This is an idea I got talking to my girlfriend one night. The song "Country Roads" is by John Denver. Please leave a note about what you think.

Country Roads

"Man, I forgot how rough some of these dirt roads get," Zack commented as the yellow truck hit yet another large dip. Though it did not really hurt, he grimaced slightly as his butt bounced back down onto the ridged truck bed. "Too much time traveling the smooth freeways of Midgar."

He glanced at his companion and frowned. Cloud was as unresponsive and non-reactive as he had been when they started this journey. He kept talking to the blond despite having no idea if he could hear, let alone understand, him. He supposed he did it mostly to hear the sound of someone talking, even if it was only himself.

He did not want to think about everything that had brought them to this point so he didn't. Instead, he filled the silence of the minutes and hours with pointless commentary and idle chattering. Thankfully, that was something he was quite good with. Both Angeal and Sephiroth had often said…

"Hey, Cloud," Zack turned to face the younger man. He opened his mouth to ask some random question but taking in the blank expression, simply sighed. "Never mind, you just rest."

They hit another bump and Zack gripped the side to keep from shifting too much. Once settled, he propped his arm along the side and studied the passing wasteland. He hated the area outside of Midgar. There was a good two hundred miles of nothing but dirt, cliff-sides and hollow caverns surrounding the city.

Every time he had ever had to venture out into it, his thoughts always immediately went to Gongaga. He found himself doing just that and found a bit of peace in the familiarity of it. He wondered if he was ever going to seen the greens of the trees and brush again.

Cissnei had said his parents were fine and he trusted her on that. He would have liked to have been able to see them but a part of him knew that it was probably a good thing that he hadn't. He could imagine his mother's worried face and how she would fuss… it hurt to think of her suffering in any way.

An old song popped into his head and he found himself murmuring the lyrics as he thought. He was uncertain why it came to him now, as he was heading further and further from home but he had given up trying to understand these things a long time ago. After a few moments, the words came stronger and louder, somehow lifting his spirits:

"I hear her voice
In the mornin' hour she calls me
The radio reminds me of my home far away
And drivin' down the road I get a feelin'
That I should have been home yesterday, yesterday

Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong…"

Caught up in the moment, he turned to Cloud and gestured with his free hand. "Your turn, Spike!"

Cloud did not respond.

This brought reality crashing back to Zack. He frowned deeply and with his outstretched hand, gently caressed the younger man's pale cheek. "Guess you don't know that one, huh?"

Zack pulled his hand away, placing it in his lap. He tapped the fingers of his other one against the cool, dusty metal of the truck side and hummed to himself, fighting back a wave of depression. Their path was set now, he and Cloud were returning to Midgar.

The only thing he knew he had to do was see Aerith. If he could manage to get Cloud to her, maybe she would be able to help him. What would happen after that, he was not sure.

"So, Cloud, what are you gonna do when we get to Midgar?"