The Façade [Cullen vs. Swan]
by Mezzanottex3

"The love that lasts the longest is the love that can never be returned."

Summary: Edward and Bella are CEO's of rivaling companies. Behind closed doors, they're friends... with benefits. What happens when certain boundaries of their agreement are crossed, and feelings become involved? "I'm the best you'll ever have." AU. OOC. Lemons.

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She grinned as she walked down the street. It was a precarious night in Chicago, and it was just warm enough that she walked with her jacket draped over her arm. It was 10pm, and she had worked late in the office tonight— in fact, she had done it just to tease him. God, how she loved teasing him.

It had been a week since they had seen each other, for he had gone on a buisness trip. But now he was back. And they had plans to meet... she checked her watch... three hours ago.

He would be angry.

The thought made her tempting lips curve upwards in a smirk.

She arrived at their apartment building a half hour later, making her a whopping three hours and thirty minutes late— and she pushed the button on the elevator for level 58, the biggest, priciest, and highest suite at the top of the upscale builiding.




She fussed with her clothes, slipping her bra straps down just enough so that he would see.




She slipped her working skirt down enough that her midnight blue panties were showing just the slightest.




She fussed with her hair, taking it out of the ponytail it was in and running her hands through it. Lucious dark locks fell over her shoulders.




... DING!

A man stepped inside the elevator at level 37. He had tan skin and black hair. His build was large— he looked to be around 25. He was surprised to see her in the elevator looking so undone. His face turned red, just the slightest bit, before a smirk took over his features.

"Good evening, Bella."

She smiled and nodded, "Hey Jacob."

Jacob was one of Bella's employees at the Swan Publishing Agency. She didn't like formalities with her co-workers, however. She was friends with all of the employees on her floor.

The door closed, and the elevator resumed going upwards. There was an uneasy silence in the elevator, and besides Bella's labored breathing, there was no sound.

"Going anywhere special tonight?" Jacob asked, not daring to look at her. "Or are you locked in with Cullen?"

Ah, yes. The façade.

Edward Cullen was her annoying roommate. He was her enemy, the rivaling company-- Cullen Incorporated. She split a suite with him on the highest floor, each of them paying their share in rent money. Because money was tight on both their ends (which wasn't true at all), they worked out an agreement.

Lies. Lies. Lies!

"Stuck with Cullen," she breathed.




Her beautiful brown orbs looked to Jacob and she smirked.

"You know if he annoys you, you can always move in with me," he blushed. "A professional relationship, of course."

Bella picked up on the innuendo better than that, but still, she appreciated his offer. "Thanks, Jacob... but I've pretty much got him on a leash."

Jacob let out a laugh.

But never once did he comment on her appearance.




It was then that she took notice to his dressy attire.

"Are you going somewhere special tonight?" she asked, desperately trying to pass the time.

"Ah, perceptive little thing, aren't you?" he teased. "I'm going out with the family. Nothing too exciting..." he sighed. "They came all the way from Washington to visit me."

Bella smiled. "That's nice of them."

He nodded, "Yeah, I guess so."




... DING!

Level 58. Thank God Almighty.

"Well, this is my stop..." Bella said as the elevator doors opened.

Jacob nodded. He knew this already... as did everyone else who lived in the building. Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in the same apartment? It made newspaper headlines.

She stepped out of the elevator after saying her goodbyes and then headed for the only door on the entire level.

Room 620.

She took out her key, and opened the door.

There were lights on. Dim, but still on. She closed the door with a small click, and turned the lock. She kicked off her heels and stepped onto the warm, inviting carpet, then put down her purse and keys.

"Edward?" she called.

He was here. His jacket was hanging up.

She put her coat up next to his, and proceeded into the apartment.

And then she found him, sitting at the island in the kitchen. He was facing the direction she walked in, and he was swirling around some red wine in a crystal glass with his hand.

His hair was a mess... as usual. His green eyes were clouded over- this told her that he had not heard her arrival. He was lost in his thoughts. He had a pair of drawstring sweatpants on, with a white, sleeveless top.

Her breathing became labored just looking at him.

And then his eyes snapped up in her direction, emerald clashing with brown. He licked his bottom lip once, and then took a sip of his wine.

She did not say a word.

He put down the empty cut of wine, and his deadly glare did not cease. His voice sliced through the silence then—

"You're late, Isabella."

— and it was the most deadly velvet.

Oh yes. He was angry. Positively seething. His green eyes became cloudy with a whole different type of emotion. Lust.



