Summary: Bella has a wonderful friendship with Edward. Although she wishes it was more she doesn't want to risk their beautifl friendship. but what if he wants the same. When they're put to the test, will they pass? Or will Bella's strict parents stop her from falling in love?

Chapter one.

Home. I hated it. A place where I was restricted. Mother and father constantly proud of my perfect brother James. And me? There was always something to improve about me. I wasn't the perfect daughter they wanted.

I closed the door of my room. Half past ten. I completed my homework, an essay on Shakespeare's writing techniques then relaxed on my bed.

"Can I come in?" said mum's voice. If I said yes, she would come, if I said no, she would come.


"Sit up, Isabella, I'd like to talk to you", said mum walking in. she glanced around my room as her lips pursed.

"Why is your room a mess?" she sighed settling on my bed next to my foot.

"It isn't." and it wasn't. There were only a couple of books out of place but mum was always picky when it came to me.

"I'd like to talk to you about – sit up please! Honestly, I'm trying to talk to you", snapped mum. Yeah, as if my ears would stop working if I lay down.

I sat up and yawned in her face. She wasn't happy.

"You've been coming home later and later than usual", she said, "with a black Volvo dropping you off."


"What do you mean 'yeah'? Who is it?" she demanded. I sighed.


"I thought you were going out with Jacob Black", said mum eyeing me up and down. This showed how interested in my life she was. I went out with Jacob Black when I was 15. I was now nearly seventeen. My relationship with Jacob hadn't lasted 3 weeks.

"You thought wrong", I said simply, "and I'm not going out with Edward. He's a friend."

And he was. Edward and I had been close to best friends since I was 9 and he was 11. I could never speak to another boy like when I spoke with Edward. He really listened. He listened to what I said and he helped. He lived in a flat down town. He was currently in college but he had a part time job at this cartoon company thing. He was a brilliant cartoon artist.

"Isn't he the twenty-year old guy?" asked mum dangerously.

"He's nineteen."

"And if he's not your boyfriend why do you spend so much time with him?"

I sighed again. It's what I did recently. Everyday after school I would go over to Edward's apartment. He would always welcome me with open arms. Then we would either stay there and talk or watch TV or go out to get a drink.

"I just do. Is that all?" I asked impatiently. Mum stood up and tutted.

"I really wish you would open up more Isabella", said mum as she walked out. I slammed the door shut, locked it and grabbed my phone. He should be home by now. He answered on the first ring.

"Miss me?" said Edward. I felt better as I heard his voice. Velvet, smooth. Comforting. It was a voice of a friend. Someone who understood and wasn't against me.

"Maybe", I said.

"You ok?" he asked. I heard him get out of the car. He hadn't arrived yet. He still needed to walk upstairs.

"Yeah fine. Just…bored", I sighed.

"Are you going to sleep now?" asked Edward.

"Yeah. Tell me a story please", I asked sweetly.

"What kind of story?" he asked.

"One that will make me have good dreams", I said. He laughed low and sexy.

"You're going to have to give me a rating for that story, Bella", he said. And I knew he was flirting then.

We always had that. Edward flirted with everyone though; I knew he had girlfriends too. Just like I had boyfriends. But the different was he slept with his girlfriends.

He had flirted with me tons of times and we even had moments where we so close to kissing but I didn't kiss him.

I couldn't.

I would rather resist him than be one of his one night stands. My friendship with Edward was too valuable.

"A rating? Surprise me", I whispered.

There was a bit of silence where I could hear the elevator ding.


"Yeah, I'm here", he said, "so…once upon a time there's this girl…"

"Not a princess?"

"No, no definitely not. She was much smarter than that", said Edward, "and tough too."

"Oh yeah?"

"Sure. She was brilliant", he said.

"Does she live happily ever after?" I asked suddenly.

"Shouldn't there be a middle, Bella?" he asked laughing.

"Yeah but tell me the ending first", I urged. He laughed in his low voice again.

"She does live happily ever after", he said finally. There was another silent pause.

"Did I mention how sexy she was?" said Edward out of the blue. I felt my cheeks burn.

"No, you didn't."

"Well, she is…so beautiful that", he paused, "this is the bit where the rating changes."

I could hear keys scraping.

"You've arrived home? I'll leave you to it then", I said, "I better go."

"What if I don't want you to?" he whispered. Once again, his voice alone made me melt. I could hear his breathing. His jacket dropping on the floor. I heard his walk over to the sofa and it creaked as he sat down.

"Goodnight", I said.

"There you are running again", he said with slight amusement in his voice.

"I'm not running."

"Aren't you? You seem to be. Maybe you should slow down so I can catch you, Bella", said Edward, "you know I want to catch you."

I felt my heart pound against my ribcage. I just wanted to listen to him breath but after a while he spoke.

"Sweet dreams, Bella".


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