She couldn't believe she was doing this. She couldn't believe he had just waltzed in here and gotten what he wanted. Again. She was use to his other mindless and sometimes ingenious requests… He always gets what he wants, and she was just indulging his every whim.

But this was just ridiculous.

"It wouldn't even be a big deal! It would just be two grown adults that, please don't let me forget to remember, have TONS of pent up tension in our weird… friendship. It would be good for both of us, free sex for me and sex for you!" House limped behind her out of the elevator in which they had been standing towards her office. "I know you're long over due for a check up, Dr. Cuddy."

He smirked as she turned to glare at him.

"Come get me at eight."

Had he not seen her office door slam he would have sworn the booming sound produced from it, in actuality, had come from his jaw hitting the floor.

And had she not been the slammer of the door, she would have sworn it too.

"Yo, Cuddy." House walks in, not bothering to knock, and sinks onto the couch into a perfect Cuddy watching spot. "You ready to get your groove on?"

"House, I'm starting to rethink-"

"Cuddy, why would you ever rethink anything? You don't even think well enough the first time you make the attempt, and you're REALLY pushing it with rethinking. You're going to fry your brain, you should be pleased that I was here to save you."

She gives him a heated glare from under a mountain of paperwork. "God, House, how could anyone NOT want to sleep with you and your effortless charm?"

House shrugs and looks towards the heavens. "This may be the greatest puzzle of them all."

Cuddy scoffs and tosses him a few blue files.

After a few moments pause he looks up at her, confusion written all over his face.

"Yeah, I don't understand if this is your idea of foreplay or if you have some weird kinky things in mind…"

"Do you think paperwork is kinky?"

"Is paperwork code for me banging you while you're handcuffed to your chair? Because yes, I think that's pretty kinky."

"Paperwork is not code." She sighs, a small smile trying to stay hidden. "Paper work means you DO your paperwork."

"It's eight pm. I'm off the clock."

"It's eight pm. I'm not in the mood."

He sighs melodramatically and limps over to her desk, bringing the files with him.

"I'm only doing enough to clear the desk. Then I'm going to have to do you on it."

"Right House. Sounds like a deal."

And what a deal it was. God, he never remembered Cuddy being so damn good. He knew she was GOOD, of course, but… wow…

And she had even consented, after much teasing and persuasion, that doing it on the close proximity of her desk was far more appropriate than making him limp all the way over to the couch.

Lisa Cuddy was a surprising woman.

A very surprising woman indeed.