He stood up, his muscles rippling with the motion, and walked towards her. Moonlight shone through the windows, lighting him in the pale light. Celestial. Deadly. His hands were in his pockets. He did this whenever he was trying to control himself— she knew it all too well.

"What do you have to say for yourself?" his voice was rough.

"I..." Her resolve crumbled.

A crooked smile spread across his lips, "It's Tuesday, love. You should have known better than to keep me waiting."


Edward's turn to be the dominant one.

Holy fuck.

She had forgotten.

He took one hand out of his pockets and took a strand of hair that was in front of her face. He twirled it around in his fingers, and his breath swirled around her.

Sweet. From the wine?

No. He smelled sweet even without the wine.

His hand traveled through her hair, to the back of her head. And then he gripped her hair tightly and pulled her face to his. His kisses bruised her lips, as they always did.

"My bedroom, now." He growled the words against her lips. "Or so help me, I'll take you right here."

She didn't doubt his threat.

Somehow, he found the strength to pull away from her. He turned for the stairs, and she took this as a hint to follow him. She gave him wide berth as they ascended. He disappeared into his room, and she followed suit.

"I—" she began.

And suddenly, teasing him didn't seem like such a good idea. She knew too well how he got when he had to wait for her. Like a lion awaiting his meal, he got angry.

"Close the door," his voice was a strong demand she could not refuse.

The door to the bedroom closed, and his intimidating form crushed against hers in the next instant. She could feel his cock through his pants already. He was hard for her. He wanted her. The tension, the lust... it was palpable.

"I had to work late in the office..." she moaned, licking her lips.

And he would see through the lie. His body ground her against the closed bedroom door and he growled in reply, "That's a fucking lie. It's been a week. I know you want a hard fuck as much as I do. You're already wet, I can smell you..." he groaned.

He was right. She was positively dripping.

His lips crushed against hers, and his tongue invaded her hot mouth. His hands groped at her body, moving lower, lower... lower.

"Do you know how fucking hard you make me?" he growled against her mouth.

He ripped off her shirt, buttons flying in all different directions. He didn't wait for her answer. He'd waited enough tonight.

"Or do you forget to whom you belong?" he hissed in her ear, bringing his lips towards her neck.

Her chest heaved up and down, and her hot breath swirled in his face. Intoxicating. His hips thrust against hers, his cock hard and desperately seeking a release. He shoved a knee between her legs, and pushed upwards towards her core. She moaned, and he was drunk with the sound.

"Who do you belong to?!" he demanded the answer, one of his hands gripping her long, dark hair, while the other slipped underneath her skirt.

And then he froze. Sniffed. His grip on her tightened. Sniffed again.

Someone else.

"You smell like Black." His voice was deadly. "I can smell that asshole from a mile away... fucking disgusting cologne he uses. He touched you, didn't he?"

An unfamiliar sense of... jealousy sounded through his voice. Their agreement... this crossed the boundaries of their agreement.

Keep our feelings out of the picture. We're each others sex toys. Friends with benefits. Fuck buddies. Pleasure at the end of a long day. I'll see who I want to see, you'll see who you want to see. But at the end of the day, when you walk through that door, just remember that it'll be you who is in my bed.

She couldn't speak. He didn't touch me! He didn't! she wanted to scream. But she couldn't find her voice.

"I'm going to punish, you Bella. You know to whom you belong to. You know I'm the best you'll ever have."

In the next instant, before she could even blink, she was naked before him.




"You know what I want," he said through clenched teeth, almost desperately. "Get down on your knees—"

Her breathing was shallow as his command rang through her system. Obey. Obey. Obey.

You know what I want, Bella.

She dropped to her knees in front of him, tugging down his drawstring pants. His member came free and Bella's eyes widened with adoration. No other man was like him. No other man was as big. As glorious. As magnificent.

I'm the best you'll ever have.

Her mouth was was around him in an instant, her head bobbing back and forth between his legs. He growled in pleasure as her hot mouth pulsed around his length. Her name was on his lips as his fingers weaved through her hair, painfully tugging.

"Bella..." he groaned, thrusting up into her mouth urgently. His hips jerked, and he drove his member further inside her mouth.

Her small hands moved with her mouth and tongue, and with one long lick that drove Edward over the edge, both of his hands were on the back of her head now, eagerly guiding her movements.

"Good..." He choked out, drunk with pleasure. "Very good..."

He thrust up again, almost gagging her. He spilled himself inside of her, and his liquid was eagerly swallowed.

"Fuck..." he threw his head back in pleasure, and then his eyes snapped open to lock on hers. "Your turn."

