Chapter One: First Day of My Life

I think it was the very first time I saw him that I felt it, that rush of...I don't know what, but after I felt it the first time I couldn't get enough of it. It was like the first day of my life and I was blind before he came along. The once or twice I saw him I watched his every movement very carefully, for some reason I couldn't stop myself from looking. After a little investigation on my half I found out his name was Matt, he was a year younger then me and that was about all anyone knew about him. This was the first time I had ever felt like I wanted to know or be around or even see someone ever in my life. Then one day the perfect opportunity for me to meet him came up. I was going in the bathroom when I noticed him coming out walking right past me. I stumbled over to the sink, my heart felt like it was gonna bounce out of my chest, then something shiny caught my eye and I saw it was the bracelet Matt always wore. It had red and white beads and a small heart charm. I picked it up and gently put it in my vest pocket. I always wondered why he wore such a feminine one but pushed it from my mind and quickly walked off.

When school was finally over I haled ass to my room, rushing through the door I accidentally stepped on a toy. "Ow damn it Near!"

"What?" I heard a monotone voice ask from behind me.

I turned to see him standing there twirling his hair "Stop leaving your shit on the ground! I'm tired of stepping on it."

"Maybe you should pay more attention, it might help you in more then one way."

"What is that supposed to mean?" I growled.

"I think you know." he walked past me and into the room. He sat down behind the dice tower he had built... I don't know when, this is the first time I've ever seen it. I noticed all the sides with the two dots were facing my half of the room.

I walked over to the tower and tapped it with my foot, making it collapse "Opps, my bad." I smirked.

"That's okay I'll have it back up in no time." Fucker. But I had bigger things to think about. Rather then plot for revenge like I normally would I thought: How should I give this back to Matt? What if thinks I stole it and decides to hate me? I didn't think about that when I picked it up. Why do I even care what he thinks? Hmm I'll think of something...hopefully.

Number two of the whole school and this is what I came up with... giving it anonymously. Damn it doesn't get anymore cliche then this! Well I know his first period I'll break in and put it on his desk. Then I need to have a serious talk with Mr. Watari about my roommate issues.

I got out the master key that I had stolen from the janitor and unlocked the door. I realized I didn't even know where he sat, so I looked around on Yagami's desk for a chart of where everyone sat and saw that he was placed in the back corner. I put the small box on the desk and took a deep breath before leaving with the door unlocked and lights still on.

Alright time to see a man about an annoying ass albino, named Near.

"Mr. Watari honestly I've tried to get along with him, but Near just will not leave me alone! He is always playing on my...complex a-and he always shi-stuff laying around."

"Yes, I see. Well Mihael, I would have liked to keep you two together since you are the top students, but I can see you are truly having problems with Near's antics. I'll see what students don't have roommates and call you and your new one up after your last class." he smiled at me.

"Thanks." I looked at the clock over his head. I still have enough time to go see if Matt has opened the box.

I walked quickly back to the classroom and went around back so I could peek in through the window. I saw him and he was just starting to open the box. My heart was pounding when I saw the look on his face; like he was truly happy and hadn't been in a long time. In fact I don't think I've ever seen him smile... But I guess I've only seen him a few time. I felt a shock through my veins and had to turn away from the window. Damn I should have did it myself! Fuck, its to late now. I just had to care what he would think! I sat down on the cement trying to calm my nerves by taking a deep breaths. Why does that always happen? Its only when I see him that this shock happens. I took a deep breath before getting up to leave.

I looked out the window while Ms. Takada babbled about some writing assignment we had to do. Then I saw Matt walking past the window. "Ms. Takada can I got to the bathroom?" I asked interrupting her, but she just huffed and nodded her head (because she knew if she didn't say "yes" I would get back at her.)

I tried my best to stay far behind him so I wouldn't be notice. He seemed to be thinking something over because he would nod or shake his head every so often. I wonder what he is thinking... Ugh why do I care so much!? When he turned into the bathroom, I stopped outside the door. Should I really go in? Isn't this stocking? I don't care! I walked in and saw him standing at the sink splashing his face. I walked slowly behind him not sure what I should do. Then he swatted the water hard enough to splash me and he turned around quickly sounding panicked as he exclaimed "I'm sorry!" I wanted to say something soothing but I couldn't get anything out, so I handed him a cloth I had in my jacket pocket. "Th-thank you. Umm I am really sorry. If you want I'll c-clean i-it for y-you." he looked up at me and his eyes went wide. Does he know who I am?

"No, its fine. You can keep it. Seems more your style anyway." I meant for it to sound reassuring or even uncaring but it came out very cold. Danm, try again. I looked him up and down very quickly and noticed he was wearing the bracelet, a white and black striped long sleeved shirt, his orange tinted goggles that he always wore (at least I've never seen him without them) and they made me curious to what his real eye color was, skinny jeans, and his hair was red but not to red it was like a coppery color. I looked at his face to notice he was looking me up and down very slowly and it was making me very nervous and when I'm nervous I get mad. I felt my face harden into a glare. I turned around and started for the door because his gaze was to much for me, it made me... unimaginably nervous. Before I was out, I blurted "Don't you know it's rude to stare?"

As I walked back to class I mentally kicked my ass for being a total douche bag. How could I act like that!? That was probably going to be my only chance to actually meet him! And I fucked it all up! Damn why do I always have to act like that?

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