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Dancing in the rain

Jasper walked out onto the front yard to find Alice standing in the middle of the lawn, gazing blankly at the night sky, of which was completely enveloped in a thick grey cast of clouds. She was wearing a petite yellow dress, and her feet bare. He walked over, standing just shy behind her and looked up at the sky as well. His eyes searched for what Alice was so intently staring at. A few minutes passed, and Jasper still could not discover what she was looking at. He took a small step forward, and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. "Why are we looking at the sky?"

"How am I supposed to know why you're looking at the sky?" Alice replied with a smirk.

Jasper chuckled and shook his head at her response. "Alright, why are you looking at the sky?"

"You'll see."

Jasper smiled and stood, waiting patiently for whatever Alice wanted him to see. Barely a minute passed, and he felt a raindrop hit his cheek, and Alice's happiness rise. Jasper turned toward Alice, whose dress was getting darker drop by drop, to see that she had a huge smile on her face. If there were two things Jasper knew about Alice it was that she loved the rain and she loved to dance in it. Jasper took a step forward, then turned to face her. He put one arm behind his back and bowed to her, holding his other hand out in front of him. "Would you care to dance ma'am?"

Alice's smile grew as she took his hand, "I thought you'd never ask." Jasper smiled as he pulled her close to him as Alice stood on the balls of her feet so they were closer in height. They then began to Waltz through the yard, the sound of their feet sloshing in the soaked grass and the rain as their music.

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