The next few days Matt and I were absolutely inseparable! We didn't spend more then a few minutes apart from each other and I loathed every single on of those minutes of loneliness. All I wanted was for him to take me by the hand and stand by my side... for him to stay with me.

Today Matt had talked me into going game shopping with him but he takes ninety years to pick one game! "Why do I have to be here!" I groaned.

"Because you love and want to spend time with me." he gave great big puppy dog eyes. "Right?"

"Yeah." I looked to my right catching my eyes with the most awesome t-shirt! Not for me though, no way would I want a t-shirt with Lili Rochefort but Matt would. In my opinion Hwoarang is the best Tekken character... he is my Asian Matt but I should ask that girl where she got it. I heard a low slam and shuffle "Matt?!" I saw him running out of the game store and into the busy hallway of the mall "Where are you going?" I yelled, but decided to just run after him. I followed him quickly into a bathroom "Matt you in here?" I heard a gasping sound "Are you okay?"

"Ngh no." Matt groaned.

"Sh-should I take you home?"

"Y-yeah, please."

Whats wrong with Matt? He looked absolutely sick, how does that happen in just a few seconds? Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention to him and something happened without my realizing it. I don't really know Matt to get sick unless its something emotional... Did I do something to him? Was it my poking at his gaming habits that drove him over the edge? Nah, Matt's not so sensitive to be hurt by that one... or two... or maybe it was a lot for him! How many times did I give him shit for the gaming? Fuck I wish he would tell me more things!

Finally I got a call from him "Hello, Matt?" I asked into the phone.

"Yeah its me. Will you come over soon?"

Well he doesn't sound sick. "Yeah, I'll go right away!"

"Take your time. Oh and... call when you get here." he told me.

"Yeah sure." he hung up. That's weird, hes never told me to call when I get to his house... and he didn't say goodbye. I felt a throbbing ache in my chest. Nothing to worry about... right?

I finally got to the house, dialing Matt's number "Hello?" he answered.

"Matt I'm here. Can you let me in or lets go for whatever we're doing." I grumbled.

"No I can't. The door is unlocked so just go up to my room." What dose he mean he "can't"?

"O-kay." he hung up. I opened and shut the door, making my way up the slightly creaky stairs. "Matt?" I asked walking down the hall to his room. Opening the door I saw his vacant room "Where are you?" I muttered.

"What is it?" I heard Matt breathe behind me.

"What do you mean wh-at... is-" I stopped my sentence. Fucking Matt. I was totally shocked at what he was wearing; a black and white maid outfit with a ribbon headband and cuffs. Thigh high stocking with bows on them and even... Mary Janes!? "The fuck?"

"Do... do you like it?" his face turned a little pink.

"Well fuck! Is this what you've been planing?"


"I thought you were acting weird." I felt a sense of relief rush though me.

"Well do you like it!?" he insisted.

"Teh fuck yeah! Look how sexy you are." I reached around to grab his ass "Where did you get this dress?"

"Does that matter? Don't you just wanna take me?" he put a finger to his chin and gave me a "You know you wanna!" look.

"You know I do." I answered the look, taking the hand from his face and brought it down so he could feel how hard he was making me. Matt let a low groan slip from those beautiful lips "You groaned? You want it that bad Matt?" he looked at m with hazy eyes while slightly nodding his head.

"Me-Mello I..." he stopped talking and just looked at me.

"Shh..." I pulled him in the room then pushed him against the door. I put two fingers to his mouth "Suck." I ordered. Matt obediently opened his mouth to poke his tongue at my digits. Seeing those lips around my fingers and not another part of anatomy made me want to move this along all the more, so I bent down taking the fingers with me. I pushed my head under his skirt to see he was actually wearing panties too. "You really went all out. Even panties?" I pulled the underwear down and wrapped my mouth around his growing erection.

"Oh fuck!" I slowly pushed a finger at his entrance "Yes!" I added the second finger while sucking him tightly "MELLO fuck yeah!" I stretched him as much as I could.

"C'mon Matt on the bed now!" I took my fingers from him. He crawled up on the bed, laying down with his legs just so perfectly open and begging to be grabbed and wrapped around me but not just yet. I walked over to him "Matt lube me up!" I held my dick to him. Matt slowly licked it before taking it far into that wonderful mouth. Oh fuck I need him so badly.

Matt seemed to read my mind, he said "Mello I need you, fuck me!" I threw my pants off and shirt off. I got on top of him pausing to take a small detour to un-button the top of his dress to lick his nipple. I pressed the other with my fingers "Oh ah!" he moaned as I bit the nub. I sat up feeling my member throb with impatience, I thrust into his begging entrance. I pulled one of his legs up to angle inside of him better. "Me-Mello I'm... best aren-aren't I?"

"What do you mean?" I grunted.

"I-I can make you cum best, right? Even before me, back when it was just self love and you would just think of things, nothing could make you cum like I can right?" What is he talking about? "You like me better then girls, right?"

"Is this what the dress thing is about?" he looked away from me "You know I'm not fucking you just because of the dress, I'm doing it because you're in the dress."

"I-I saw you looking at some girl an-and I guess I got jealous." When did I look at girl?

"All I want is you Matt and I'm gonna prove it to you!" I slammed back into his tight hole.

"Ahh! Mello!"

"I can't believe you would even ask if you were as good as my hand! Of course you're better, I'm not in love with my hand." he gave me look that I could recognize as complete adoration.

"Mello kiss me!" I pushed inside of him as possible while crushing my lips on his. Matt screamed through the kiss, even after.

"Matt, oh fuck Matt, you're so fucking tight! God!" I moaned.

"C-come here." he wagged a finger at me. I leaned my head to his hands that turned me so gently and my ear was given several licks.

"Mmm Matt." I turned and kissed him again.

"Mello! Hard-der fast- Ah!" I traced my hands up to his hard cock, stroking up and down the shaft. Matt looked down his body, to my hand "Meh-Mello! Oh shit ugh fuck! Mello you're making me-! I'm cumming, Mello!"

Cum burst from his cock and on my hand all the while tightening even more around my cock "Matt your to tight I can't take it!" I felt those oh-so familiar waves rush through me "MATT!"

"Matt, how could you ever think that something could be better then you?"

"Well I just-its-Your all that I've got! I wanted to make sure you wouldn't leave me." he moved closer to me "Don't leave me."

"I won't. That reminds me." I reached down to the floor. I took the small string of silver "Here." I held it to him.

"Why do always lose this thing!" he grabbed his bracelet from me.

"You don't. I always take it from you."


"About three times now. Once I just found it, second time I took it, now I just took it again." I smiled.

"How long have- have you been in love with me?"

"Longer then I've known..." I pulled him closer to me, back closer to me. I noticed black writing on the back of his neck "How long have you had a tattoo?"

"Not long." was his quick answer "Look at what it says." he moved his hair out of the way.

"M-x-M." I read out loud. "Our initials." He shouldn't have gotten that because I may not always love him. I kissed the spot "I love you." I laughed in my head. Like I'll ever fall out of love with Matt! That will be the day hell freezes over!

"I love you too." Mat whispered back.

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