Hello, there. Here it is the Prequel to my Holiday story. I do hope that this story will fill in those blank areas, and explain the many gaps. This story will mostly explain why Rhys wasn't with Gwen. It will also explain just how close the Doctor and Rose are. I will also be working on the sequel to my other story. So if you notice the two stories will probably be posted at the same time.

So lets get this show/ story on the road!!! Allonsy!!!!!!!

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Turin, Italy

A young couple were walking down the street. They were headed back to the resort that they were staying in. The only thing that made this couple stand out in a crowd was the fact that the woman was with child.

"Virgil are you sure about this resort? I mean, I have heard stories from the locals."

"Really? What stories?" asked Virgil.

"They say that couples who stay there disappear. Especially if the couple are expecting."

"Raine, you read too much into superstitions. Don't you worry. Everything will be alright. You'll see."

Virgil and his wife Raine made their way back to the resort. As they walked into the lobby they saw an elderly couple shouting at the owner.

"You dirty no good piece of crap!" yelled the old woman. "You did something to our daughter and her husband, didn't you!!"

"Maggie calm down." said the old man.

"I will not calm down Bert! The local cops aren't helping us and neither is the inspector. I saw they did something and hid the bodies."

"Ma'am" said the owner "All we know is that when we called your daughters room for her wake up call there was no answer. We sent someone up only to find the two of them gone. However, all their belongings are still in the room."

"Raine lets go." said Virgil as he pulled her to follow him towards the elevator.

Raine knew she had to make a call to her friend there at the station back in Cardiff. Maybe his friend Gwen could help this older couple out.


This is mostly a prologue for the prequel to the Holiday story of mine. I ain't giving out too much details but I hope that this will give a tiny bit of satisfaction while I write the next couple of chapters. I will try to post them tomorrow or Monday. Depending on how I am feeling. These damn plot bunnies are not letting me get any sleep!!!!!


Chapter 1 preview:

"So what is so important Gwen that Torchwood would need to help the police?" asked Jack.

"According to a source that the police have, at a resort in Turin Italy, that there have been abductions of young couples. The one thing these couples have in common is that they are all expecting babies."

Jack sat up straight.

"What sick person would do that?" asked Ianto.

"That's the thing. Nothing is taken except for the couples. All their stuff left in their rooms. Untouched." replied Gwen.

"Sounds to me like this just might be a job for Torchwood." Beep. Beep. Beep. Jack looked over at the computer screen. "And maybe the Doctor as well." whispered Jack.