And then he threw her onto the bed, pulling her slender arms up and binding her wrists to the headboard with a black cloth. This was different. Her eyes widened and he chuckled as he spread her thighs. She bit her lip as the black cloth scratched against her wrists. She felt him smirk against her inner thigh.

"You're so wet, Bella..." he whispered darkly.

"Only for you..." she whimpered.

Only for me he thought. It was a delicious, sinful thought.

His hands spread her thighs even more, and being the flexible little vixen she was, she was able to spread for him easily. His tongue moved further up her leg until he arrived at her wet folds. Wet and hot. For him.

"E-Edward..." she moaned, blood rushing to her cheeks.

His grip on her thighs tightened as he spread her more. There would definitely be red marks for at least the next couple of hours. His tongue swirled around her swollen bud, and she let out one of her most addicting moans. He began to suck her bud between his teeth greedily, and her taste was painfully delicious. The auburn-haired man gluttonly drank the juices spilling out as her hips bucked up against him.

"Ah— Edward!" her hands gripped his hair. "It's too much— Too good—"

Bella moaned louder, her heat increased and she could only think of one thing: his tongue is fucking amazing. Her brown eyes opened wider, and her mouth opened in a scream of pleasure as his tongue slid into her throbbing body. His tongue forced its way in deep, filling her.

But when her hips made a thrusting motion, he knew she wouldn't be able to hang on much longer. He suckled her swollen bud over and over again, thrusting his tongue into her forcefully, as far it would go, making her cry.


When you make a woman cry with passion, you're doing something right.

She gasped and arched, grinding her hips relentlessly against his tongue.

At last, Edward lifted his head from between her legs, licking his lips as he rose. With his free hand, he reached down to her face and wiped her cheek.

"Don't cry, love..." Edward said, his eyes a smoldering green. He leaned down over her body, thoroughly enjoying the sight of her chest heaving at his mercy. "And don't think we're done yet, either. I'm going to pleasure you until all you can see is white."


"Shh..." he kissed her bruised lips tenderly. "Don't speak, just feel."

With a swift movement of his hand, he threw the black cloth that tied her hands away from the bed. He then took one of her hands and guided it down to his thick shaft.

"Move your hand... make me harder," Edward panted. He groaned at the feel of her fingers around his cock. "Bella..." he said harshly.

He was as hard as a rock (he wants to be harder? she couldn't fathom the thought); huge and warm, he was pulsing under her nimble fingers. She stroked the length of him, biting her lip. A pained sound came from his lips, behind clenched teeth.

"Fuck," he swore as he claimed her lips again, his tongue entering her mouth. She moaned against his tongue and her fingers gave him an addicting squeeze. He grew harder under her fingers, and he roughly withdrew his mouth from hers.

"I can't wait anymore," he growled. "I need to fuck you now."

She moaned as the tip of his cock brushed against her dripping core. Adrenaline pumped through her veins. He nudged her knees apart with one of his hands while the other gripped one of her full breasts. He was an intimidating, beautiful creature when he moved in the moonlight. He looked so perfect it was almost... otherworldy. But her thoughts were cut off when he drove inside of her soaking cunt with one hard thrust.

"E-Edward!" she screamed.

"That's it, baby..." he said, taking her earlobe in his mouth and suckling on it. "You're mine..."

Her hole was so tight, wet, and burning hot. He licked his bottom lip as he pushed deeper into her. Her arms were around his bare back, and her nails dug into his flesh.

"Fuck..." Edward cursed, thrusting harder. "It's been too long since we've done this last..."

She couldn't agree more.

Her hole stretched even wider to accommodate him, and he slid in deeper. He gripped her hips with both of his hands, and his eyes locked onto hers.

"I'm going to fuck you... my way..." he hissed as he hovered above her. "I don't remember how to be gentle with you," he warned. "It's going to hurt."

She loved his way.

Edward slid the palms of his hands over her ass. "Prepare yourself, love."

She didn't even have a chance to breathe.

Without pity, he began to pound in and out of her tight, hot body as his insides growled at him to ravage her. He thrust her body up against his by tightly gripping her ass as he watched the expressions on her face.

"You like it when I fuck you hard—" he moaned, before ramming in once again. She gave a loud, throaty moan as the force of his thrusts made the headboard bang violently against the wall. "You like it when I control you—"

She screamed in pleasure and her chest thrusted upwards.

"... and I'll tell you what, love—"

Without thinking, her body moved in-snych with his. The sound of his cock moving in and out of her tight hole turned her on.

