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Never Too Late

"Isabella! Bella, stop!" Rose cried, chasing me around the courtyard. I simply squealed in reply and lifted my skirts higher, allowing me to run faster.

This sort of behavior was unacceptable, and I knew it, but I couldn't help myself. I'm just a girl, no matter what my parents tell me. Only seventeen years old! Just a few decades ago, a girl couldn't legally marry in this country without her parents' permission at seventeen.

I ran farther, forcing Rosalie into circles. I hiked my skirts until they were above my knees, knowing that ruining another dress would anger my parents enough to push up the wedding.

"Bella!" Alice called, joining in on the chase. I couldn't help but giggle at their attempts to capture me.

It wasn't that I didn't like Michael. He was nice enough and certainly enjoyed spoiling me, and he wasn't unattractive, but he was so utterly dull. Work, golf, tennis, food, sleep. Business meeting, afternoon on the yacht, fancy restaurant, sleep. Week long business trip. Work non-stop to make up for trip. Repeat. Where's the variation? The color? His life was black and white and that was exactly what I was not.

"Honestly, Isabella! Must you be so difficult?" My body screamed at me to stop, but my feet continued pounding the grass.

His personality was also quite bland. He was like a little, lost puppy. His boring, lifeless blue eyes were constantly trained on me, as if he would cease to exist if I left his sight. He lived for work and children. The blasted man didn't even visit the whore house or the race tracks! From his spiky blonde hair to his freshly polished Italian loafers, nothing about this man was unique or original or fun. How could I survive a lifetime without any fun in it?

"We'll go easy on you if you just stop!" Alice gasped for air, stopping for a moment to catch her breath. I planned in my mind to make my circle bigger this time around to avoid bumping back into her.

Not to mention the man's age. He could be my father by now! My parents expect me to have children and sleep with this man for the rest of my life! He's forty and I'm seventeen, for God's sake! Aren't there some sort of limits, unspoken though they may be, about these sort of things? Surely Rose and Alice won't be forced into a marriage with a man that old. Not even Jessica and Lauren, whose parents are desperate for a match before they're lost forever to a whore house, wouldn't be that desperate, would they?

It grew quiet around me and I couldn't help but be cautious. They were planning something and I could only imagine what. After the hell of a run like I'd given them, there wasn't a chance I would get off easily.

I froze for a moment, trying to give myself as big a chance to hear them as I could. My fight of flight instincts were kicking in and my body vibrated in an effort to get me to fly. If I could just get some sort of sign as to where the devil those two were…

I screamed as two masses landed on my back, pinning me to the ground.

"Oh you two!" I screeched. "I was trying to avoid ruining this dress! You know how my parents hate when I do that!"

"Then you should have obeyed us!" Alice laughed.

"Fine you ninnies! Have your evil way with me then. I surrender." I huffed. "I'd wave my hankie if I could reach it."

"Goodie! Bella's learning." Rose cooed in my ear, pinching one of my cheeks.

"Now, would you get off me? Let's just get this over with." I resigned myself to whatever I was about to get.

"It'll only take a few…dozen hours. Promise." Alice grinned as she and Rose clambered off of me and to their feet, pulling me up quickly after

I sighed as they both grabbed a hand and pulled me towards the doors for, what I was sure, would be a horrifying makeover.


Alone in his castle he brooded. He paced the empty, shadowed corridors of his palace. He knocked ancient, priceless paintings askew. He tore at his hair, pulling out small clumps. He wanted answers that nobody could give him. Answers he all ready knew.

How had he ended up here? Well, he had always been here. But like this? Locked away from the world like the devil? He didn't want to be a monster, not by a long shot. Yet he was and he could never stop it. He wasn't sure he wanted to stop it, even if he knew how.

He hadn't always been this way. He used to have a family that loved him and he loved in return. Why had everything changed? How had he become this? How did he stop loving them? How did he chase them away? They were such amazing people, so full of life and love for him and each other. How could he hurt them? It seemed a life time ago when he was happy and whole and…human.

Now what was he? A selfish bastard. A monster. A beast. An unlovable being. He could never change that, his fate was stuck like this. He had resigned himself to this life of horror, sadness, and anger. What else could he do? It was too late to change now. He was beyond repair. A demon, perhaps the devil himself, in every definition of the word.

His life was full of bloodshed and screams, screams that haunted him every moment. Screams that he loved with all he had and loathed with every fiber in his body. There was no escape from the crimson liquid and the pleas for mercy. He found it sickening afterward, staring at his hands, his clothes, his face in the mirror with horror at what he had done. The way each individual scream stuck to him like glue. He always told himself he had to stop this madness, that it had to end.

Yet when he was doing it, he was a different person. As soon as he left the property to begin, he became a suave, proud, confidant, arrogant millionaire like he used to be. Everything he wasn't now. It worked like a charm every time, too. He felt successful and happy and oh so very human.

Once he found himself successful, his mind left his body. He was numb. Empty. Perfect for what had to be done. When he really thought about it, he assumed it was how others like him dealt with it. It was the only way it could ever work and he knew that. This whole process was the only way to clear his mind.

He hated himself for everything he had to do. Humans didn't do this. They saw what he did as sickening and twisted. People that did as he did were scorned, arrested, sent to jail for life or killed. He didn't blame them for hating it so. They were right. But he could never stop.

He growled at the path his thoughts had taken, the path they always took in the end. Swiftly he marched down the stairs, the steps echoing through the house. He grabbed his coat and pulled it on quickly, opening the door and slamming it behind him as he did. It was time to do the one thing he could to empty his mind.

It was time to hunt.

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