A First Time For Everything


It was a beautiful day. He couldn't help but notice as he tried to tie the little black bowtie around his neck, nearly strangling himself. Yes, it was a perfect day for a wedding.

"Here, let me do that," his dad said quietly. He turned to the mirror for one last glimpse. He looked good. He wasn't afraid to admit that.

"Logan?" The minister glanced inside the room. "It's time." Soon, he stood onstage, watching the front doors open. A little girl with Lola's smile skipped down the aisle, throwing flower petals. A boy with Chase's wild hair lagged behind, carrying a silk pillow.

Suddenly, she walked down the aisle toward him. She looked more beautiful than he had ever seen her. Her blonde curls fell over her shoulders and her brown eyes shone with happiness. God, how he loved those eyes. They pierced him in anger, they melted him in sorrow. He felt he could drown in them and die happy.

She would never understand how she changed him. Before she came along, he ruled the school. People did what he said, mostly because he had money, but that had never bothered him. Until her. She made him feel, well, insignificant for the first time in his life. She brought about all of the insecurities that he worked so hard to hide.

She would never admit it, but they were a lot alike. He knew that underneath her tough exterior she was vulnerable and fragile. He knew this because he was, too. When he saw glimpses of that fragility, he felt emotions he had never experienced before. He felt compassion, and a fierce anger toward whoever dared hurt her.

It was certainly new to him. And yet it all came so easy. He didn't think twice when he stood up to Chuck Javers for her. He never regretted it, not for a second.

He agreed to tutor her in chemistry not because the teacher asked, but because she asked; because, for the first time, he felt that she truly needed him. It was the first time he realized that he needed her.

That marked the change in him. For the first time the world did not revolve around him. He did things completely out of character, like standing up to the football team when they wanted to flatten Chase.

She took her place on the stage, next to the other bridesmaids, adjusting her yellow gown. She gripped the ring bearer's shoulders firmly, and Logan caught the loving gaze she directed at Chase, Logan's good friend and best man.

He looked away from them as Quinn entered, her white dress flowing behind her and her dark brown curls shining. She joined him, and he smiled at her.

Logan knew what he was doing. Zoey loved Chase. And Quinn loved him. Quinn needed him.

So Logan put aside his wants, his feelings for their sake.

Hey, he thought, there's a first time for everything.