"— I fucking love dominate you. Because you... are mine. No one else's. Not James', not Jacob's..."

His pace increased, and she could feel him throbbing inside of her. His release was close. His thrusts became animalistic, and their breathing was out of control.

"Scream for me," he grunted. "Scream my name as you cum around my cock."

And her hips moved in ecstasy as her eyes dilated with pleasure. He pumped in and out wildly as she milked him. Her throat felt try from all the screaming, but she still found the strength to call out his name as she came. He growled with pleasure as his own release followed, his juices flowing into her. He stayed inside of her until his cock twitched empty, and then he pulled out, still out of breath and panting.

He rolled onto his bed next to her, watching her chest rise and fall in the moonlight. After several minutes of silence, Edward's eyes locked onto Bella's face.

"Oh," Edward said suddenly. "I brought you something from New York City."

"You didn't!..." Bella whispered, her eyes still closed.

"I did." He reached for something on his nightstand, and put a long box on her flat stomach. "And I know you'll love it."

Bella opened her eyes and looked at the box. It was black, and ingraved in silver writing was the word: Tiffany's. A necklace box.

"Open it, love."

"I need to get dressed first..." she grumbled.

"No you don't," he teased.

She shot him a look before she ran in his bathroom to change. He sighed as he put on a pair of his drawstring sweatpants and laid back on the bed. She was out a moment later, her long dark hair still having it's sex look as she sported one of her favorite bedtime shirts.

One of his huge t-shirts.

He loved seeing her in his clothes.

"Dare I ask if you're wearing panties under that shirt?" he asked, sex dripping from his voice.

She wiggled her butt as she walked towards the bed, "That's for me to know."

She was tempting him. It was working.

"Okay, so let's see the damage." She said, picking up the small box and sitting with her legs crossed on the bed.

Edward smirked, sitting behind her and resting her back against his chest. He kissed her neck gently as his hands moved up and down her sides. She put her hands on the top of the box to open it. Emotions that she most definitely should not be feeling erupted from deep inside her. Her hands were trembling.

Their perfect silence was interrupted by the sound of their phone ringing. Edward groaned and moved away from Bella to grab the phone off the nightstand. He read the caller ID and sighed.

"It's Tanya..." he grumbled. "She fucking calls me even late at night?"

"Tanya?" Bella asked.

"A woman I met at that board meeting I went to in New York..."

It rang again, and his eyes darted from Bella, to the gift, and then back at the phone.

"You don't mind opening it without me, right?" he asked, his eyes pleading.


"Nope," she put on her best fake smile. "It's alright. Answer it."

She got up and went to the door, clutching the box. "I'll go to my room."

"Hey, Bella." He called as she was halfway down the hall.

"Yeah?" she bit her lip.

"Thanks. You were great tonight."

She tried to lighten her mood. "And you weren't so bad yourself, Mr. Cullen."

He growled playfully at the name she called him as he answered the phone.

She bit her lip as she walked down the hallway towards her room. She should not feel anything for him.

Keep our feelings out of the picture.

She opened the door to her bedroom and threw herself onto the bed.

We're each others sex toys. Friends with benefits. Fuck buddies. Pleasure at the end of a long day.

"Tanya, huh..?" she mumbled, closing her eyes.

I'll see who I want to see, you'll see who you want to see.

She sighed as she gripped the necklace box, still unopened, in her hand. She sat up and finally decided to open it. Flipping off the cover of the box, her eyes locked on the most beautiful necklace she had ever seen. It was an aquamarine and diamond pendant. Edward's voice echoed in her head: The color blue looks lovely with your skin tone. She blushed as her fingers touched the stone in the middle. She knew he'd wanted to see her reaction, but he was on the phone with Tanya now, so it was best not to bother him.

She got up and looked at herself in the full length mirror. Brushing her hair out of the way, she slipped on the pendant and smiled at her reflection.

"It's beautiful..." she murmured.

"Truly, you are..." a velvet voice said in reply.

Bella gasped and looked towards her door. Edward stood there, with nothing but the pair of sweatpants from earlier. The moonlight glistened off his skin majestically. Beautifully.

"E-Edward!" Bella said, clutching the necklace.

"Tell me, love... what happens when you mix words and music?"

Words... my publishing company.

Music... his music company.

"You get a song." She said as he walked towards her.

"No," he murmured against her lips. "You get a symphony."

She was on her bed in the next instant, screaming out his name.

But at the end of the day, when you walk through that door, just remember that it'll be you who is in my bed.




The Façade.