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Saving old bonds

Chapter 1 (Revised)

It had been over five years since the day Naruto had promised Sakura to bring Sasuke back to her. Along the way there had been many obstacles, such as Orochimaru and Akatsuki. Orochimaru had been taken care of by Sasuke when he attempted to take over Sasuke's body before he had killed Itachi, and Akatsuki had all been wiped out in a massive collaboration between the five major ninja nations. Well, all except for Itachi who had somehow managed to get away.

Naruto had tried and failed twice already to bring Sasuke back. "As both seen in Naruto and then Shippuden" But he continued to vow that he would bring Sasuke back, even if it killed him. He had made a promise to Sakura and he never went back on his word. It was his way of the ninja, and any chance he had at making Sakura smile he would do it. He would make Sasuke fall for Sakura if he had to, anything for her. Even if it meant not being with her himself, her happiness is all that mattered to him.

We find our hero in the massive fields of Rice Country, the once lush and beautiful green fields were now charred or in flames. In front of Naruto stood Sasuke, both of their clothing had been ripped or burnt. They were both panting heavily with bruises, cuts and blood all over them. The battle they had just fought had taken most of their energy and chakra out of them.

"Well, Idiot, you have gotten better since our last encounter." Sasuke said in his smug and superior tone of voice.

"Just give it up Sasuke, I said that I would bring you home, and that's what I am going to do." Naruto responded, he was hoping that Sasuke would finally listen to reason "Even after everything you have done, Konoha still wants you back. We are ready to forgive you Sasuke!" he pleaded.

"And go back to that weak village? Give me a break. Admit it Naruto, you are one of the, if not their strongest Ninja, and you can't beat me. The only reason Konoha wants me back is to use me as a weapon."

"What are you talking about?! Konoha does not treat its Ninja's that way and you know it! And what about Sakura? She must have cried so much over you." Naruto spat out.

"Every country is the same. Just because Konoha prefers peace over war, doesn't mean that they don't take steps into insuring that they can keep their peace. They still need weapons and strong ninjas. And as for Sakura, I don't care about that weak pathetic excuse for a ninja. Do yourselves a big favor and just forget about me."

That last line about Sakura was too much for Naruto. "How dare you call Sakura weak!" He screamed out as he began to run towards Sasuke.

Sasuke just smirked, knowing he had hit one of Naruto's nerves. However, neither one of them had any chakra left to spare on big moves. They would have to rely on taijustsu, and Sasuke was more than confident in his skills. He used his blade to guard against Naruto's kunai; Naruto quickly bent down to try and trip him, however Sasuke was able to block his kick.

"As always, your feelings towards her are what makes you weak! Why do you think I broke all ties with you two? As long as you continue to allow those stupid bonds to hold and drag you down, you will never be able to beat me." He said with a smirk that only fueled Naruto's anger.

"Those bonds are what give me my power!" Naruto responded in rage.

Sasuke used this opportunity to kick Naruto in the head sending him crashing to the ground; He then gave him a smug smirk, knowing Naruto didn't have the stamina left to continue the fight. Naruto was slowly trying to get up, he was on all fours, but Sasuke kicked him in the stomach.

"Stay down; it will make things easier for you. The more you struggle the more pain you will have to endure. If this is the kind of power that your so-called bonds give you, then I can live without them." He said with a smug smirk. "You should have used the fox's power, and then perhaps you would have stood a chance." Sasuke said as he lifted his sword to finally put an end to the battle.

"Unlike you, I don't lust for power" Naruto answered back with blood dripping from his mouth.

"And thus, that is why you will always lose to me Naruto. You are such a loser, but it all ends here." Sasuke was about to swing his sword and cut off Naruto's head when suddenly he sensed something. He put away his sword and took off leaving Naruto badly hurt and on the verge of unconsciousness.

"So…..This is how I die huh? So much for becoming the greatest Hokage ever." He thought to himself as he laid motionless on the ground. "My only regret is that I won't be able to see Sakura smile anymore…" His eyes began to feel heavy as he stared at the sky, the green grass slowly turning red from his blood. "The sky is pretty tonight, there seems to be a lot of stars out, not a cloud in the sky…" Naruto thought to himself as his eyes slowly began to shut. "I hope she will forgive me, goodbye my sweet cherry blossom." His vision turning to darkness…

A team of Ninja bearing the leaf headbands were approaching the scene at high speed. The leader of the group was a pink haired girl.

"I think I can see something." Said Sakura.

"Is that fire and smoke?" Said the blond girl Ino.

"This looks troublesome, be prepared for anything." Said the laid back Shikamaru.

It quickly became apparent that whatever had taken place here must have been a fierce battle between two strong ninjas. Sakura was hoping Naruto wasn't hurt as she had a feeling he was one of the causes of this mess.

"I think I see someone lying on the ground" Ino shouted out. "But I can't tell who it is from here." She added

Sakura began to run even faster fearing the worst. "God, don't let it be Naruto." Were her only thoughts as tears began forming in her eyes.

As her team neared the downed shinobi Sakura almost let out a shriek of horror. Her fears had now been confirmed. Naruto lying motionless on the ground, his body burnt and bruised. She quickly kneeled beside him and began administering first aid.

"He is badly hurt but he is still alive, Ino give me a hand." Sakura shouted out to her friend.

Ino obeyed without question or hesitation and knelled on the other side facing Sakura and began helping her heal Naruto.

Shikamaru looked around. He couldn't believe the sheer amount of damage done to the fields, it must have been one hell of a battle. There were very few people capable of leaving Naruto in such a state and he knew who had done it, after all they were on his trail. But Naruto had run off without telling them. Perhaps he didn't want to see his friends getting hurt, perhaps he wanted to bring Sasuke back home on his own. There were many things floating around in Shikamaru's mind. "It was him….." He just plainly said.

"I know…" Sakura answered as she continued her medical treatment. She looked at Naruto and smiled as she felt his life was now out of danger. "Naruto….I relieve you of that stupid promise you made to me all those years ago…No longer do I want to see you suffer" she whispered so the others couldn't hear her. She got up and looked at Ino. "His life is no longer in danger, Ino I know you can finish without me."

"And where are you going?" Shikamaru asked.

"To finish what he started." She responded.

"What? You're going after Sasuke?! Are you crazy?! Look at what he did to Naruto!" Ino shouted.

"Exactly, and if Naruto is in this state, Sasuke cannot have that much left in him. I can still sense him; he is still near. I can catch him, and Finish what Naruto started."

"This is foolish; let me come with you at least!" Shikamaru suggested.

"No! Stay here and protect Ino. If someone were to stumble upon them, she would be stuck alone to defend Naruto, plus, this is something only me or him can do." She said staring at Naruto. "He is our problem…. Our teammate…Our Friend."

Without warning she took off running in the direction of where she felt Sasuke's faint presence.

"I am coming for you Sasuke." she thought to herself. "And I will drag your sorry ass back to Naruto and force you to apologize for everything that you have done to him, and then you're going to apologize to me!"

Not too far from her location, Sasuke was still trying to get away. But he sensed someone was coming after him "So, the little pink haired princess is coming after me huh? This should be interesting, however for her own sake I hope she doesn't, or else I will be forced to kill her

End Chapter 1

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