In Kirigakure, Shinto water deities are praised and thanked after fishermen come back from the sea with a big load or when the farmers crops are blessed with rain. Good things happen to the citizens of the Mist and they speak highly of the sea gods. But the people forget that gods are not always good and they are far from holy perfection. Many times have the spirits taken women out at sea and burdened her with their children. They are cursed at by our people when one of their demon spawn is born and makes the Mist their home. In the old days, the children were killed as soon as they were born. During the reign of the Fourth Mizukage, a few demon children were spared and were ruthless killers even at such a young age. Kirigakure realized the potential in these children, and instigated the test that would cause the village to gain the bloodiest reputation of all five great villages. Classmates who were trained together were pitted against each other in combat to the death in order to advance to a Genin level ninja. This ensured that, even though the number of ninja was cut in half, the Village of the Bloody Mist would have merciless ninja at their disposal. Of course, that requirement was banned when Zabuza Momochi killed every single ninja in the class above him out of cold blood. The Demon of the Mist is believed to be just one of the spawn of Mizuchi. The Hozuki clan is descended from one of the original demon children of Watatsumi, and certain members have the traits to prove it. Even Kisame Hoshigaki, the Monster of the Hidden Mist, is said to be the most legendary of all the demon children. Most of these children are killed off, but the strong ones gain the opportunity to join other Mist-nin in becoming apprentices to the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, the greatest blade-wielders Kirigakure has to offer.

Kiri Same is one such child. Her mother was once a great ninja in the village and trained Kiri to be strong and to learn by watching others. When she became sick, she encouraged Kiri to train instead of sit at her bedside worrying. Kiri's mother died when she was eight years old. She attended the Mist's ninja academy and excelled. Despite her achievements, Kiri was never befriended by her peers. On her first day, she smiled at a nice boy who asked to sit by her in class. He saw her slightly pointed teeth and jumped back. Rumors flew around that she was a monster and that she'd assaulted the boy for no reason. The children made fun of her bright yellow eyes and sharp teeth. They pulled her chocolate-colored hair and asked if she was going to bite their hands off.

One time, two Jonin on patrol found her cornered in an alley surrounded by four bodies. Her clothes were torn and her hands and mouth were covered in blood. Three of the children were dead and the fourth had extensive brain damage. When the Jonin asked her was happened, she would only blink and shake her head, as if it were some distant memory that would never return. After that incident, she was never teased by her classmates again. They would ignore her if she came too close, and if she were at a distance then they would whisper. The villagers were worse. The refused to serve her at some restaurants and even a few stores had turned her away. She knew what she was as soon as they mocked her, insulted her and ignored her. All because of one word.