his four detectives. All people on the force were called in to help find this sick freak.

"What happens if its just another set up? How many times have we been fooled by this?" Munch questioned from the back. Everyone was putting their lives in danger every time they set something up. Last time a sting went down to catch these morons two officers were shot. They'd been so close, they thought they'd found them, but the goons shot at them for fun and ran out without ever being caught.

Munch hoped to God that this one would go as planned. He didn't want anyone else hurt.

Olivia and Elliot went home, they had about two hours before the operation was supposed to start. They were both tense, and sleep deprived. But whenever they were down they had each other to pick the other back up. Elliot was sitting on the couch, Olivia in the kitchen grabbing some drinks.

"How's Kathy doing Elliot?" She called from the other room.

"Shes hysterical, but what else could you expect. Her sister and her parents are with her until we get anything." He called back.

"Its good someone is there for her. You know? Someone to talk to about it..."Olivia said trying to get Elliot to open up. He hadn't said much about it to her. In fact he hadn't said much at all since they had found out. He didn't take the bait, so she tried something else,

"Wanna get some sleep before we have to go do this?" Olivia asked

Elliot just looked at her, and Olivia didn't miss the pain that sat upon his face. He shook his head slowly, sadly, and climbed over the other couch cushion to Olivia. There was something about this woman that could fix any problem that he had. She was always there no matter what, and he knew he couldn't live without her. He looked into her eyes and the cupped her chin with his hand. He fused his lips with hers, and weaved his hands through her hair, deepening the kiss. Elliot knew that there was a possibility of someone getting hurt later on. He thought about loosing Olivia, along with loosing Maureen. He need them both so much.

Olivia knew what he was doing, and she let him continue, all the while kissing him back with just as much passion and eagerness. They'd hadn't had sex yet, but she knew Elliot needed a sense of connection. And lets face it, Olivia would do anything for the man in front of her. Elliot pushed Olivia down on the couch and continued to kiss her, one hand slipping under her shirt to rub her hips in innocent circles. Just as things were getting heated up a call came in...

Olivia answered seeing it was Cragen, "Liv, you guys have to meet us at the warehouse, we're going to run the operation ahead of time...Maureen hasn't been on the screen in a few hours. We think she might be at the warehouse. We need to go now and find out whats going on."

"Okay, we will meet you there." Olivia said, she pushed Elliot up off of her, kissed him on the corner of his mouth and told him what was going on. He nodded, and walked out the door behind her, not knowing that what happened next would forever change him.

"Elliot, Olivia. We move on your count." Buzzed through the detectives ear pieces, they'd found an abandoned warehouse in Manhattan and were currently in the middle of going in. The back up was outside ready to move on their count. Elliot and Olivia were covering one side, and Fin and Munch had the other. They agreed to go in from two separate sides and work their ways to the middle.

Elliot and Olivia had cleared two hallways in the process, it didn't look like anyone had been here at all. They were getting close to the middle of the building, and process reports from Fin told them that they were close as well. Olivia zipped to one side of the wall, and peeked her head around the corner, she waved Elliot ahead. Elliot walked up and poked around the other side of the corner, he wanted nothing more than to catch this sick bastard and save his baby girl. He still couldn't believe he'd gotten her.

Elliot and Olivia saw Fin and Munch and they called clear and the detectives met up in the middle opening of the warehouse. "Theres nothing here, its another dead end." Olivia spit out bitterly. This wasn't the first time they'd been set up. The leads off the Internet were phony over half the time.

"Dammit, I really thought this was it." Fin said.

Olivia looked over at Elliot and he look devastated, she knew that every second Maureen was out there Elliot died a bit inside. The one thing he always wanted to do was protect his children, and he felt he failed. Olivia didn't feel any better. She was crushed that she couldn't get to Maureen, she was so innocent.

"Well, there isn't much we can do, but go back and try to find another lead..."Munch requested.

"Yeah, but its only going to be fake, everything else is just a set up! There is no way, Maureen is out there and we're not going to be able to find her. And when we do find her its going to be too late," Elliot ranted loosing control of his emotions. He was a broken man inside, nothing left to lose.

"El," Olivia said placing a hand on his shoulder, somehow she always had the ability to calm him down at the worst times, "We're going to find her, no one is going to stop looking until we have her home safe with us okay?"

Munch and Fin started to walk towards the door after trying to help Elliot calm down with Olivia...Munch was halfway out the door when a loud blast sound. The building went up in flames.
Don Cragen stood outside watching as the building blast into a million pieces along with his heart. His family was in there. He rushed towards the building but two hands grabbed him back.

Once the blast was over every possible ounce of man power ran over to see about the detectives. Munch and Fin lay by each other, both unconscious. They were at least blasted three hundred feet. Elliot was spotted on the other side of where the building use to be. Cragen ran to him and checked for a pulse, which was still there thankfully, he called over EMS to take over. He began looking for Olivia, which was no where to be found...

What the hell just happened?

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